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Addis 5

Posted by BMC 
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Addis 5
November 20, 2004 11:54PM
QUite a high Natural Black quality!

1) Natural Black - Living In Hell
2) Turbulence - Love Selassie I
3) Natural Black - Bun Down Rome
4) Luciano - Strive
5) Natural Black - Strong Decision
Re: Addis 5
November 21, 2004 06:55PM
yes BMC, love all those Restless Mashaits productions
Re: Addis 5
November 21, 2004 07:21PM
a label to watch for sure, dont think they've put out a dud yet !

World Suffering /JENNIFER BARRETT / Addis / King of the Nile

my personal fave on that particular riddim