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Upfront Radio

Posted by yao chris 
yao chris
Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 06:42AM
Just wanted to large up the Upfront Radio brethren - I'm listening right now to the Dubs & Exclusives Online Radio segment. Whole heap of new roots tunes many on pre - release so we no what to look for in the coming months. Nice Vibes & Music - I know many on this board already check the site but for Those of you who have not yet - don't miss it -

Currently running is a soon to be released Unity tune with Jah Mason - Boom Shot that one! I hope the sirens that are playing on the dubwize version I'm hearing now will be included on the release
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 08:26AM
Nuff greetings and thanks bredrin Chris...

I just got back from one week vacation in F.W.I Caribean which was pure niceness and I "buck up" on this message... make me feel warm ina heart seen ! Blessed love...

So I would just say nuff nuff thanks to all listeners in tune every thursday evening swiss time (8-11 PM GMT+1) and don't worry unoself... we would just stay likewise we are... Roots & Dub to the bone. More fresh tunes, More Dubs & unreleased stuff, More vibes in this same & sole way... kinda different style to the mainstream radio way. This thursday you'll have a 90 min. Steppers Selection going also back in time with crucial pieces and next week a special guest all the ways from F.W.I island Martinique, a youth selector that is pushing up the vibes deh so in our strict Roots way. Let me tell you he's struggling bad to establish it over deh so weh Roots starts from Sizzla and goes to BMW in their opinion. But he will make it in time to come...

RastafarI bless each & everyone... Itection

Soljah passing through
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 08:33AM

Unity's production with Jah "Fly Away" Mason is on its way to release... and make sure you'll get informed when it reaches your record stores. But I have got to say there won't be that siren you mention bredrin... it's from my own addition. Ooooops ! Large UP Matt Unity & Crew... Ras Kush & Sounds of Black Redemption, Glen Brown, Meditation, Manilla Jeepney and all East Coast Progressive Radix Roots labels...
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 08:37AM
What was the URL for you website again?
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 09:23AM
big up upfront radio and dub SOLJAH massive selecta!!!!
great great tunes

dub it but dub it in old school style...
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 10:35AM

[www.upfront.ch] for all english speaking ones...
yao chris
Re: Upfront Radio
November 23, 2004 06:25PM
yes large up dub soljah - the sirecns were well crucial but I'll have to add them in on my own I guess - I know a selctor over in Martinique who is affiliated with Gangunguru sound I think it is so wonder if that is the bredren who will be coming through the studio - As always in the archive area there is a nice mix of vintage roots tunes & current productions - I'm very happy to check all the new releases that you bring to my and others awareness as the music does not get enough promotion - especially in the US. Keep up jah works
Re: Upfront Radio
November 24, 2004 09:10AM
Yes Yao Chris....

You got it... we speak about Ackee Sound and the bredrin Irie Dje, affiliated to Gangungurru Sound bredrins like Pablo Ilie & Fitz... and his show will playout next thursday, on Dec. 2nd after the ever playing "Weekly Show"... starting 9.30PM Swiss time - 3.30PM N-Y time if I am not wrong... Respects
Re: Upfront Radio
November 24, 2004 10:19AM
[www.upfront.ch] .... check this !!!!

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