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Mikey Dread

Posted by Ovah 
Mikey Dread
November 30, 2004 07:33PM
Calling Mikey personally

Respect to Mikey Dread for his pioneering mix method. He took radio to the next level. A whole generation benefit and many don't even know the grandaddy of it.

Respect to Mikey Dread for coming on to this meeting place and speaking his piece. More a we need to come into the arena of ideas and progress the reasoning.

That said none a we in perfection and Mikey Dread need to give the man in the mirror a good check. Is fine to stand for upholding professionalism and the crucial sound mix in performance as long as a man keep his balance and remember what he is on the stage for.

That bad vibe you put out at the Experience Music Hall gig in Seattle is not acceptable for a one who suppose to be a Truth Carrier. There is something more important than technology and that is performing the music for the Love of the people. And Seattle is not the only time you go off like that likle brother.

Steady I. Find your balance. Study the definition of 'Ego.'
Use your blessed gift of talent to grow the blessings.
Onward and Inword
Re: Mikey Dread
November 30, 2004 07:48PM
I think that this thread exhausted itself two weeks ago. If you have some personal beef with Mikey, I would reccomend calling him directly and reasoning with him. Bringing your personal issues here, has now morphed from "a warning" for other promoters, into an attempt to slander Mikey, and your just not getting much accomplished in that regard. You can get his number from his website if you would like share your thoughts on vibes,ego, balance, and Love. I'm sure he would have a lot to share with you.
Respect Everytime, -MK
Re: Mikey Dread
November 30, 2004 11:42PM
>ovah* come on i*dren. did u try to e-mail him? if he doesnt want to talk to u(i* couldnt' imagine why) gwan. plenty of other artists dat want to play seattle so get over it pleaze* -RASpects+
Re: Mikey Dread
December 01, 2004 11:53AM
whappn in seattle ?
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