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Hip Hop fans, check it out!!

Posted by Acacia 
Hip Hop fans, check it out!!
March 24, 2004 07:31PM
Hey everyone. My roommate is participating in a hip hop contest with a Bay Area radio station, 106 KMEL. They're taking votes for the best song all week on their website, kmel.com. My friend's name is J-Bo, the song is called "Stamina" and he's in the #1 spot right now. If you're a hip hop fan, please check it out and throw him a vote if you like the song. He reps the International Loose Cannons crew out of Oakland, CA. You can check out that dirty sneaker, missin' hubcap rap right here:


you got to check this out
August 18, 2004 06:24PM
what it do bay area. My cousin is in the rappen game. An his song are dope dum ass clean. He got a new album by Five Hunnet, it's in stores right now. Treal-Listic Hyenna Bloodline, so get that. Please be sure to vote for him
Re: Hip Hop fans, check it out!!
August 18, 2004 06:46PM
Author: bun n cheese (---.cnf.com)
Date: 03-24-04 13:07

Acacia, you are like the sweet dew glistening in the sunshine on a hilltop overlooking the valley of decision.
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