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*New* KEITH POPPIN 45rpm at Ernie B's

Posted by reggaefan 
*New* KEITH POPPIN 45rpm at Ernie B's
January 06, 2005 10:28PM
Semi-Disclaimer ;-) Not financially tied to the following endorsement, really just trying to help spread the word.


Veteran Reggae singer Keith Poppin has just released a brand new, self-produced 7” 45rpm called “When We Gonna Learn” (KP Productions label).

Imo, it’s a real fresh ‘reggae’ sounding 45 with (timely) conscious lyrics and a bubbly version side on the flip. As a Reggae fan, I dig it.

Ernie B has just got it in stock. For those interested, I be happy to send anyone a 40-second sample of the song - I've set it up to download VERY quickly.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Poppin’s involvement in the world of Reggae…here’s a very brief take at it:

Poppin started his recording career (1969) as the lead singer of the group Rocking Horse (“Hard Times” "Righteous Man” & “Change Your Ways”) but he is probably best known as a solo artist.

Solo efforts like “Envious”, “Samething For Breakfast”, “Who Are You”, “Get Together” and “Some A Dem Ago Shame” were big hits for Poppins in the mid 70's, each selling quite well (avg. 30,000 copies) in both Jamaica and the UK. Keith also has 3 LPs to his name. Although he never gave up doing stage shows, studio work took more of a back seat when Keith became a busy family man.

But in 2002 Poppins made a strong musical come back with his first self-produced CD called “JOURNEYS”. Heartfelt tunes like “Mr. Richman”, “My Blood Runs Cold” “Children Are Dying” & “Make Hay” proved that Keith still has a great voice, loads of conscious lyrics and an ear for Reggae riddims.

If you’d like to know more about Keith Poppin please visit his website:


Roots Knotty Roots kindly supplied the discography, + there's a cool photo of Keith and Luciano.


Re: *New* KEITH POPPIN 45rpm at Ernie B's
January 06, 2005 11:36PM
I just got this in from Ernie B's today from a lead originating from this board. I can tell you this single is very good and I am happy I took the chance and grabbed the 45rpm.

If anyone has a connection to Mr. Poppin, tell him his new effort is good and appreciated.

One love
eric v
Re: *New* KEITH POPPIN 45rpm at Ernie B's
January 07, 2005 12:30AM
Hi Eric,

Glad you liked it. Will be sure to pass this along to Poppins - he'll appreciate hearing what you said.

Hope to get a more 'public' sound sample on his website real soon.

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