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Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?

Posted by bun n cheese 
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Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 09:03PM
So heavy around here lately. On a lighter note...

Read a while back he was signed on to Smashing Pumpkins label out of Chicago. Didn't realize he did a name change...

One of my all time favorite singers!

Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 09:12PM
i only have a few 7" by him, as well as his 12" single "herb you fi light / holy bible" on mystic lion label.

"you call your bible holy cuz it fulla up ah holes".



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Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 09:19PM
Jamaican born Henry Buckley, now Chicago's "Pancho Kryztal," seems an appropriate addition to Scratchie Records. Scratchie Records has six co-owners and two are "Smashing Pumpkins" and another Jerry Freeman, a reggae connoisseur, mainly responsible for signing Pancho. The company is also responsible for the "Frogs" and "Chainsaw Kittens," a diversity in sounds and styles. Pancho presents a sound from down home, mixed with R&B rap. Tony Kelly produces the majority of the songs, a Jamaican himself, bringing dancehall reggae to Chicago rap, and with Pancho's soulful vocals, will tease you to hop on the dance floor.

The first track, "Silent Treatment," immediately jumps into the dancehall rhythms, mixing reggae wth pop harmonies, and a sample from "Do That Stuff" by "Parliament." This track represents the women giving the men the silent treatment and acknowledging that feelings must be expressed in order for a relationship to work. The inviting lyrics continue in "I Need You Badly." The harmonies become smoother, reggae and rap intertwining into an addictive beat that makes one want to grab a pitcher of margaritas, a partner, and grind to the rhythms.

Pancho seems to come alive in "Real Love." His voice soothes his lover with passion and desire. Pancho romances his lover and his audience with a soulful R&B beat, with short reggae interludes. A grind that slows you down to each movement towards "Real Love!"

"Ghetto Love" is in sharp contrast to "Real Love." Pancho posts lyrics about men treating women like meat, pounding it out smoothly, and leaving the leftovers for other men, knowing it's always better on the rich side. "Ghetto Love" breaks out the bass to cause "Trouble," an upbeat rhythmic cut continuing the fluidity, only the story is the women are trouble, as they seduce and grind their way into your life and leave you hangin', literally.

"Lethal Weapon" has a rapid beat, as the percussion and Pancho's own style of "toasting" use sex as a weapon to tap into your soul, and bring you to the dance floor. The lyrics are fast, and hard lessons are learned, unless you are able to read between the lines. I get an easy feeling from "Stay On My Mind," kind of a Jamaican "Tequila Sunrise," with strong backup that takes the listener to a passionate, dreamy sunset with addictive rhythms.

"Black Girl" brings sweet R&B harmonies to the forefront. A black princess reaches for your soul. A slow steady beat that seduces any man to just about anything she desires if you know what I mean. The roots of Jamaica grow strong in "Gal A Chat," a spicy reggae cut, along with "Miss Man Su," the instrumental content of the drums paces a dancehall rhythm and a return to the Jamaican feeling.

Pancho and Scratchie Records production of a mix of rap and reggae, powered by Kryztal's down home soul, is a distinctive sound. The orchestra leader's son is able to intertwine reggae, R&B, and chat style rap that seems to reach a diverse audience. A bravado, progressive sound that has appeal, but these cuts have no breakthrough potential. Pancho is only twenty four, which will allow him to shape his talent and his music with the use of his smooth, passionate lyrics and voice.
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 09:51PM
I'd love to hear that 12" MK

Another big tune

Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 09:56PM
i'll forward a link when i get home.

by the way, how is leann's new biz venture going?

more time,

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Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 10:06PM
Great, they are the featured article in the next Mercury. She is also instructing Zumba classes. We should get together this weekend if you have some time. Supposed to be sunny!
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 10:51PM
ripped at low rate (196), sorry...

herb you fi light:


holy bible:


i'll check for the article. that's some good exposure at least.

we'll see how this weekend goes--we have lots of family plans. it would be sure nice to see you all more, though. ya'll going to albo next thursday? it's gonna be big! if this weekend doesn't work, we can always link before the show.

maybe some italian food. ha.


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Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 10:54PM
you know, i had this listed separately from the other for awhile and now i know why. i don't think they are the same artists.

my 7" singles have credits for h buckley or henry buckly, while this one doesn't. it gives writer's credits (and i would assume the artist penned these himself) to a J white...


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Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 26, 2010 10:59PM
There is a MC Sadiki also.

Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
May 27, 2010 03:02AM
Wikked cuts, MK! I suspect this is yet a 3rd Sadiki.
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
January 11, 2013 01:36AM
hey bun, check this email i received today through kboo...crazy:


Hello Michelle. I saw a post that you make at...
[snwmf.com] ...I am just writing you to
know it was I Sadiki-I who did "Herb You Fi Light" and "Bible Holy". I
released those songs back in 1996. Back then I was the only Sadiki in
Reggae/HipHop music and then this impostor Pancho Kryztal changed his name to
Sadiki prompting me to change my name to Sadiki-I. This Pancho Kryztal does
not do Roots Reggae. He is not even a DJ. He is a singer. I am currently in
the process of suing this impostor for my name.

You can check me out at the following links...




Google "The Book Of Sadiki-I The Prologue" to listen to my brand-new EP

Best Regards,


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Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
January 11, 2013 06:01PM
Oh OK, interesting. Still confused as to who is who though smiling smiley
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
January 13, 2013 05:38AM
I think this is Sadiki (-I)

The Sadiki-I Show part 1 of 13

the Caribbean vocalist who voiced the aforementioned 12", this is an interesting video about his travels to west Africa. I watched this with a lot of interest, partly because we went to the Gambia and performed at a reggae festival last year and it was an amazing experience. It seems almost all Gambians love reggae and that part of Africa was different than what I expected.
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
January 09, 2014 03:04PM
We represent Henry Buckley aka Sadiki. Although we're a small company, we try to be as professional as we can. That said, we have held Trademark through the USPTO which gives us the right to exploit the name SADIKI in commerce. Please see the following link: USPTO / Type the search term SADIKI and submit query.

Our apologies for bringing this into the Phorum, but obviously we had to address it since the email message makes it seem as if there is legal action against Sadiki, which could really scare promoters and other people interested in working with him. One Love!

Sadiki's Facebook Page
Sadiki's Wiki Article
Sadiki @ Sonicbids
Sadiki's Latest Album - "Jah Is The Only King" @ iTunes
Re: Sadiki aka Pancho Kryztal ?
January 09, 2014 07:30PM
The Skinny Bwoy Agency
..... which gives us the right to exploit the name SADIKI in commerce.

gotta love the legal language.

FullWatts on your stereo...™