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DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!

Posted by jahbaba 
DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 09, 2010 06:51PM
The live reggae scene be it small compared to L.A. Miami NYC is still tight and sweet. Tarrus Riley etc this Saturday and JA Independan celebration w/the Marley's etc on Sunday both @Club Zanzibar. Live reggae every night Mn-'Sun @Bukom in Adam's Morgan and JA artist Lenny Curloo & The Archives Every Tues night @ Patty Boom Boom's. It's nice to have top notch afro-carribean food and music so much all in one area. D.C. Nice iI Up!

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August 10, 2010 12:11AM
I have to say that I miss the D.C. scene very much. Although it never got the shows that CA does, it was very good and special in its own way. My wife and I moved out of the area about 8 months ago to Raleigh, NC and there is not much of a scene here that I have found yet. I was a regular at Bukom a few years ago on the weekends and a nice Ethiopian spot at the bottom of 18th street we used to go to.... I think the name was Cafe Harambe? There were also a few other small spots that I Grade and Bambu Station used to play at. The 9:30 club also got some good shows every now and then. My first reggae show was Israel Vibration (all 3 of them) at the 9:30 club so that place is very special to me. Also saw a great Burning Spear and Steel Pulse show there. The Crossroads in PG County used to get a decent amount of shows as well, not sure what is going on there recently. I definately miss all of the culture that D.C had to offer, but we did find a great Jamaican spot to eat at out in Greensboro last weekend.
August 10, 2010 06:54PM
D.C. have nuff niceness and culture vibes like you say JPS especially in the summer,.winter not so much The live reggae band music scene is big here with less DJ vibes,the bartender DJ's between sets at Bukom he puts on a cd.The Crossroads is on the D.C. line and it is the equivalent of Oakland's Karibbean City. The Marley's and special guest play for free this Sunday @The Zanzibar on The Water Front if you arrive before 8 p.m. admission is free. West coast and East Coast unite! Big Up conscious Reggae and all conscious music world wide!!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 05:15PM
Boom it Up! Reggae is Live and Direct inna D.C. stylee
check Lenny Curloo & The Archives alongside man like "Hutchy" or Henry and the Reggae Rockers. Reggae Vibes thick like blood inna de east side! Where you at Treez!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 05:42PM
Jahbaba - Tarrus Riley at Zanzibar will be nice!! Although I'm going to be out of town this Saturday.

I may be at 18th st. lounge tonight though - The See-I Band will be there with my man Ras Abel singing vocals (i'm almost sure). Regardless - every wednesday at 18th st. lounge is nice...you should roll through!

Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 06:15PM
I remember Hutchy....back in the day I used to help him and Tubby's nephew pass out flyers for the shows they would put on. The man Desmond Williams would be spinning with them on occasion as well.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 06:54PM
Yes Treez me know the bredren Zeebo and Roots See-I closely from long time and see them come through my studio now and then since I forward to D.C. . Did you know The Thievery Corporation owns Patty Boom Boom's. I must check the 18th St Lounge for sure one Wednesday night see ya there soon.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 07:03PM
Big Up Reggae Worldwide!

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Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 07:07PM
I believe Thievery Corporation is involved with the ownership of the 18th st lounge as well.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 07:45PM
Thievery Corporation is big on promotion of reggae music live and DJ , its good to have them here. Is there a cover at 18th st. Lounge?
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 09:41PM
Yeah - I heard about patty boom booms - and yeah - I've heard zeebo and he is a beast - let's link up if u end up at ESL one nite
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 09:52PM
I'm helping the promoter of the Tarrus Riley Show pass out flyers for a ticket so I may hit the ESL tonite!. The promoter is dreadlocks from Liberia good to see Rastaman a run things. One Love to the Max to this phorum.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 09:55PM
Africans Love Reggae!!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 11, 2010 10:05PM
Treez I just started singing with Kross kulture a reggae band run by Bassy Ishmael from Ghana. I sang a couple of nights at Bukom recently forgot to hit you up to come out. I will let you know my next performance there maybe you can drop by.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 12, 2010 12:02AM
Oh definitely - I love bukom and ghana cafe as well. Drop a line bredda - ill swing thru
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 12, 2010 04:24PM
Hello from Baltimore- always looking to find some East coast reggae
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 12, 2010 05:33PM
Heard Yellowman did a free show in the park in Bmo last week? Zanzibar this weekend Sat/Sun Tarrus riley / Kimani Marley etc for J.A. Independence Celebration. Stay chuned more to come.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 14, 2010 11:00PM
Tarrus Riley Tonite! My first time seeing him live and seeing is believing. I'm excited ! Might even get a photo with the Ras.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 15, 2010 11:06PM

'Ites' to have a foundation artist on the East Coast. Any chance you'll be making a voyage down to the Georgia area? Me and the "idrens" at the office have an annual Christmas party, and it would be ites to have some foundation reggae this year. ((Last year it was nothing but Michael Buble records. Almost had to revolt against those baldheads.))

Anyway - can't really comment on the DC scene, although I can say that city needs more janitors. Took my wife Deborah & son there one time and it was a mess. People sleeping in phone booths, trash all over the floors, etc. Whatever happened to some good ol' spit shine?

Let me know about the office party "bredda."


- Ronnie
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 18, 2010 05:58PM
Raspect to the Max Ganja Vibez contact I babaraka@hotmail.com. I used to live in Atlanta would love to come forward to Georgia. Rastafari Live!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 18, 2010 07:04PM
jahbaba, how was the Tarrus Riley show? I see that Duane Stephenson was supposed to be there as well. Sounds like it would've been a nice show.

Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 18, 2010 08:45PM
The show was O.K Tarrus Riley set came on about 1:30 and he played for an hour or so then signed photos. I was impressed with the venue it was very upscale on the waterfront and a packed house. the show was bit to cookie cutter for me though as far as Tarrus Riley's performance. He sang a song about Obama I thought was real GOOD! I did get blessed to help the promoter so I got a free ticket and a discount ticket so it was a good first big show for me inna D.C. Many folk said they had seen him before and weren't all that impressed. Next is Damian Marley and Nas @ 9:30 club I'm deh about!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 19, 2010 01:44AM
Sorry to hear the show was not that great, especially coming from such a great artist as Tarrus. Not sure if you've ever been to the 9:30 club but if not you should enjoy it. Every show I've been to there has had great sound, and I really like the layout. I've seen some very crucial shows there...Burning Spear, Toots, Steel Pulse, Bambu Station, Ras Iba, and numerous Israel Vibration shows (with all 3 original members). Israel Vibration backed by the Radics at the 9:30 was my first reggae show many years ago and I have never turned back since...very powerful vibes at that show.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 19, 2010 04:39AM
Baraka, give me a call when you get a chance.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 19, 2010 04:46AM

4th Annual Rastafari Family Day Washington DC

1. 295 South exit “Benning Road” stay in left lane and make a left on Anacostia Avenue.
2. Florida Avenue towards “Benning Road” NE, make a left on H Street and turn right on Anacostia Avenue.
3. Metro: Orange or Blue line to Minnesota Avenue, make a right on Minnesota Avenue NE and then right on Benning Road ...NE then left on Anacostia Avenue.
4. Bus: X2 Bus to Benning Road H Street Line.
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 19, 2010 04:58PM
JPS Greetings . I was at that Israel Vibes show It was awesome my idrens ska band opened there for Toots also got to see him there. ,both shows the whole crew rocked the house and the sound impeccable . I can't wait to see Damian never seen him live or Stephen .. Must get a ticket fast I'm sure it will sell out! The D.C. Reggae Scene is a steady pulse and very positive. I've met many of top notch African ,African American European and Caribbean musicians and reggae loving good folks in only 2 short months. I must say it feels like being in the Caribbean and Africa in many ways. Good to know reggae is alive and kicking on both coast! Reggae Music Nice It Up!
Re: DC Reggae Runnings Hot!!
August 21, 2010 11:29PM
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