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Midnite question

Posted by Reggabe 
Midnite question
April 14, 2011 08:01PM
So I've been on a Midnite kick again lately and am thinking of purchasing a new CD.

I already own Unpolished, Ras Mek Peace, Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance, Assini, Let Live, and Ainshant Maps. What crucial album of theirs should I add to my collection?

I'm thinking Jubilees of Zion, Infinite Quality, or What Makes a King. Also He Is Jah, because I LOVE the song "Leader Be", but I heard that one may be out of print?

Any comments, suggestions, or advice is welcome.

Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 08:12PM
Jubilees of Zion would be my pick. Killa, no filla as I would say.
Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 08:35PM
Check out "Nemozian Rasta"

Its a unique album as far as Midnite goes...a little bit of hip hop influence as far as the beats and delivery of lyrics (in a good way).

Also it features a few really nice songs from Dezarie....which really put her on the map in my mind....It's pretty much a 'must-have' Midnite album...

hip hop influenced tune...

probably my favorite track from the album...

Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 08:57PM
I second that^. Jubilees of Zion is CRUCIAL! Tracks like Ras to The Bone, Earth Cycle Now A Rasta and White Collar Criminal are just a few of the defining songs that get constant rotation round my house. If you dig that Ainshant Maps album (One of my FAVORITES!!) than you will most likely love Scheme of Things. Unfortunately, you are correct about He Is Jah; "out of stock", I had to email Preston and special order that one a couple years back. Check out Geoman as well, a little bit more unconventional with some jazz and hip hop experimentation. I have been bumpin Ark A Law recently, it grew on me over time (didnt really dig it at first, took a few listens).

Crazy Lyrics!!
Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 09:03PM
Check out Branch I - Project III
Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 09:12PM
Thanks for the input peoples! Treez, I had never considered Nemozian Rasta, and I like the links provided. I have to admit I'm leaning towards Jubilees, gotta like "Great Zimbabwe Walls" and "White Collar Criminal"! And knowledge seeker, I forgot to say I have Scheme A Tings and Geoman on my Itunes, but you're right cause I love the song "People Iz I" from Geoman.

All in all it seems like one can't go wrong with ANY Midnite album! What are opinions on Infinite Quality?
Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 09:27PM
Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 09:48PM
I second (or third or fourth?) Jubileez. I also love "Full Cup". Totally un-reggae in the rhythmic sense, but if you (like me) are a Vaughn Benjamin fan, he is at his absolute prime lyrically and vocally.

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Re: Midnite question
April 14, 2011 10:38PM
I agree wit treez / Nemozian Rasta is a wikkid I Grade Records release
in my humble opinion, One cannot go wrong wit ANY a dem I Grade-Midnite collabs...

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Re: Midnite question
April 15, 2011 03:58AM
"Infinite Quality" gets my recommendation.....check it @ www.lustrekingsproductions.com
Re: Midnite question
April 15, 2011 05:39AM
Jubilees of Zion.
Re: Midnite question
April 15, 2011 06:19AM
Re: Midnite question
April 16, 2011 02:28AM
Thanks again everyone, that's why I love this forum! Looks like it's down to Jubilees or Nemozian. Sorry LK, Infinite Quality soon come....
Re: Midnite question
April 16, 2011 02:25PM
When you're ready, you wont be disapointed......
Re: Midnite question
April 16, 2011 02:59PM
I would also say Jubilees of Zion should be next. And if you are into dub you need to check Intense Pressure and Infinite Dub (dub to Infinite Quality). Both wicked albums that I haven't seen mentioned here.
Re: Midnite question
April 16, 2011 10:48PM
Respect LK. Meant to say I DO have Babylon Nightmare, and i think you and Jahdan did excellent work on that. Big Up!
Re: Midnite question
April 17, 2011 03:31PM
Thanks reggaebe.......let me know once you check out the Midnite and accompanying Dub album....you will be pleased....
be blessed..
Re: Midnite question
April 18, 2011 05:47PM
Jubilees of Zion!.......but if u get it narrowed down to 2....get both
Re: Midnite question
April 19, 2011 07:20PM
Jubilees of Zion & Intense Pressure!!!
Re: Midnite question
April 21, 2011 08:04PM
Wow, I didn't realize how hard some of these CD's are to find and/or are out of print. Couldn't find a copy of Jubilees ANYWHERE (record store, amazon, midnite website), nor He Is Jah, and BARELY located a copy of Nemozian Rasta, so I ordered that and it's in the mail. Maybe they'll have a copy of Jubilees of Zion ant SNWMF? Anyone know where to find some of these older Midnite recordings?
Re: Midnite question
April 22, 2011 12:35AM
I check viroots.com first....
Re: Midnite question
April 22, 2011 05:10AM
Most of those youve mentioned has been outta print for a minute...maybe email Preston??
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