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reggae ect.: artists for next year and future shows

Posted by Fox Ingram 
reggae ect.: artists for next year and future shows
October 28, 2003 12:43AM
Fox Ingram Enterprise The SEEN Festival 2004 website...sign our guestbook
Fox Ingram Enterprise The SEEN Festival 2004 website...sign our guestbook

"The SEEN Reggae Soul Festival is now booking !"
-- Our 9th big year! --

read: The SEEN Festival 2003 review
(bottom of page)

forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in this very popular reggae festival held annually in Berkeley California's historic People's Park




goto: page 2 of our site and sign our guestbook and leave all of your information and then i will certainly run this by everyone here and then perhaps we can see about moving forward and working with you and you likewise with us in taking things to another level

is that alright with you?

please visit our site and leave us a comment and or link to your wonderful site.
NOTE: this particular will be revamped in the coming month, however, you may still add you link into our guestbook as it will remain the same.

once the new site is built we will then add your business link to our area businesses and resource's page.

respond to:
Tyrone S. ingram
VP, Advertising
Fox Ingram Enterprise
3208 60th avenue Oakland California
(510) 383-2949


we would like you and your company's current and future music ventures to seriously consider our Reggae Artists

availiable: as a full package of as low as $ 2200 + rooms and board and travel expenses and car/truck rental

starting at:

$1800 in northern California

$1200 in the San Francisco bay area**

** also; Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Stockton,, Chico, Modesto and Fresno areas

$2800 in the western U.S.*

*during festival season

Oonka Symeon

The Incredible Sly Fox

Mr. Majah P.

all have nuff, nuff reggae festival and show experience and have built a sizable following here on the west coast especially here in the Frisco - Oakland bay area
read recent reviews of these sensational reggae artists (click on link) we are so confident of our proven ability that we are willing to make ourselves available w/ our backing band; The Splash Band featuring bay area reggae drumming legend: Emsley Fraser to you at a very reasonable and negotiable cost

Fox Ingram Reggae Artists -<----all availiable for booking

please sign our guestbooks and sign all of our guestbooks that are on-line

search; www.yahoo.com keywords: Fox Ingram world reggae, Oonka Symeon reggae , The Incredible Sly Fox reggae and/or Mr. Major P. ) Mr Majah P. reggae

thank you for your time
we do hope that you will respond favorably
Tyrone S. Ingram - VP
Fox Ingram Enterprise
Oakland, California

The SEEN Festival 2003 (festival's review)

over 2500 (maybe more) in attendance....a majorly successful show for Fox Ingram Enterprise. One of the best on the west coast !"
Sam T Ford
I.N.N News Network

DJs: H. A. Productions

Live Performances: Prezident Brown simply magnificent!....Oonka Symeon and The Incredible Sly Fox shine!"

MC: Ibi Judah of Jah Light Music; "a job well done!"

Info: (510) 409-2949

Venue: People's Park in Berkeley, California

Tickets: $5 contribution otherwise.......it's FREE !

Time: 12 noon - 5 pm

Visuals: Mrs. Marian Mair did a great job on the SEEN Festival's stage backdrop

Lighting: Sun and daylight provided by: Jehovah God (Jah)

Sound: H. A. Productions and Raoul

Prezident Brown tour @ The SEEN Festival 8th annual reggae soul canned foods drive and fundraiser.

The SEEN Festival (2003 festival review)

On Saturday afternoon August 16th, many in Berkeley California's historic People's Park witnessed what was for a certainty a day of much-needed reggae bubblin, roots and culture, As once again reggae festival promoters Tyrone S. Ingram and Walter S. Fox of the Oakland, California based entertainment company; Fox Ingram Enterprise, staged once again the ever-growing SEEN Festival that after this exciting show, is now heading into it 9th consecutive and successful year.
This year the duo really made a major move, bringing in Jamaican roots reggae superstar and veteran performer; Prezident Brown who had The SEEN Festival crowd of over 2500+ (a SEEN festival attendance record) in a complete frenzy. Prezident Brown mesmerized The SEEN Festival massives with an arsenal of his past and recent hits including: Micro Chip, Can't Touch My Soul, African Woman and many more to the delight of the entire SEEN Festival crowd. " We are really appreciative that Prezident Brown could make our festival series a part of his US/ World tour, He is for a fact a consumate professional and a pleasure to work with and we look forward to headlining him in one of our future indoor shows!" exclaimed SEEN Festival founder and co-promoter; Tyrone S. Ingram (Oonka Symeon) who himself performed earlier in the program to a rousing ovation by all those in attendance. Aside from being one of west coast's and the San Francisco bay area's top reggae concert and festival promoters, Ingram is also the Owner and co-owner of several thriving businesses in the downtown Oakland area. He and business partner Walter S Fox. who also performs as; The Incredible Sly Fox are just as world-class an act as any that I've seen here in recent years. The two are also currently in the recording studio completing Oonka Symeon's debut CD: Kingpin Fi Sure. Established Drummer and band-leader; Emsley Fraser in my opinon is finally getting his just due through his works in the SEEN festival series, The Splash Band and with his works with popular reggae diva; Sister I Live and the 48th Street Band.
Fraser has worked with many "names" in reggae music over the years and this year he certainly brought even more of the "extra" that was needed in this show as he and his band; The Splash Band served as backup to Chicago/Jamaica's sizzlin' hot dancehall newcomer; Risbo and to Jamaican-Canadian dancehall veteran; Mr Major P. who now goes by the moniker of the same name but different spelling: (Mr Majah P.) who himself wowwed the crowda people at SEEN with songs from his latest (3 sons records) CD release: Jahovah; The True and Living God. Like Oonka Symeon, Mr.Majah P. is rapidly becoming one of the hottest dancehall acts on the west coast....something to have an ear out for, for sure. like always The SEEN Festival is a show that truely gives back to the community in every way. Monies and canned foods were raised benefitting victims of domestic violence and homeless families in the eastbay area and the show also served as a launching pad for such new and up-coming artists like Oakland's R&B singing
sensation; Dante who belted out a couple of nice self-written tunes from his current and self entitled debut released CD. Hip hop also made it's way onto the SEEN Festival's stage as another hot newcomer rap artist; Samurai started tings off with a very hip and conscious "head-bobbin' stage show that was reminisent of the rapping styles of the early 90's. Samurai may be a sleeper in the world of west coast rap...stay tuned. overall The SEEN Festival once showed that reggae and today's soul music can co-exist with a successfully outcome and that Fox Ingram Enterprise and The SEEN Festival is a breath of fresh air and a summer festival series to be rekconed with.

Previous Events: SEEN Festival ' 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Future Events: SEEN Festival 2004

Tyrone S. Ingram: Founder of: The SEEN Festival

Jah Bless
Fox Ingram Enterprise
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