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Lee Perry on Dub

Posted by ForwardZion 
Lee Perry on Dub
April 05, 2004 09:26AM
Once a selector on the Downbeat sound system and a "fetcher" for Coxsone Dodd, founder of Black Ark studio, many a dub come a drop in Perry's shop!

How would you describe Dub music?

"As the master of the universe, the master of the elements, the master of the comets, the master of magic, the master of logic, the master of science, the master of the earth, the master of the air, the master of water, and the master of fire. Hare Krishna Hari Rama, Shiva Sai Baba, Emperor Ras Tafari, the truth cutter.
Music make the dubs. I am the dub shepard. I can't give myself no praises, I give praise to the God who create the God of Gods. I give praise to the one that is over all."

This man border on the edge of "sanity" but he was a master in the studio.
He admit slackness.... (on Roast Duck)
"Rude songs, Scratch songs. "Roast Duck" mean back when yuh f@*!in' and all those things. I am extremely slack, Mentally dirty."
Yet when he work wit singers like Delroy Wilson, Bob or any concious artist...
"I would go with any singer that Selassie I inspire I to go in the studio with. People reguard the flesh as everything, but the flesh is no thing.
The flesh is made of earth, dust and ashes. But it is the spirit that moves the soul and fire. So when the CIA ssend an agent to kill His Majesty, the Empoeror Selassie in Africa, they did not know that it is not flesh that he is in.
I am not mad: I am introducing God."

I enjoy his music, Dub Master!! I have read a few interviews, have many of his records, and saw him at SNWMF. Very interesting character...... Still I can't read him completely.
Anyone with any comments, insight on one the greatest and eccentric producers in JA history, please share as he still inspire a great curiousity.
Re: Lee Perry on Dub
April 05, 2004 09:29AM
Any of you know the song "People Funny Boy"?
Re: Lee Perry on Dub
April 05, 2004 04:55PM
Nope- But i Much agree with your words Zion =)

Happy Trails
Re: Lee Perry on Dub
April 05, 2004 05:23PM
-i*+ be confussed about selection sorry to say. as a lee perry follower(well not like hardcore or anything but interested more than most) this looks sad but i* cant find wha album this song is on. all i* can think of is the "poop song".haha >forward the dub vibe*
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