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Posted by jahkob 
February 23, 2005 07:05AM

After reading about the events on UPfront.ch I started to search a little bit around and about for session recordings although with no luck. Are there any recordings from these sesssion with Blackboard Jungle Soundsystem, Aba Shanti I, Cultural Warriors, Channel One etc ?

Intressted in actually hearing all those dubplates mentioned in the review. For those who dont know what Im writing about check: www.upfront.ch and check the news section. Guidance.
Bokkle Toss
Re: Paris DUB CLUB
February 23, 2005 01:26PM
Sen an email to them, they will respond pretty quickly and yes they have nuff sessions available.
Re: Paris DUB CLUB
February 23, 2005 02:36PM
Send a email to Upfront or to Paric Dub Club ?
Bokkle Toss
Re: Paris DUB CLUB
February 24, 2005 12:39AM
Re: Paris DUB CLUB
February 24, 2005 10:37AM
Greetings unto all... and a nuff blessed love !

I am from Cultural Warriors sound system who played that session...
The session was fully recorded by I&I from 10.30 to early morning but I am not sure to be allowed to sell the whole as CD's... but I will ask. Anyway make sure the CW part will be available very soon as CD'R just as most of our sessions since years & years. Don't hesitate to visit our website (www.culturalwarriors.ch) that recollects all our sessions since that time. All orders can be send to my mail...

Nuff respect...

(PS : Tonight after my live-show (8-11PM) I will draw 90min of this session for you & yours so tune into UPfront Radio tonite bredrins & sistrins)
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