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Winston Jarrett

Posted by Irie_Sis 
Winston Jarrett
April 07, 2004 12:07AM
Greetings everyone i just was wondering what some good winston jarrett songs are, i make a mixed cd every year to share with friends of all the artists that will be at the show once the line up is done and just wondered what you thought were some of his good songs. thanks in advance blessings cali massive smiling smiley
Re: Winston Jarrett
April 07, 2004 12:15AM

"Sleeping in the Park" (Tamoki Wambesi)

total killer... even though Roy Cousins is fairly criticized for re-re-recycling a short number of riddims (quality, mostly Radics business that they are), this one is a gem. early 80s style, out on a couple compilations.

the biggest portion of his body of work (over 100 known singles and a few LPs) come from early work at Studio 1, and/or with the Righteous Flames. but because those works are pretty hard to come by, a nice place to get a taste would be the recently-released Studio 1 set called "Crucial Times".

but you're right to get ahead of the curve on this one -- last time he was @ SNWMF, the biggest fans in the crowd were original veterans like Tony Chin and Norman and Ralston Grant, each of which were licking shots and pleading for forwards... and x-amount of both.

jb welda
Re: Winston Jarrett
April 07, 2004 02:45AM
try "the rite sound reggae story" or something like that, its got a few crucial winston jarrett tracks on it.

• Winston Jarrett & The Flames - Spanish Town Road / Gladstone Star Band - Coming From The Country
• Eddy Grandson - Jah Garden
• Gladstone Anderson - Will You Stay
• Mellows - Pray To Jah
• Gladstone Star Band - Give Thanks And Pray
• Leroy Smart - What Will I Do
• Leroy Smart - Jah Almighty
• Winston Jarrett & The Flames - Crying In The Ghetto / Winston Jarrett & The Flames - Too Much Confusion
• Winston Jarrett & The Flames - Humble Yourself / Gladstone Star Band - Get On Your Mark
• Gladstone Star Band - Don't Leave Me Alone
• Gladstone Star Band - Wicked No Like Selassie

like solid says, the studio one release "crucial times" is good too.

• Born To Be Loved
• Survival Is The Game
• Send Me Your Pillow
• Easy Come Easy Go
• Put On Weight
• Crucial Times
• Girl Like You
• Peace An Harmony
• Fear Not
• Spanish Town
• Top Ranking
• Do You Hear I
• Up Park Camp
• Scare Him

also "kingston vibrations" on ras is decent, radics backed, though wont set the world on fire with that one.

one love
jah bill
Re: Winston Jarrett
April 07, 2004 05:50PM
Thanks for the feedback i have the albums crucial times, kingston vibrations , and also ranking ghetto style(reissue). none of them had sleeping in the park but a friend had it so shared it with me. im checking the albums out now. ahhhh i love di Rootss smiling smiley ive been listening alot to anthony b , dezarie and midnite this month time to mix it up a bit hehe. any other suggestions you can think of from any of the other artists that would be nice on my mix would be appreciated . blessings flow cali massive smiling smiley
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