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Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left

Posted by ankhlove 
Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left
September 28, 2012 02:31PM
From Darryl Cherney:
Dear friends and associates,

Our Kickstarter Campaign to market Who Bombed Judi Bari?, using our
Oscar-run as a centerpiece, will be over Friday morning. I've learned
much since becoming a movie producer. For example, one needs to spend
the same amount on marketing as one does on production of the movie--a
hard and common sense rule of movie-world. And like activism
catalyzing social change, filmmaking requires a large group effort.

You can see our page and watch our trailer at:

The Oscar run provides us with deep benefits: we contract a 1 week run
in LA & NYC theaters (which we've got on hold); the theaters provide
us with PR to get reviews in the LA Times and NY Times (both seem
likely or even certain); we screen our movie before 150 Oscar
Documentary Committee members, some of whom already know about this
movie; we get the buzz to be able to screen in other theaters around
the country, which we're already doing, in fact (Gainesville,
Albuquerque, San Rafael, Portland, etc.).

All we've reached are now asking the question: "Who Bombed Judi Bari?"
The answer to that, which we work on daily in the courts as well as
the screen, will open up a big window that some in government don't
want opened. Obviously.

While ultimately this great effort might generate some income, it is
more than likely a money-costing labor of love. And if you love the
work that Judi Bari did and still does through the words and actions
we project on screen, then please help us in this final 24 hours.

I've got what it takes to take this to the finish line, but I've
always been a creature of the grassroots and nothing I've done would
have been possibly at all without the coming together of so many
people. Please come together over this.

For the Wild in us all,
Darryl Cherney, Producer
Who Bombed Judi Bari?

Re: Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left
September 29, 2012 01:30PM
The Bari Scam Rolls On
by Bruce Anderson on Apr 11th, 2012
Given the choice, I’d prefer the real Stalinism over the hippie version prevalent on the Northcoast, no better example of which was Monday night’s (April 2nd) Women’s Voices talk program on KZYX, itself, along with KMUD and KPFA on the subject of the Bari Bombing, heavy on neo-Stalinist conversation controls. Most of the locally generated talk programming at KZYX is unlistenable not only because the hosts and hostesses are verbally handicapped, but because the subject matter is often irrelevant to the lives of most people in Mendocino County. You might think that it would occur to station management that a solid hour of tongue-tied people bathing each other in superlatives is not good for the station because it discourages people from listening. And one might also expect it would occur to management that opposing points of view on the air at the same time is good radio because it’s interesting, not to mention the only known way of getting at the truth of things. But KZYX has long been an echo chamber, forever home base for the most tedious bores on the Northcoast.
As an avid scholar of the ongoing Bari Bombing swindle, which is again in the news, and alerted that slo-mo radio was devoting an hour to it Monday night, natch, I tuned in Women’s Voices hosted by Val Muchowski. Guests included Naomi Wagner and a woman named Mary Liz Thompson. Wagner is one of many local leisure class “activists” and soon confirmed that her occupation is indeed “activist” as anointed, Wagner said, by none other than Judi Bari herself. Ms. Thompson, speaking in the muted snarl of an unhappy person, said she was a filmmaker. She and Darryl Cherney have teamed up to produce an hagiographic epic called ‘Who Bombed Judi Bari?’ There was no mention during the painfully inarticulate hour that an honest film by the same name appeared years ago, and the single specific fact that was mentioned by Muchowski, a retired teacher, Muchowski managed to get almost completely wrong. She said that Judi Bari had “belonged” to KZYX. Judi Bari forcefully took over the station one afternoon as an ostensible protest at the station’s firing of Beth Bosk as a talk programmer. (An hilarious event previously described in these pages.) The upshot? Judi Bari took over Bosk’s show.
I knew Judi Bari. She’s since become one of those figures lots of people claim to have known well but didn’t. The old girl wrote for my paper. Before I made the fatal error of demanding that she tell the truth about what happened to her, she’d call almost every day to discuss this, that and the other thing. I often visited her at String Creek, east of Willits. We were closely allied for about three years. But the instant I publicly said I thought it was time she fessed up, I was non-personed, and was duly denounced by the local lemmings as a sexist, an FBI agent, an enemy of the people, a blah de blah and a blah de blah.
Judi Bari was a person of large gifts, and a person who not only didn’t suffer fools gladly, didn’t suffer them at all, hence her utter contempt for most of her comrades, that amorphous mass heavy on disturbed persons who attach themselves to any dissenting movement, always to the movement’s disadvantage if not death. Briefly, in the Redwood Summer period, Bari did manage to mobilize a brief counter force to the short-term profit-taking that saw distant corporations mowing down Northcoast forests, and the jobs that went with them. The woods industry itself, as it then functioned on most of the Northcoast, was trapped between the big timber corporations and the Redwood Summer demonstrations. Bari, at least rhetorically, supported woods workers, but it was clear to her that her troops, people who don’t have to get up until noon, aren’t going to have much in common with people who are up at five to go out to a hot, dirty, dangerous job that doesn’t pay very well. People who do that kind of work, or any kind of real work, have to be organized from within. She knew that, and we often talked about it but, as she said of her allies, these are the people we have to work with, “And anyway Bruce I’m a hippie, too.” Such were her gifts, though, and her energy, that Redwood Summer also attracted large numbers of serious people, committed people. And lots of media.
Bari could be ruthless. You were either with her or you were not permitted to participate. Or denounced as an FBI agent. Or whatever other slur it took to get you out of the way. FBI agent was the big one. She called Cherney, the only fool she did suffer, and only suffered him because, after the bombing, because she was stuck with him. Bari called Cherney an “idiot” so many times it could have been his middle name. She’d call me up. “Do you know what The Idiot did today?” I never had to ask which idiot.
It’s clear Bari knew who bombed her, and she was initially so worried that she would be implicated in the event she had her attorney, the late Susan B. Jordan, apply to the FBI for limited immunity from prosecution. The FBI said no immunity because they considered Bari a suspect. But the FBI never followed up on its own supposition, never seriously investigated the bombing. Why they would deny immunity then do nothing themselves to implicate Bari remains unknown. And why neither they nor the Bari Gang has followed up on the known, published evidence indicates co-dependence — that it appears it is in the mutual interests of the feds and the Bari camp not to solve the case.
I’m ashamed now to admit Bari had me going as one of the many believers in a wider conspiracy against her because I didn’t know her husband or anything about him except what she told me, which was that he’d beat and raped her. Which I didn’t believe because I couldn’t imagine her enduring any kind of mistreatment, let alone sexual assault. I thought I was merely listening to another alienated ex-wife going on about how evil her ex-husband was. Judi Bari’s ex-husband, then as now the biggest elephant in the smallest room ever, was scrupulously kept off stage. And he’s still kept off by Cherney and Company as Not A Suspect.
It belatedly dawned on me I was being hustled. The light snapped on at a 1990 neighborhood picnic at String Creek east of Willits, to which I’d driven Bari from a home in Cazadero. She’d been staying at a nurse’s “safe” house high in the Cazadero hills after being released from a rehab hospital in Santa Rosa. She’d asked me to chauffer her because, she said, I was the only person she knew who could be depended on to show up on time. Punctuality being my sole virtue, I showed up on time. She was good company. Smart and funny, and utterly unlike so many of the drear hags of “the movement.” JB, as I called her, was moving to a cabin at remote String Creek perfectly situated for a committed assassin to finish her off. I said to her, “This place isn’t safe. Someone could drive up right to your door and shoot you.” She said, with suspicious flippancy, “If they’re going to get me, they’re going to get me.” I didn’t believe her fatalism. She was a person who wanted to live. And I doubly didn’t believe it because her two little girls were often with her at the cabin, and JB was devoted to them way past risking their safety and welfare. I knew then she knew what had happened to her, that she knew she was out of danger, that there would be no more attempts on her life. From there, Steve Talbot produced an honest film called ‘Who Bombed Judi Bari?’ identifying Mike Sweeney, the ex, as the most likely suspect in the attack on his ex-wife, as Judi Bari herself had informed Talbot, then denounced Talbot for including Sweeney’s long history of violent associations in his film.
Of course in certain credulous circles, namely the millions of screwballs who believe 911 was an inside job, the Building 7 paranoids and on through the catalog of crackpot conspiracy-think, all you have to do is invoke the historically villainous FBI and/or corporations, and/or berserk males and/or Christian fundamentalists and, in this case, you’ll eventually win $4.2 million in a successful libel suit against individual members of the Oakland Police Department and the FBI. Which is what happened. (Our supervisor, Dan Hamburg, is a Building 7 guy. Naturally he thinks the FBI was complicit in the Bari Bombing, which it may well have been but not in the way that Hamburg and his fellow Building 7 intellectuals might understand.)
And now we have a bogus new movie cynically called ‘Who Bombed Judi Bari?,’ but it’s 22 years after the honest documentary under the same title. The phony new ‘Who Bombed Judi Bari?’ film appears at the same time as a timely winning lawsuit to get some bombing-related physical evidence back from the feds that the feds have failed to analyze all these years. And Cherney and Company have never demanded in legal actions that the FBI do its supposed job. I learned about the left over evidence in the Chronicle, that Cherney and Co. will select an “independent” lab to analyze this stuff. Prediction: None of this will go anywhere because it is in the mutual interests — financial on the Bari Cult side, professional on the FBI side — not to find who did it. And even the cult brains think it’s odd that the Bari family never pressured the feds to solve the case. I don’t think that’s odd because I think the family also had a pretty clear idea about what happened.
I’ve often tried to argue the skeptic’s side of the case, and I think I’ve done pretty well where I’ve been allowed to present the obvious questions, but the great speakers-of-truth-to-power have gone all out to shut me down, so assiduous are they that reasonable people wonder what they’re afraid of. One night at a Berkeley bookstore, one of the Bari-Cherney attorneys, Ben Rosenfeld, was hooted at when he tried to refute the dissenting perspective. The Bari Ghouls seemed to have learned that night that it was a lot safer NEVER to debate the case in any kind of public forum before an impartial audience.
It’s a huge irony that the Bari Gang won, of all things, a federal libel case based on the denial of their free speech. Of course it’s the only speech they’ve ever been interested in defending.
* * *
Bill Verick, Redway, writes: “Your remarks about Judi Bari are very interesting. It confirms most of my own experience with her. She was smart and funny, but also ruthless and narcissistic.
“Back when my office was in Redway, Judi called me once. At the Garberville Rodeo Days parade, local dumbasses ran a float with Darryl and Judi hanging in effigy. Even though it happened in Humboldt County, Mendo activists were screaming to sue the float builders. Bari called to ask about the prospect. I told her people have a First Amendment right to hang her in effigy and that if she sued them she’d lose and probably have to pay their attorneys fees. Then I asked her if she thought activists should get sued if they hung or burned Charles Hurwitz in effigy. She got it right away and that was the end of that. She thanked me and we spent a little time marveling that Judi’s sister is the New York Times anti-environmental reporter Gina Kolata. I was impressed with how smart, decisive and unsentimental Judi was. She played a deeper and more sophisticated game than she let on or that many of her colleagues wanted to recognize. In a lot of ways Judi reminded of Mac McLeod, the Party organizer who waived the bloody shirt of his murdered comrade to rally strikers at the end of Steinbeck’s great, ‘In Dubious Battle’.”
Re: Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left
September 29, 2012 02:57PM
Who bombed Judi Bari? It wasn't the government
Posted by: Danny Weil Posted date: March 19, 2012 In: Daily Journal (Opinion), Green, Media | comment : 16 Comments
Picture of Judi Bari’s car after it was bombed

A new film produced by Darryl Cherney that white washes the entire Judi Bari saga is out and is being shown next weekend in Sonoma County. Darryl is claiming that he wants an investigation of the 22 year old bombing when in fact he is someone who has worked hard to prevent that from happening. With the money he got from the FBI settlement he could have made it happen years ago but he didn’t. Some of you will remember all the controversy after the bombing when some of us who actually knew Judi and the back story of her marriage to Mike Sweeney tried to get a real investigation going.

I remember it all too well for I worked with Judi Bari and Mike Sweeney, her husband, for two years in the early 1980’s before Earth First and before the meteoric fame and rise of Judi. We were both plaintiffs in a large environmental law suit we brought against the city of Rohnert Park and Hewlett Packard that lasted three years. We lost the case but Mike and Judi settled out of court with HP for an undisclosed sum. At that time it was Mike that was “calling the shots” for when we met Mike did all the talking and Judi remained mute. It was Mike who agreed to settle with HP after he and Judi had promised they would not.

It was on the basis of their promise that my co-litigant and I released the volumes of lower trial transcripts that allowed Bari and Sweeney to make a deal with the corporation not to appeal our loss in lower court for an undisclosed sum of money.

For readers who have perhaps grown up hearing that Judi was bombed by the government, they might be surprised to find that amongst many ‘radicals’ and progressives this is not ecumenically shared. In fact, many of us like myself who have followed this case for many decades, know this is not true. We believe, and the evidence supports, the claim that Judi was bombed by her husband, Mike Sweeney. Many readers will no doubt be shocked!

I am not alone. You will read about Irv Sutley, a Sonoma County resident and long time member of the Peace and Freedom Party. I have known Irv Sutley for close to 40 years and have worked with him on Peace and Freedom presidential campaigns (Benjamin Spock). Sutley worked closely with Judi and knows much more than the left media, or Daryl Cherney, will tell. I worked with Irv Sutley on this case briefly close to a decade ago when I was an attorney.

Journalists like Steve Talbot (Frontline) made a film (Who Bombed Judi Bari) in 1991 that was as close to a real investigation as we’ve had where he looked at four different theories about her bombing including Mike. He was just one of several people that Judi shared her suspicions with about her ex being the bomber.

Ed Gehrman (see interview below) was another who tried to piece it all together after endless interviews with some of us who knew her well. There is way too much info to impart here but below is some of it. Some of us have spent endless hours on this over the years and my office is full of files about it as is Bruce Anderson’s AVA. There is also an article coming out this Wednesday in the BOHEMIAN (Santa Rosa, California) that is giving it another try so
try to get a copy of it before you go to see this film. Also, you can read Kate Coleman’s book on Judi Bari for a comprehensive look at the bombing and other issues.

The following is from the Anderson Valley Advertiser and is an interview with Ed Gehrman

Anderson Valley Advertiser Special Series: Judi Bari
Maxwell’s Hammer by Ed Gehrman

Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon her head.
Clang! Clang! Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that he was dead.
Silver hammer man. ‹Lennon/McCartney, June, 1969

“As long as I’m telling the truth as best I can, I have zero problem with
Pam knowing anything! Š and despite my brags to the contrary, I just might
have a living enemyŠ” ‹Jan Maxwell, June 13, 2005
* * *
(about Ed Gehrman) I’m a retired teacher and a reporter for the Sonoma
County Free Press and have been investigating the bombing of Judi Bari since
1995. An article covering this investigation was published in Flatland
Magazine and the Sonoma County Free Press. Below, I’ve prepared a summary of
my investigation and a description of some new evidence using a “frequently
asked questions” format. (June 12, 2008.)

How did you get involved with Judi Bari and what led you to investigate her
Ed: Judi and I met briefly during the Port Chicago demonstrations in 1986. I
was working with Livermore Action Group at the time. Then I followed her
exploits in the AVA after she moved to Mendocino County. I was teaching in
Sonoma County when the Redwood Summer (May 1990) action began and had
already started working on trying to find property that would be suitable
for a temporary encampment where the out-of-town participants could stay.
After Judi was bombed, I continued working on Redwood Summer logistics until
the last demonstration in September. After the conclusion of Redwood Summer,
I followed the developments in the bombing story and the various
investigations that were being conducted but only at a distance as an
interested observer. Things changed for me when a close friend insisted that
I interview Irv Sutley and arranged a time and place. That was in October of
1995. The story he told was intriguing and after checking it out, I began to
change my mind regarding the truthfulness of the main participants, namely
Judi, Mike Sweeney and Pam Davis.

Who is Irv Sutley?
Ed: Irv is the biggest “red herring” of all time. He played a minor and
forgettable part in this drama until he was accused by Judi and others of
being an FBI agent provocateur and the author of the Argus Letter sent to
the Ukiah Police Department offering to inform on Bari. Some people even
accused him of being the actual bomber. His life was never the same after
being identified as a possible suspect in Steve Talbot’s KQED documentary
film about the Bari bombing, which was screened exactly one year after the
event. After Judi’s accusations against him, the entire investigation was
centered on Irv, and on making him the main suspect and behind-the-scenes

What is the Argus Letter?
Ed: On January 17, 1989, Ukiah Police Chief Fred Keplinger received a letter
signed by “Argus.” (In Greek legend, Argus is a hundred-eyed monster, a
watchful guardian). It was postmarked January 6, 1989, with information
detrimental to Bari; the writer offered to inform on her. Also enclosed was
a photograph of Bari holding a look-a-like Uzi. Steve Talbot uncovered these
“Argus” documents by chance during the course of his investigation. Bari has
argued that, because Sutley knew some of the facts contained in the “Argus”
letter, and since he had access to (Pam) Davis’ photos, he must have written
the “Argus” letter and sent the photo with it. It’s more likely that Mike
Sweeney, Judi’s ex-husband, wrote the Argus letter and another called the
“Second Warning” letter. They were probably both written by the same person
because there was identical DNA found on both envelopes. Irv’s DNA does not
match this sample. Mike Sweeney refuses to submit a sample of his DNA for
testing, even though I’ve offered to pay all expenses. He also refuses to
take a polygraph for which Alexander Cockburn offered to pay. Irv did
volunteer to take a polygraph and it confirmed that he was not the author of
the Argus letter, had nothing to do with bombing Judi and was solicited by
Pam Davis to murder Mike Sweeney.

Who is Pam Davis?
Ed: Pam and Judi were very good friends during the time period between 1987
and 1990 and they were both active in radical politics. Pam was a member of
the communist party. It was during this time that Irv Sutley, also a party
member, and Pam, became friends. Irv was present when Judi and Pam took some
photographs of Judi holding one of Irv’s guns, his main connection to the
bombing story. This incident was blown out of proportion by Judi and others,
and has confused and distorted the true story. I met Pam during the summer
of 1990. We were both working as a support group for Ron Green, AKA Global
Deforestation, who was camping on the Forest Service lawn in downtown Santa
Rosa. I visited her home several times and even took care of her boys one
afternoon. Ron and I also became friends. He was staying with Pam and would
visit me during the times that Pam and Judi and their other women friends
would secretly meet at Pam’s house to discuss whatever they discussed. No
men were allowed.

What else did you learn from your interview with Irv?
Ed: Sometime in 1989 Pam and Irv were having a conversation when out of the
blue Pam asked Irv if he would kill Mike Sweeney for five thousand dollars.
She said that Judi was terrified of Mike who was abusive and trying to take
the kids from her. (Judi’s abuse claims were verified by Mary Moore’s
extensive research) Irv angrily refused but Pam made the request on two
other occasions. He again refused, but felt exposed and consulted with
friends about what he should do. They told him that Judi and Mike had
serious problems. Irv decided to let it slide and didn’t contact the police
about the offer. He couldn’t do that to a friend. Bari herself, asked on-air
about the murder solicitations on Mendocino County Public Radio KZYX twice
dismissed her murder-for-hire solicitations as “jokes.” One wonders who was
supposed to be amused? However, by describing her attempts to hire someone
to kill Sweeney as jokes reveals that Bari made them; it also strongly
suggests that the feeble characterization of them as jokes is a belated
strategy to pretend they weren’t serious. If Sutley said yes, would they
still be jokes?

Could you briefly describe what your investigation into Judi’s bombing has
Ed: Yes. Mike Sweeney bombed Judi Bari, but Judi was also trying her best to
kill Mike. Mike placed a time sensitive bomb underneath the driver’s seat of
Judi’s Subaru Station wagon during a press conference in Ukiah, Wednesday,
May 23, 1990, about two o’clock in the afternoon. Judi drove to Oakland but
the bomb was not active. Mike wanted it to explode as far away as possible.
She arrived in Oakland about four-thirty PM and stayed at the Seeds Of Peace
house until around eleven PM, then drove to the house where she was spending
the night. The bomb was still not active or she would have triggered it at
that time. She parked and locked the car and didn’t drive it again until the
next morning. The next morning, the car’s first lurch set off the bomb and
the rest is history. Judi was trying to kill Mike and Mike was trying to
kill Judi. That’s what I’ve concluded from my research.

Why were Judi and Mike trying to kill one another?

Ed: They had committed arson together and other crimes against the
community. There is evidence that the mysterious fellerbuncher fire and the
Cloverdale bomb at L-P’s offices were joint endeavors. Both had evidence of
the other’s involvement. It was hanging over their heads. They could both do
real jail time. Mike Sweeney still could. In 1980, they burned down the old
Santa Rosa airport hanger together, nearly killing the caretaker and costing
millions in damage. And they didn’t care who they hurt. Those lines from The
Great Gatsby always come to mind while I’m thinking about Mike and Judi as
partners: “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy ‹ they smashed up things
and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast
carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other
people clean up the mess they had made.”

Where do we go from here?
Ed: There are satisfactory answers, but few questioners. We are at the
point, almost thirteen years later, where all of us should be able to begin
to understand the dynamics between Judi and Mike, and the FBI. There is
enough information available from reliable sources to begin to put the
pieces together in a comprehensive gestalt.

What has changed about the story that makes you so optimistic at this time?
Ed: A new witness has come forward whose testimony confirms Irv’s account of
the offer by Pam Davis to have Mike Sweeney killed. It’s a strange story,
stranger than any fiction I could create. You’ll say it is too unbelievable
to be true but every word is factual. A little less than three years ago,
June 6th to be exact, I received an email which read: Are you still
investigating the Bari bombing? It was signed “Silverhammer.” I wrote back
and said yes I was and what did Silverhammer want to talk about? She then
wrote and wanted to know if I would protect her as a source and I said I

Then she told me her name, Jan Maxwell, and gave me a telephone number. We
had a long conversation. The main information she wanted to offer was that
she had read my article on the bombing and wanted to confirm that Pam Davis
was trying to find a person to murder Mike Sweeney. How did she know that
was true? Because Pam had begged her to do it. Pam used the same arguments
that she had with Irv. Judi was being abused and Mike was trying to take the
kids. I asked her why Pam would offer her the hit. Jan said she was a good
shot and very familiar with guns and Pam trusted her. She had known Pam
“even before she was born.” Jan and Pam’s mother were good friends. If Jan
had said yes, would that have been a joke?

You’ve had all the new information for almost three years. Why are you just
releasing it now?
Ed: Many folks have asked me these questions in one form or another and I
wanted to set the record straight and at least vindicate Irv Sutley, who was
a totally innocent bystander. Pam Davis has just been appointed to the
Sonoma County Planning Commission, which I find absolutely unbelievable. It
seemed like the right time remind folks of her history and past connections.
There is also a misunderstanding in the community about Judi Bari and her
deeds. Yes, the FBI mishandled her case, but they were confused by their
snitch, who was Mike Sweeney. He had told them that Judi would be carrying a
bomb, so when it exploded in her car in the middle of Oakland, that was all
the proof the FBI needed. Mike Sweeney has had a free pass because of his
FBI snitch status probably all the way back to the 1960s when he was a
member of the Stanford-based radical group, Venceremos.

Now, 19 years later, Sweeney is General Manager of Mendocino County’s Solid
Waste Management Authority, a $100,000 a year functionary, and one of the
more unsettling public bureaucrats on the Northcoast. He struts around as if
nothing has happened, as though he wasn’t being accused of bombing his wife
and ruining several lives by torching the Santa Rosa Airport. He could solve
his problems and clear himself of these accusations by a simple DNA test. He
refuses. Does this seem like the behavior of an innocent man? Why is it
being ignored by the community?

And the comments, most by Cherney:

Darryl Cherney • 6 months ago
When I posted the site said my comments would be reviewed by the administrator.

My questions are:

How can you call the movie a whitewash when you haven't seen it?

Why do you leave out that Irv Sutley was a prinicple suspect in Talbot's Documentary.

Do you support DNA testing of the Cloverdale bomb? Please explain your answer.

Do you not think that male Sutley family DNA on the Judi's first threat in 1990 and a police informant letter sent in 1989 keep him in the suspect loop? That's hard evidence as opposed to speculation.

The Lord's Avenger letter had female DNA with a trace amount of mail undiscernable and attributed to the postman. If the bomb DNA--if found--is female, it's her. If it's male, then it's a group effort. If there are fingerprints or DNA we can test it against the national data base of both, including your favorite suspect. Do you not support that?

Why don't you or your friends take this evidence on Sweeney to the cops. Actually it was done with the Mendocino DA and they rejected it as unuseful. But still, if Mike is such a suspect, why do you think that police are so uninterested.

If Judi was trying to cover for Sweeney, why did she claim he was a suspect to begin with? And why does she not have the right to rule him out?

What facts have ruled Sutley out? It was his family DNA on two menacing letters, typed on a typewriter from the place where he worked, accompanied by a photo he and only one other had access to right after it was taken (and from a role he had already sent out).

Irv Sutley was Charged with beating up a woman in the mid-seventies. Doesn't that make him as much a suspect as your allegations, with no charges filed, that Mike abused Judi?

We have no DNA or fingerprints to compare to Mike Sweeney. All your hearsay evidence is that Mike was a saboteur (in defense of his neighborhood); that Mike did you wrong in an ancient lawsuit (taking your word for it) and that Mike was mean to Judi and vice versa. None of that makes him a murderer. If having done bad things like that makes one a suspect, then there are plenty more than Mike.

Lastly, if you think I've ever told a lie, please cut and paste it from a document and explain why you think so.

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Weilunion • 6 months ago • parent
You know the answer to all these questions for theys have been covered in the Anderson Valley news out of Mendocino, Darryl. Bruce Anderson the editor has fielded all of this for years. Questions about DNA evidence, postage stamps that might contain it, why the police have not charged Sweeney and more, readers can go to the Anderson Valley news website and type in 'Judi Bari' or 'Mike Sweney' and find the answers to the questions you ask. There is no need for me to answer them. This would be tedious and repetitious when the Anderson Valley news has dealt with them for years. For those interested, take Darryl's questions and go to the Anderson Valley news site and you will be able to answer all of these questions.

Readers can also get the Steve Talbot interview and see for themselves. Another source is Kate Coleman's book, she has dealt with all of your questions as well, Darryl and you know this. her book is available online or one can order it through their local bookstore.

Once again: all of the substantive questions you ask have been answered at one time or another by the sources indicated above. you will need to engage the answers, Darryl and refute them if you think they are unsound claims. This is the only way the court of public opinion will ever be able to come to judgment on this case; the only way that critical thinking can be harnessed to understand what happened. I hope one day you will take the publicly available answers to your questions and refute them, allow for questions and answers.

Perhaps a public form would be the best place to entertain such a nobl act, Darryl. You and I both know there are many who would attend.

Perhaps the real question, Darryl, is if you think that the substantive questions you pose deserve a hearing and you really believe they have never been addressed then why don't you address them in your investigation and why have you not?

We need a full public hearing on this matter and from much of those on the left we have heard nothing but Bari was blown up by the government. This is why people have built up a mythology over Bari, her husband and Earth First. Mythologizing Bari does little to promote environmental causes, the fight against capitalism but does much to conceal the many critical questions that have arisen throughout the years from a point of view that has been basically supressed. We deserve better, Darryl and I hope that by now you would agree.
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Darryl Cherney • 6 months ago • parent
Just as Bruce Anderson refused to address my points in the Redheaded Blackbelt blog recently, you now refuse to address my points.

I ask those questions of you because you and the Anderson Acolytes prefer not to defend your positions but rather change them in the face of truth.

So you can't even state that you support forensic testing of the bomb. If you don't support it, it puts you squarely on the FBI's side of the equation for they harbor the position that they are opposed to testing.

And you can't answer how you can give a movie a bad review when you haven't seen it yet. You won't answer because you can't without making yourself look foolish, inaccurate, biased, irrational and a dupe.

Referring people to the thousands of words Bruce has obsessively and erratically dedicated to this issue since for about 15 years is disingenuous. So the readers of this blog now know that neither you, nor Bruce Anderson, are willing to engage in a written debate where I bring up the issues at hand.

And as Bruce and the tiny cadre who harbor this animosity for Judi and family refuse to respond to simple questions to explain or provide evidence of their positions, I see no reason to waste my precious time attending a debate about the land of make believe you and they subscribe to.

Come on, Mr. Weil, you won't even say whether you support DNA and fingerprint forensic testing of the Cloverdale bomb made by the same bomber who bombed us? Are you mad? Your readers should easily see that the only reason you can't agree to it is that you have a tea-party, birther mentality that anything I, Judi or our supporters do has to be wrong, monetarily-driven or some other concoction of your own device. So you support finding the bomber, as long as it's the person you want it to be. Any forensic evidence that points otherwise you won't consider. Just like the FBI.

Operation Censored should be ashamed of allowing you to blog for them. But there is no accounting for taste.

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Weilunion • 6 months ago • parent
Dailycensored, Darryl not operation censored.

It is an old sophist trick to pose questions as answers to allegations. Especially when you know the answers have been given by the point of view that represents the claim that the government did not blow up Bari's car but that it was someone else.

If you have these questions then again, are they part of your film? Is your film an attempt to refute and/or answer the point of view I have left for readers that is buttressed by Anderson Valley news, Talbot, Coleman and most importantly, the facts? Do you deal with the allegations that Sweney was involved in the film, Darryl? Potential viewers should know.

You have had an opportunity, as you stated, for fifteen years to investigate the allegations given at this site and those sources mentioned. You have never refuted them or dealt with them with any responsibility, Darryl. to resort to fallacious thinking by trying to put me on the defensive may work with some in an age of fallacies and propaganda but not with those of us who have been waiting for your response to these allegations for close to two decades.

I am pleased that you thought to write Darryl, for you have shown readers that there are two points of view regarding this tragic car bombing. What you haven't done is deal with the allegations, preferring to ask me questions.

I call on readers interested to educate themselves by going to the sources mentioned and I encourage you, Darryl to have a public form as part of your film where people (and it is disparaging to call them Anderson Acolyes, they are people who raised serious questions that have been ignored for years) from all persuasions with questions regarding the Judi Bari car bombing can pose questions, their research and their point of view. This would truly be an independant investigation. It is up to you now to make this happen. no moer hiding behind questions. time to confront the allegations and let some disclosure and transparency cast some sunlight on the real facts behind the car bombing of Judi Bari.
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Darryl Cherney • 6 months ago
I've contacted your editor about your censorship of my response to your hit piece. Pretty amazing you won't publish a response of one of the subjects you are writing about.
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Weilunion • 6 months ago • parent
I am not sure what you mean, Darryl. Anyone can publish any comment of any length here. No one censors this cite, which is why it is called 'Dailycensored'. Neither I nor the editor have censored anything that you might have written.

Again, you are welcome to use the comment thread to post any response of any length.
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Ahnold • 6 months ago
And we care about this because??????


Danny, save your ammunition for the coming rewrite of pensions for public union whores like yourself that have bankrupted our States, including and especially California.
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Weilunion • 6 months ago • parent
Glad you are back, Ahnold. With the same charm, fallacious thought patterns and remarkable sophistic efficiency that earmarks your critical thinking.
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Swaneagle Harijan • 6 months ago
Why these guys did not go public with their accusations until Judi died is beyond me. I was able to talk to Judi a few times and knew Darryl somewhat better. It is really disturbing that attacks like this on someone who cannot defend herself are being generated. Sickening actually.Somehow i just do not trust a pack of men out to get Judi again. I read some of this same crap back in '97 and '98. It just does not sit right with me.
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Weilunion • 6 months ago • parent
Darryl Cherney is still alive, last time I looked. Same with Sweeney. in fact, Darryl has a movie coming out which is why this is posted. Sweeny is alive and well in Mendocino.

A 'pack of men'? This is how the 'left' blinds itself to facts in favor of mythology. think critically.

Gehrman did go public; look at the date on the article written. go to Anderson Valley News and see just how public this controversy got and how the media, both left and right, covered it up.

This has nothng to do with men or women, it has to do with claims made and evidence for them.
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Swaneagle Harijan • 6 months ago
Why these guys did not go public with their accusations until Judi died is beyond me. I was able to talk to Judi a few times and knew Darryl somewhat better. It is really disturbing that attacks like this on someone who cannot defend herself are being generated. Sickening actually.Somehow i just do not trust a pack of men out to get Judi again. I read some of this same crap back in '97 and '98. It just does not sit right with me.
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Katy Bird • 2 months ago • parent
Oy Vay.......this is an interesting quandary but somehow I can't help feeling that we've lost sight of what's important---the trees. Earth First and radical reform campaigns have been long demonized, by sooo many, for so long we can somewhat legitimately blame the bombing on manifest destiny or the rugged bullshit individualism fostered by this country since our inception. Many, many people must have been pissed at Judi, EF.........et al.

Maybe the culprit is someone completely off the radar, anonymous, unknown, hiding in the woods smoldering, and to remain forever unknown? You can't swing a cat in Northern Cali without encountering freakish and sometimes refreshing extremism .... right? Hmm solution: I am going to follow Mike Sweeney around until he tosses a coffee cup or ? in the trash and settle this once and for all.

I'll get back to you on that-------I will need the other end of the evidence for comparison, so I'll be in touch.And what about those trees?.............who is minding the forest while we're all reading, ruminating and slinging mud? I wonder.

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The Lorax • 25 days ago • parent
I speak for the trees.
PS. Danny Weil is a union whore
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weilunion • a month ago • parent
It is all in the DNA so why can't Sweeny just give his DNA, compare it with what is in evidence and that's it?
The duo had a long history of pranks that you can find out about like the Santa Rosa bombing in which Sweeny was never indicted but certainly was a person of suspicion.
Was it ever about the forest? The trees or was it all simply appearance mugging reality?
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Jeff Blankfort • 21 days ago • parent
What is not credible is why the FBI did not and has not questioned Sweeney and asked for his DNA considering that while at Stanford he was a member of Venceremos, a violent group that became so infiltrated by the FBI that it had to dissolve. Hmmm. Maybe I answered my question.

Seriously, not only would good police work require questioning an ex-husband but one who, according to Judy, was familiar with making bombs. That, coupled with Sweeney's past "political" activity, would most certainly have put him under police observation, at the very least, whereas, it appears, he has been under its protection.
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Sad but True • 25 days ago • parent
Don't you have a sit-in to be at, mororn? How does it feel to know that you will live, then one day die, and your life will have no meaning whatsoever?

Love that reggae!
Re: Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left
September 29, 2012 03:18PM
This story contains radical environmentalism, bombings, guns, broken marriages, extreme media manipulation, possible FBI involvement with the usual low life informants, self aggrandizement, solicitation of murder, bad manners, lying, and refusal to submit or require submittal of possibly important evidence, and decades long attempts to profit from all the misfortune.

I try to tell my kids to be very careful who you associate with, and this story is like a long justification of that caution. What a bunch of criminal creeps, hard to believe they could be associated with something as beautiful as a redwood tree.

Love that reggae!
Re: Who Bombed Judi Bari? 1 hour left
September 29, 2012 09:57PM
good call nomo....they are criminal creeps who have convinced many of their oh so holiness
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