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And Then Porlock Flashed His Prick

Posted by The man 
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And Then Porlock Flashed His Prick
October 08, 2012 09:22PM
And Then Porlock Flashed His Prick

I will write a stirring book
I will muse by Hackney Brook
I'll eat and drink and roar my song
And then Porlock came along.

I can liqiudate Liam Fox
Burn his corpse and slash his locks
But I can't start and I can't stop
Now that Porlock's made his drop

I now live in Amsterdam
With my spliff and Binghi tam
I think I'll win the human race
And then sad Porlock shows his face

I'm a dreadlocks Rasta elder
Like Ras Rojah and JB Welda
I bought my fare for Sierra Nevada
And then Porlock stepped in my larder

As I wander Hoxton's streets
I remember all my old retreats
Like Le Discotheque and the Golden Brick
And then Porlock flashed his prick!

Peter L Simons - October 2012

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