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shout out to papa ray

Posted by blazeiyah 
shout out to papa ray
October 11, 2012 07:06AM
Re: shout out to papa ray
October 11, 2012 02:28PM
Thanks for posting that, thanks and praise!

Part of our livity has been to see those who as youths shopped or even work in the store go on to have careers in the music.

I love walking in & checking the guy (whose Dad was the #1 soul radio DJ here 30 years ago) placing his new beats or club flyers @ our spot; currently the touring DJ w/ RUN/DMC since Grandmaster Jay's passing is a St. Louisan, Charlie Chan Soprano. I cut his first records back in '87, when he was a tall 16 year old with talents on the turntables that knocked me out. He JUST finished a tour w/ those guys, going to North Africa & Dubai. There's an active crew of club DJs & artists here, and we stay hooked into the on-going urban scene---nuff videos shot in our store w/ a hiphop flavor, both local & national...poetic and world-class practitioners are here, seen??.

Every rock band that got national contracts here has played shows & had us on their team of supporters; blues players young and old make sure their music and events get coverage in our store---we even had a month of Sundays one year where church choirs came in and sang acapella for our customers.

Let's face it: the only practical AND spiritual justification and path for a store such as mine to thrive & exist in the era of downloads & the internet is to be--- as much as possible---THE MOTHERSHIP and river for our community's musical heartbeat.
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