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Posted by rossta8888 
November 14, 2012 09:37PM
Anyone know if this is a group that will do a tour for their album produced by I Grade Meditiations?? I love this album and would love to see these guys live!
Re: Nazarene's
November 14, 2012 10:40PM
Greetings Rossta. Give thanks! We are working on it. Hoping to bring them over here spring/summer to tour 'longside NiyoRah.... (a SNWMF booking would make that a lot easier!) Bless
Re: Nazarene's
November 15, 2012 04:08PM
Thanks for the info Selam! That would be huge! Meditation's is such an amazing album and a tour with NiyoRah would be huge! Cannot wait for that! Would love to see you at SNWMF. I hope it can work out. Thank you for the response! Bless
Re: Nazarene's
November 15, 2012 05:31PM
Would love to have them out here on the East Coast as well, but I know it's tough sometimes. Hopefully a tour works out though.....Meditation is an amazing album.
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