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David Rodigan quits KISS RADIO

Posted by Sista Irie 
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David Rodigan quits KISS RADIO
November 23, 2012 10:07PM

Friday 23rd November 2012 by Michael Baggs | Photos by Kiss / Dave Rodigan


Kiss legend David Rodigan has quit the station after having his radio show shunted to a midnight slot.

The broadcaster leaves the station after 22 years championing reggae music and claims that his choice to depart is because he hopes to make a stand for the genre.

"Due to their continued marginalisation of reggae music into the twilight zone of radio scheduling, it has left me no option but to make a stand for my passion and the music I love so dearly," he says in a statement.

"I've been with the station for 22 years, shared some wonderful times with many fantastic artists and members of staff, and it's with great sadness that I've come to this decision."

"Reggae was originally played on the streets, not on radio, and Kiss's refusal to schedule the only reggae show eon their network to a socially accessible time has resulted in this decision. Reggae is worthy of more respect and so are the fans and lovers of this music."

Kiss spoke of their sadness at the loss of the DJ known affectionately as Ram Jam, saying that he leaves the station with their 'appreciation and gratitude'.
Re: David Rodigan quits KISS RADIO
November 24, 2012 12:37AM
Wow.....Rodigan has given so many year of quality programming and then they stick him with the after hours slot. Horrible that they just want to fill his time slot with eurotrash instead of something with some actual culture to it. After 22 years. This is the way of the new culture though, i must admit. Reggae is rapidly dissapearing and Dancehall is going the way of Hip-Hop. All we can do as collectors, listeners and djs is to keep doing what we do and trying to keep the music alive. I assume that Rodigan will move on to bigger and better things with a more accomodating station with a better timeslot. Give thanks for all his quality work over the years no doubt