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OT - SEC x 7

Posted by selektahjohnbrown 
OT - SEC x 7
January 08, 2013 03:47PM
Sorry Notre Dame - we'll be taking that title back to Alabama... again. Just to be as clear as another crystal trophy for the SEC, don't include me in the "we" - my team laid an egg in their game. But the SEC still too ruff, too tuff right now.


Alabama was just straight nasty last night. i knew that Bama would win the game, but i was surprised that they were able to dominate the Irish defense like that. Total destruction. i think Oregon could have made it a closer game given their offensive capabilities, but it is hard to imagine that their defense could have held the Alabama team that played last night to less than 50 points. Notre Dame's defense was only able to due to a couple of Tide passes that were a little long and Oregon's defense is not nearly as good. Glad to see that there will finally be a playoff, but 4 teams is not enough - it needs to be 8 teams to get most or all of the best teams in the mix.

Case in point - Oregon and Stanford. They would have been on the outside looking in with a 4-team playoff (Georgia was ranked higher, right?). As big of a fan of SEC as i am, i don't think this is fair to other schools that have proven their mettle, if not for a NCG at least to be involved in the process of deciding who should be in it. And the automatic bids/connects need to stop as well. Stanford got to play an overmatched Wisconsin team instead of playing against one of the big boys of the SEC or Florida State. Result? First, Stanford, obviously the more-talented of the two teams beats Wisconsin in a slugfest because Stanford, like my Gators, has played to the level of the competition all year. i think the Cardinal would have put on their best performance of the year playing against one 2012's elite teams. Second, Florida and Florida State didn't even bother to show up for their games (more on that below). Who wants to see that crap? FSU played an absolutely terrible game and still won in a landslide against poor NIU. Sure the Seminoles should play their best no matter what, but we also need to be realistic in that folks want what they do to MEAN something. Give us the best football games we can get - if we can't have an eight-team playoff, figure out a selection process that gives us the best matchups, or at least ones that folks actually want to see. i envision one where the top bowls have a draft-like process and then the second and third-tier bowls do the same.


My beloved Florida Gators embarassed themselves and their league with that abysimal performance against Louisville. Hats off to Louisville - their players and coaches worked hard, played hard, and executed their game plan. Their offensive and defensive lines controlled the line-of-scrimmage and they got great play from their RB's and QB. Florida obviously did not take the game seriously and it showed - they were not prepared when they stepped on the field and did nothing at all to change their attitude when they got smacked in the mouth by Louisville's attack. The players were just awful and the coaching was even worse. Why were there no adjustments in the defensive scheme when the Louisville QB was able to carve up the defense because he wasn't under any pressure from the D-line? Ever hear of a blitz? Stunts? And when the Gators finally had a chance to get in the game, Muschamp calls for an onside kick to start the 2nd half (against a team that was obviously prepared, unlike the Gators). Stupid personal fouls gave Lousiville just what they needed to tack on some more points, and Muschamp continues his horrible, horrible coaching performance by getting his own unsportsmanlike penalty right when Florida was looking to turn the tide. Disgraceful.

So the Gators (and football fans everywhere) were robbed of the meaningful game they wanted. Let´s be honest - nobody outside of Louisville cared about that game (and SEC haters once the Cardinals put the whooping on). And the Gators were the vistims of a little bit of bad luck on the tipped passes for INT - one that went for a Louisville TD and another that cost the Gators a TD. But you still gotta show some pride in yourself and respect for your sport and prepare and play with all you have. And unfortunately that didn't happen. Even when down by more than 2 touchdowns, the Gators NEVER showed urgency at all and huddled up, and then walked to the line instead of showing some desire to PLAY and WIN. i do think though that Florida's performance (and Louisville's) served as a warning for the remaining SEC teams to be prepared and focused, no matter what the headlines say. Good example of the difference in attitude: with 7 mintues left in the Bama game, the Tide QB chewed out his center for not snapping the ball when he called for it and, in response, his center shoved him in the chest - Alabama was up by 28 points at the time. THAT my friends, is football intensity as it should be.

One more gripe - WTF was with the Florida players who would do their stupid celebrations when they would finally make a play, even when they were down by 14-21 points? i'm not talking about the natural celebrations that happen betwen teammates, the rush of emotion when you do something great. i'm talking about the chest-pounding, crossing-of-arms in the air, walking 4-5 steps towards the crowd and throwing your arms up like you are a professional wrestler BS. Play the effing game you selfish idiot - use the energy you put into celebrating YOU into helping your TEAM fight back and win the game. Who celebrates like that when getting their ass kicked? Answer: My Gators, who deserved to get stomped with all the BS they displayed in that game.
Re: OT - SEC x 7
January 08, 2013 04:29PM
Alabama is a powerhouse. They deserve the success they are having. Oregon would have given them a game and it is sad that they could not beat Stanford in Eugene this year. The Ducks D is better than you think. The problem is they are on the field so much because the offense scores in bunches. Alabama would have beaten the Ducks I am convinced but the Nation got robbed of watching the two best teams in College play for the title. I agree that if a playoff is done 8 teams makes way more sense than four teams.
Re: OT - SEC x 7
January 08, 2013 05:49PM
True, Alabama with its stout defense and Oregon with its lightning-fast offense should have played for the nat'l title. Stanford was a spoiler to several teams, including Oregon, they exposed USC and took care of business in the Rose Bowl. They almost beat (and really should have beaten) a very overrated Notre Dame, which probably would have set up a BCS meeting between the Ducks and the Tide. As far as which conference should run things, every conference has its powerhouses and its turkeys. Like the latter-day Mike Vick, I don't have a dog in this fight.
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