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Protoje VS Niyo Rah

Posted by Neeko 
Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 14, 2013 08:29PM

Been checking the new Protoje album and the more i listen to it, the more i can hear some Niyorah in his voice & singjay style...
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 14, 2013 09:47PM
Interesting. Have not listened to Protoje yet except for some stuff posted on here. Niyorah is pretty amazing, that is a big compliment for Protoje.
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 15, 2013 02:38AM
Interesting thought. I guess I don't see it as Protoje vs Niyo Rah. I think each artist stands on their own with some similar styles but still enough separation to be part of a complete movement of new young artists who are keeping the roots scene relevant and inspiring.

My prediction is Protoje is going to blow up BIG and this new cd is definitely a great effort.
Big up to NiyoRah, as well.
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 15, 2013 03:41AM
wow, I guess I'm not the only one. Did you see my post on the "Protoje 8 year affair" thread? I said the same thing, & I had never really listened to Protoje before!

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Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 15, 2013 05:39AM
I noticed that resemblance almost the first time I heard Protoje... NiyoRah...

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Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 15, 2013 08:11PM
I just don't hear it, but both some of my favorites
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 15, 2013 10:58PM
I have been listening to Protoje all day, you guys and ladies are right! Protoje is a STAR, I can understand the similarities but they are also very different. What other albums does Protoje have? These are two artists we will probably be talking about for years to come. Doubt we have even seen the most of their talent yet.
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 16, 2013 12:31AM
Protoje's last album was called The Seven Year Itch. Really good stuff. Also check "Skanking and Rocking" a colaboration on Da Professa's last album. And "Our Time Now" was offered as a free download last year.

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Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 16, 2013 03:33AM
One of my favorites is wrong side of the law.. The line where he talks about getting picked up on a Friday and keeping him till Monday.. That's the only time I've ever spent a night (3 to be exact) in jail... Legalize the herb pleeeease!!!
Re: Protoje VS Niyo Rah
February 16, 2013 03:51PM
Protoje's launch at Tuff Gong on Feb 12th was a huge success. He is getting kudos all over Jamaican radio. I can't stop listening to the cd everything from serious roots "Hail Rastafari" to Shot by Love with Tessane.

I am going down to see Protoje perform at Edna Manley College next Saturday.

Hope the djs who contacted me all got the link to the cd for radio play. The album is also available on ITunes and Amazon.

Trust me, Protoje is going to buss BIG....and a serious, humble, loving youth who loves his mother and manager, Lorna Bennett like white on rice.

I am so jazzed.

Here is what happened right after the launch:


USA # 3
UK # 4
Germany # 2
France # 6
Canada # 6
Switzerland # 3
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