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Austin's First WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL was awesome

Posted by Sista Irie 
Austin's First WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL was awesome
April 10, 2013 09:12PM
I was hired last weekend to photograph Austin's first World Music Festival. The location was very close to downtown, along the beautiful Town Lake, and held outside at the Mexican American Cultural Arts Center. Very very nice location and the first time I have attended a musical event there. First, let me say, it was WONDERFUL to get a paying gig. The promoter and I worked together without a hitch. I worked my butt off- from 11 a.m. till 10:30 at night. But, as most photographers know, the real work comes after and on a tight deadline. I turned in about 250 processed digital photos by this morning! no small feat.

The Wobeon Festival is a shortened form for Wo -rld Be -at On -line as this new promoter has a very beautiful online magazine for international world beat festivals and can be found on the internet at www.wobeon.org and another website for Wobean Online. Can't remember the address right this sec.

Most of all, the line-up was incredible. There were two reggae bands and a singer- Dubtonic Kru, New Kingston and Collie Buddz that I knew in advance. I also love the music of Angelique Kidjo who headlined the first night. The rest of the bands I had never heard, modern and very hip music from countries such as India, Columbia, Mali, Ghana, Mexico, and more. The music was nothing like you normally think of from any of those countries with maybe the exception of Mali and Ghana.

There were several bands that I thought should absolutely be seen at SNWMF. One is ATASH from Austin and the other was M.A.K.U. Soundsystem.

ALL the bands except one were exceptional in my mind. Funny the one I liked the least seemed to be the most popular which was Bomba Estero. The rest of the bands were:

ATASH- East Indian influence with belly dancers but updated music and very zen/spiritual in nature. (Austin)

HARD PROOF AFROBEAT- wonderful large band sounded so much like FELA. (Austin based)

Here's a photo of one of the New Kingston band members. I will post others later tonight.

Duina Del Mar and Sons of Orpheus- Duina from Columbia and Sons of Orpheus from Brazil (Austin based)

MOHAMMED ALIDU- from Ghana playing traditional upbeat music including talking drums and congas.

LA SANTA CECELIA- wow...interesting Latin American band (LA Based) with lots of fusion & lead woman singer who has an amazing voice (Dressed in lime green tutu, pink tights, flowered shoes...oh la la) Latin Rock.

plus Angelique Kidjo (Benin), Collie Buddz (Bermuda) New Kingston Band (Brooklyn orig Jamaica) and Dubtonic Kru (Jamaica)

BOMBA ESTERO- electro-Cumbia from Bogota, Columbia

FATOUMATA DIAWARA- social activist lyrics using Mali's rich traditional foundation. Amazing dancer.

RED BARAAT- Bhangra/New Orleans funk band. Very cool.

M.A.K.U. Sound System- Afro-Columbian, psychedlic jam band. I LOVED THIS GROUP!! Perfect for SNWMF.

Overall, for a first attempt, I would give the talent a five star rating. Organization was also five star. I think the festival suffered from not enough publicity especially for a venue that is fairly new for this kind of show. The promoter, Jakes, plans to make this an annual event and possibly international. He is a well established business man in Austin and a musician which makes for a great combination of knowledge.
Re: Austin's First WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL was awesome
April 11, 2013 12:23PM
Thanks for the review. This is a festival we might check out next year. Also check out Austin at the same time.
Love Red Baraat ~ we have seen them at "Festival International de Louisiane" 2 years ago and will see them again in 2 weeks in Lafayette.
Also looking forward to seeing Fatoumata Diawara in Lafayette & SNWMF.
Good luck to the future of the Austin World Music Festival!
Re: Austin's First WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL was awesome
April 11, 2013 03:29PM
I wanted to check this out but could not make it. We heard from others who went that the sound and location was nice. Thanks for the report Sis Irie
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