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Doctor Alimantado 7" 10

Posted by The man 
Doctor Alimantado 7" 10
April 25, 2013 08:42PM

1 Chant To Jah Jah - Dr Almantado (Hot Stuff)
Produced by Bunny Lee

2 Ride On Brother/Weak Heart Is Babylon - Dr Alimantado (Vital Food)
Produced by Winston Thompson

3 Jah Jah Great/Alimantado Rock - Dr Alimantado & Jah Jah Children (August)
Produced by Winston Thompson

4 Best Dress Chicken/She Wreng Up - Dr Alimantado (Sun & Star)
Produced by Winston Thompson

5 Dread Locks Music/The Challis Blaze - Dr Alimantado (At It)
Produced by Sir Clifton & Sir Buster

6 Conscious Man - Dr Alimantado (Ja Man)
Produced by Manzie

7 Poison Flour/I Shall Fear No Evil - Dr Alimantado (Ital Sounds)
Produced by Winston Thompson

8 Born For A Purpose - Dr Alimantado And The Rebels (Hit Bound)
Produced by Winston Thompson & Jo Jo Hoo Kim

9 The Barber Feel It - Dr Alimantado & Jah Stitch (Jackpot)
Produced by Bunny Lee

10 Gimmie Mi Gun - Dr Alimantado (Ital Sounds)
Produced by Winston Thompson


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Re: Doctor Alimantado 7" 10
April 26, 2013 05:16PM
"I don't 'ave to go to no church, dreadie..."

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