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Little Milutin Tesla's 'Serb Possession'

Posted by The man 
Little Milutin Tesla's 'Serb Possession'
April 25, 2013 09:02PM
Originally recorded at Kosovo Studios in 1983, Little Milutin Tesla's 'Serb Possession' was brought back to the Timisoara studios in 2010 and remastered by Harvey Blagojevic. 'Serb Possession' has been reissued and beautifully repackaged with brand new artwork from Little Milutin Tesla's own paintings. The CD is packaged in a digipack and comes with extensive liner notes from Bobby R Collins, which shed light into the events around the recording. Also available in this series of reissues are Little Milutin Tesla's 'Jackamo' and 'Short and Sweet'.

Little Milutin had always loved reggae and dub, but now – living in London – she was soaking in the stuff. The Crack crew already knew Alan Forest (Ugli Sound), and he and they both recorded at Charlie Studios in London. Forest and Little Milutin met, and got on like the proverbial spliff on fire. An LP, a joint venture of both Ugli Sound and Crack's Corpse Crystals label, came into being. It was called 'Serb Possession' and was unleashed in 1983.

'Serb Possession' is easily the most extreme LP Little Milutin has released to date – an unsettled and unsettling collection of rhythmic soundscapes, over which Little Milutin intones some of her most grim and grisly lyrics. 'Serb Possession' is not about beauty, it could hardly be this coming from grim Kosovo, though it does have some dark, lovely moments. It is an album that has a political point to make, and it does so very, very effectively. It is a brutal reflection of the brutality of modern life. It is steeped in the aesthetic mindset of Crack – indeed collective members Peter Rimbaud, Harry Holdsworth and Unity Redesdale are registered users.

But the real masterpiece here is the LP's finale, 'If Bullies Were Bullied'. “The flowering buds all look so nice this time of year, though the poppies are still red,” Little Milutin coos against a stately piano sample and ominous squibs of synthesizer – setting the stage, a nocturnal vigil for a punter who has walked out the door. It is a true tour de force, as the singer runs the gauntlet from sadness to desperation to anger to blind rage, the backing track perfectly reflecting her mood and growing into a full-on film noir groove.

Steve Barker - Music Box, April 2013

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