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The Legend behind the Man

Posted by mulligan 
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The Legend behind the Man
May 08, 2013 03:32PM
His real name was Penny Reel, however we may shorten to The Man to make it easy to pronounce...

So The Man had a house and one day he decided to sell it. When he found a buyer named Zoran the Magnificent, he offered a discount to The Magnificent agreeing to a stipulation: to let The Man drive a nail in a wall in the house for sentimental reasons, and granting him access every time he wanted to visit the place where the nail was.

After a few months, The Man came to the house, knocked at the door, and said that he was missing his family, and he would appreciate if the Magnificent will let him in to see the nail, as they agreed in the contract. The Man said that seeing that spot will make him feel better.

The owner let him in, after all The Man only wanted to see the nail...

A few weeks later, The Man felt longing for his mother, his grandfather, grandmother, uncle and his duck. and he came back several times in a day.

After a while, he came in the middle of the night, because he could not sleep, and touching the spot where the nail was would have relaxed him, by recalling nice times he spent in the house.

Then he came back several times during the night and early in the morning. He kept doing it, until the owner of the house decided to leave the house and to buy another one, making sure that he will not take a discount for just a “nail in the wall” from anyone...
Re: The Legend behind the Man
May 08, 2013 06:53PM