Midnight Raver now has Black Echoes, Distant Drums, 600+ print media articles/interviews
July 05, 2013 07:04PM
Greetings and Raspect:

Big fan of this forum for long time now. We launched Midnight Raver about 3 years ago with the intention of promoting reggae roots & culture with a special emphasis on the preservation and archival of vital print, audio, and video media.

I launched the site with much help and support from Roger Steffens who provided an endless amount of media for us to digitize and post online. Since then we have forged several content sharing agreements, recruited 4 web editors, and added a ton of original content.

I am writing to let you know that we are in the process of digitizing and presenting reggae print articles from the Black Echoes magazine, which I consider to have been the very best reporting on the genre at its peak. We will be adding new articles weekly. Here is the link:


We also have the entire catalog of Glen Lockley's Distant Drums online here:


In addition, we have a digital document library hosted by Issuu that contains more than 600 print articles from every source you can imagine:


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