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Tokyo SKA

Posted by Jahmeek 
Tokyo SKA
April 09, 2004 06:45AM
alot of fresh word about dis uplifting group. seen now as listed they will be the only band performing twice. odd to tink any band would get to be up 2times with this sort of line up. will they be @ least playing two differnt setts or what? is there any hardcore insiderz here dat care for reason. just seems odd but logic is not labeled out yet on dis one. just wondering why past a "even the $core contract way of tinking". -RASpects+
Re: Tokyo SKA
April 09, 2004 07:22AM
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is HUGE in Japan. They will be playing on the village stage late on Saturday evening and on the valley stage real early in the day on Sunday. This gives the people two opportunities to catch their massive show!!
Re: Tokyo SKA
April 09, 2004 07:34AM
-seen+ i'll have to get up early on sunday after such a massive saturday nite. will be hard but i'll try to drag i*self over there for a upbeat whake up call....... so if they play late on saturday & early on sunday? man i* tink your being way to hard on iNi japan friendz...laugh..... JAH guide*
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