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tony brevette

Posted by Ras_Adam 
tony brevette
October 26, 2013 04:00PM
carter van pelt on the radio today said sister carol called in to say
tony brevette of the melodians had passed a short while ago.
If it's true, prayers to his friends & fam & give thnx for musical gifts he left
us with.

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Re: tony brevette
October 26, 2013 04:50PM
Truly sad. I don't need to tell the long-time reggaeholics here, but Melodians are one of the most influential vocal groups in the history of rocksteady and reggae music. Brent Dowe passed in 2006, but the remaining members soldiered on. I remember them recently performing a crucial set in Santa Cruz for about 30-40 people. Meanwhile that weekend, SOJA packed the Catalyst. Truly a different age we live in. Rest in Power Tony. He'll join his brother the groundbreaking ska bassist Lloyd Brevett, who passed last year.
Re: tony brevette
October 26, 2013 11:38PM
Yes truly sad news. Another legend of Jamaican music gone. Major love and respect to Mr Brevett for the joy he brought to the world through he his work with the Melodians.

Re: tony brevette
October 27, 2013 12:55AM
Tony was an amazing singer and gentleman. We enjoyed seeing The Melodians several times over the years and chatting with Tony, including when The Melodians played our Reggae At The Redwood monthly concert series in January and he had to perform solo due to Trevor's plane being cancelled due to a storm. Always friendly, smiling, full of life and humor. The Melodians are one of the greatest groups of all time not only in the history of Jamaican Music, but music period. They are one of our favorite groups of all time.
Though it often seemed like The Melodians and their contributions went long underappreciated, they always gave 100% of themselves with First Class performances.
We are very, very sad today. We feel for his family and for Trevor McNaugton, doing his best to carry on with the losses of Brent Dowe and Tony Brevett. The last time we saw Tony and Trevor together onstage was at Ashkenaz in Berkeley earlier this year. Their performance was nothing short of extraordinary, covering many of their classic Rocksteady and Reggae tunes, including some wonderful doses of Ska. One of the things we spoke about was the Melodians latest album, the excellent Lyrics To Riddim. He said was that Praise Jah Now was his favourite song on the album. The Melodians songs and harmonies are timeless.
We should never forget the contributions of the founding Mothers and Fathers of this music we love. 2013 marks their 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee.
Long Live Rocksteady and Long Live The Melodians music!
Please play a Melodians tune today in honor of this great artist and legendary group.

Bagga & Jolene
(BaggaJo Reggae)

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