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norrisman - woman have patience

Posted by bigvein 
norrisman - woman have patience
November 09, 2013 03:12AM
for whatever reason, i have had this song on repeat all day.

very very catchy.. but for why, i dont know.

Re: norrisman - woman have patience
November 09, 2013 09:07AM
Always liked norrismans sound ever since I seen him back in Portland years ago, early 2001 or so. Never seemed to fully break out in tours and albums but has some great tunes and a pretty unique sound.

With that said, he always seemed like kind of an immature brethren / artist, never satisfied with where he was , but never showing the maturity and poise to really forward to the next level. I remember seeing him in fairfax, just didn't have class interacting with the crowd, speaking disrespectfully to the women. Then there was that whole mash up with sizzla and judgement yard on stage a while back.

Anyhow, I rate this tune, sounds rrrright!
Re: norrisman - woman have patience
November 11, 2013 07:41PM
That whole album is great one..I can listen to it all the way through
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