Donate to a worthy cause - Trenchtown Reading Centre
December 23, 2013 01:15PM
Anyone looking to donate to a worthy cause this season, consider the NGO - Trenchtown Reading Centre

making a difference every day...

I just donated some $ via Paypal



The Trenchtown Reading Centre was founded in December 1993 - a non-profit, secular, community based, and developed initiative - from the roots up. Library, School, and Community Cornerstone. A place where life is enriched by reading and learning. Emphasizing the exchange of ideas, critical thinking, literacy, education and life skills. Developed to encourage a broad range of educational activities and provide a place for community activities.
The Centre continually adds to its collection & programs to provide a broad scope of material and educational experiences. The Centre provides countless children and adults with more, current, and otherwise unobtainable material, in a relaxed, welcoming and accessible environment. Laying a solid foundation to create the potential for personal, familial, and community well-being and growth.

: Trench Town is a small area in the West Kingston ghetto enclave of Jamaica’s capital. Trench Town, like other ghetto areas, has been abandoned and avoided by both the public and private sectors of society. It has been isolated and threatened by the surrounding gang violence and marginalization.

Trench Town has a dual identity
- a place whose reputation is as much story as it is reality -

Trench Town has been synonymous with violence, fear, despair and other negative attributes of ghetto life. While, at the same time, it is recognized and respected worldwide as providing the Roots of Reggae Music (Unity, One love, Knowledge..) and home to many accomplished and world famous individuals.
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