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SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question

Posted by briang510 
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SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 02, 2014 01:52AM
We've never been to SNWMF but are regulars at ROTR. It is just getting way too hot in Aug and to be honest, the conditions there are just going down hill. We want to go to SNWMF this year. I was looking for some pointers or advice on camping.. Best locations, tips, etc.. things like that. Thanks!
Re: SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 02, 2014 05:48AM
You do not need to get in line early to camp at SNWMF. Once camping opens, they fill in the campground from back to front. My group likes to get into the campground shortly after noon so that we are closer to the entrance to the festival.

There is no shade so you need to bring your shade with you.

You camp in the space behind your car. It is best to caravan in with your crew and the more cars you have the better so that you will have a larger camping spot.

It can get very cold at night so pack accordingly.

There are showers in the campground.

The food at SNWMF is far, far superior to ROTR. We only bring food for breakfast and eat all other meals in the festival. Make certain that you eat at Indian Gourmet and Stone's Jamaican Cuisine. Try the Chicken Tikka Masala Naan Wrap or the Lamb Curry Naan Wrap at India Gourmet. The wait in line is well worth it.

You can walk directly across the street from the festival to get ice and beer as needed.

Don't sleep on the early performances at the Village Stage.
Re: SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 05, 2014 12:12AM
Nice.. Thanks for the tips. This year, the food at ROTR was probably the worse it has ever been. We have always heard good things about SNWMF and have always wanted to go. ROTR 2013 was so hot it was close to unbearable. I have to say that when they brought it back as Reggae Rising, it was much more organized and atmosphere was so much better. ROTR is just going in the wrong direction in my opinion.
Re: SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 05, 2014 05:19PM
ROTR 2013 was so hot it was close to unbearable.

ROTR 2013 wasn't really that hot, I was there and the highs were like 85F to 90F.

They didn't allow any shade structures or beach umbrellas on the venue main floor and instead had those flying triangles of shade tarps which won't really be adequate if it really gets hot, like around 100F.

If you like it on the cool side, SNWMF is the place for you. Although it got over 100F once, most of the time its been on the cool side during the day and down right chilly at night, sometimes with wind and in the low 50's. Much too cold for my liking at night.

SNWMF has two stages and the smaller one called the Village Stage is much cooler then the main Valley Stage. Its under a full canopy of trees and winds seems to pickup in there so its a cool place to be if its hot. The main Valley Stage has a big parachute shade structure like the old ROTR setup.
Re: SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 07, 2014 05:17PM
I will have to agree with niceup! Seriously, the indian gourmet has the best food. The chicken tikka masala wrap is always what I get the first night there for dinner. All the food vendors are usually the same people every year and everyone has great food. Ice can be bought in town but sometimes they run low (although they try their best to keep it stocked) so if you have an ice chest, I'd recommend getting ice in one of the towns outside Boonville before you get in. A wagon is also helpful, as if you are in the very back of regular camping, the walk to town can be far when you're carrying a big bag of ice. Our group has always been one of the first people in every year and love coming early, but if camping in regular camp I'd definitely go in a little later. The first people in get the furthest spot and that happened to us one year (literally the furthest campsite) and the walk to the stage back and forth during the day became tiring. We camp in family camp now, which is right next to the stage located on a baseball field, so if you have any kids in your group I'd recommend camping there! Also, the weather there seems to vary every year so prepare for everything! The past couple years we've had some light sprinkles/rain so in the case of this again, I'd make sure you have a shade structure/waterproof tent etc. Welcome to snwmf smiling bouncing smiley
Re: SNWMF First Timer and Camping Question
January 13, 2014 03:59AM
I sure would like to know what ROTR you guys were at, because it certainly wasn't the same one I went too! It's amazing how everyone can have such a different experience. This year Monterey Bay Reggae Fest will have Beenie Man, Wayne Wonder, Barrington Levy and Anthony B. Usually the artists that perform there also go to ROTR as well. I'm really excited to go to SNWMF this year. Next year it will be time for us to go back to Jamaica for Summerfest in Montego Bay. We typically can only do 1 major festival each year