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white R&B

Posted by Ras_Adam 
white R&B
January 17, 2014 03:09AM
i was reading his satire piece and thinking it reminded me of the billboard reggae charts with no
jamaicans on it
Re: white R&B
January 17, 2014 03:54AM
Satire with a garnish of sour grapes I'd say.
Re: white R&B
January 17, 2014 12:52PM
it's something to think about. as french an german reggae acts get bigger and sing in their own language
you see more fests that are mostly home talent.

in america you see b. levy as a support act for pepper or other post sublime type acts. reggae on the rocks now has the yankee group as headliner.

when i got to a bluesfest and its pure white bands its not that i grudge them because where i live young african americans are not listening to, playing or attending blues shows, but it's still a phenom to see this flip.
Re: white R&B
January 17, 2014 01:05PM
Jazz, rock-n-roll, reggae, hip hop......
Re: white R&B
January 17, 2014 01:09PM
A good documentary that covers jazz and blues in regards to race is Ken Burns' Jazz series, particularly the first few episodes.


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Re: white R&B
January 17, 2014 08:28PM
Hip Hop is killing Black Culture Dr Umar Johnson

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