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3 'ard way tour

Posted by Ras_Adam 
3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 12:04AM
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 03:22AM
Bring this to snwmf 2014!
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 03:54AM
Yes!! Would love to see this tour come through Boomville this summer....would love to see this anywhere at anytime in Norcal to be perfectly honest.
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 06:26AM
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 06:31AM
Festival please !!
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 06:37AM
When I booked Mighty Crown last year Chin told me about this. Cant wait. If the price isn't to much you can be assured this will be in Chico.
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 06:00PM
Called the number on the flier and it doesn't go anywhere. I tried the old number I booked might crown through and some picked up right way. Call 718-878-6323

I talked with them for awhile and the show is a little out of my price range but I gave them all the info for Sierra Nevada and they are going to contact them today I was told. I really hope they can make it work. They are scheduled for the tour to start in April and run through May but they will make the festival if they can work it out.
If anyone else is interested in booking this show please let me know and I might be down to co produce it depending on the location. It would need to be a bigger city… SF, Oakland.
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 06:01PM
Just got a call from the number on the flier. They have nothing to do with the show. They printed the wrong number. lol
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 11:31PM
That sort of really stupid mistake would make me a little nervous about these people's competence. If they aren't smart enough to double check the one piece of contact info they put out, what else are the likely to f&^(*& up on?
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 03, 2014 11:47PM
It's not exactly the first typo ever made on a reggae flyer. I have one for "Phyillis Dellon" and another that announces that Dobby Dobson will be singing all his hits including "Loving Papa."

Irish and Chin present a big annual clash, the Reewind dances and many well-attended roots plays, plus a weekly radio show. They're anything but a fly-by-night outfit.

PS - Just realized a friend scanned in the Dellon poster - he was in her backing band that night. Man, Boston in the late 90's was an awesome place to learn first-hand about rocksteady, and thankfully none of these social halls noticed how underage I was.
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 04, 2014 07:25PM
Noah, I see your point, but none of the typos you mention effects the tour negatively. Not having the right contact number could definitely cause problems with booking!

That having been said, I would sure love to see this tour. I really hope Warren is looking into getting these guys into the dancehall one night. I've never even seen Josey Wales before.
Re: 3 'ard way tour
February 06, 2014 12:17AM
Mighty Crown Goes Rub-a-Dub for ‘3 Di Hard Way’

New York, New York – February 2014 -- Things just seem to be getting better and better for Mighty Crown! Last year, the sound scored with the year long, worldwide “Driving Force Tour.” And now the ever-so-talented sound team is flipping the script, by launching an all-out Rub-a-Dub tour dubbed “3 Di Hard Way.” Co-produced by ace promoters of Caribbean entertainment, Irish and Chin, “3 Di Hard Way” will feature the powerhouse deejay trio Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, and of course Mighty Crown. Fans of the “Far East Rulers” will experience a completely different side of the sound, as they provide the best in Rub-a-Dub for the “3 Di Hard Way Tour.” A strong buzz for “3 Di Hard Way” has been sparked.

Geared toured capturing the nostalgia of artists performing live on a sound system, “3 Di Hard Way” is slated to be an epic Reggae Dancehall event, appealing to both old and new Dancehall fans. Although this is Mighty Crown’s first Rub-a-Dub style production in the U.S., “The Far East Rulers” are no stranger to this Reggae genre, which is experiencing a profound comeback. In Japan, Mighty Crown has entertained thousands of fans with successful Rub-a-Dub shows, featuring the likes of high profile acts including Ninja Man, Sizzla and Johnny Osbourne to name a few.

Thrilled over providing the foundation of great music for such legendary acts on the “3 Di Hard Way Tour,” Mighty Crown is carving out their selections, by identifying the best in bass-heavy, hard-hitting riddims for Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry and Charlie Chaplin. Mighty Crown will surely “g’wan good” for the talented headliners, who are heralded as lyrical acrobats and purveyors of the craft. So, get ready for straight vibes and profound entertainment on the “3 Di Hard Way Tour.”

Irish and Chin will bring the highly anticipated “3 Di Hard Way Tour” to a number of key U.S. markets in Spring 2014. There is still a chane to be part of an epic Reggae Dancehall experience, as a limited amount of dates remain. If you are a promoter ready to bring the “3 Di Hard Way Tour” to your city, contact Irish and Chin today: bookings@irishandchin.com or 718-878-6323.



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