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Makeda Dread

Posted by jcom 
Makeda Dread
February 19, 2014 07:44PM
Let me just say that I hate having to even write this.

In the infamous words of "W"....fool me once. I don't intend to hate or stir things up, but I feel this needs mentioning. I originally posted this over on the Tribute to the Legends in SD thread, but I feel the masses should hear and be able to chime in on this on the heels of hearing this angry woman yell at us again. I do, however, give her credit for bringing acts to San Diego, which is my second home.

I know this is flaring up an old topic, but after giving it a day of rest, my wife and I feel compelled to bring it up. Makeda Dread may be the self proclaimed "reggae ambassador" for SoCal and San Diego, she may be a radio DJ, she may have founded the World Beat Center, etc, etc. However, this woman should not be an emcee. Her rants about people of color completely impacted the sweet vibe of the show last night. She went on and on about Mexicans being called Spanish and that they, along with black people, should proud of their flared nostrils (because, of course, Mexicans are African descendants...not European...um, I think it's been pretty well documented that we all came from the African continent), and her rants were all yelled with a very angry tone which totally offset the mood of the show. I am white, my wife is white, we were sharing an area and food, drink, and smoke with several strangers who became friends (typical of any good vibe show)...they were African American, Hispanics, Asian, mixed race individuals...and what have you...their color and/or ethnicity didn't even cross my mind until this lady started going off. Everyone of us was looking around at each other with odd looks and we were asking each other what she was going off about and why she was making race an issue and why she sounded so angry. The group of 5 or 6 African Americans we were hanging with were the most vocal about this...they said she was giving them anxiety and making them nervous. It was a total buzz kill (it was only later that I found out she was the promoter...otherwise, she would have been yanked off stage in a New York minute). I felt like I was watching "Politics Nation" with Al Sharpton on MSNBC. The artists, in total, could have probably played 6 - 10 more songs in what were instant set changes with the rotating stage. Upon recognizing her voice, I recalled her being the one describing the Lions (from LA) as "White Boys playing Jah Music" at SNWMF in 2009, but not with a loving, respecting tone...it was offensive to them and the crowd (by the way, the Lions killed it, I mean KILLED it at both of their performances that year). What if a white guy got up and said "How about those black boys playing some rock and roll"?...or what if someone said "How about those yellow people playing Jah music" (about Windy City last year)? Normally, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but her prior discussions during her "emcee"(ing) were offensive and, to the lay person, she may have simply been a hard read (but I'm not fooled). I am not a fan. I don't care if she was friends with Bob Marley, or if she brings all these musicians to San Diego (I live in another state but my parents live in SoCal). She is not the "positive" person she claims to be. She has anger and hate that has no place at a reggae festival. She needs to listen to the words of the positive lyric artists she promotes...those who promote color blindness, acceptance, and love. She needs to save it...please don't have her "emcee" at SNWMF this year or ever again....nuff said.

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Re: Makeda Dread
February 19, 2014 10:13PM
Thanks for posting this JCom... If you didn't notice my post about this on the other Tributes thread, here it is again.

"JCom you too eh? I was gonna say just cause you are a promoter does not make it ok for you to get up and talk a bunch of talk, especially a talk like the ones she did. Telling us our backgrounds as if we were a bunch of un educated people that didn't know who we are or who we came from...how if we are Mexican where did we think we got our big lips and flared nostrils from, "not the European side" "cause how can anything good or beautiful come from a white people?" is what she sounded like she was saying.

"(then Makeda came on and talked for over 11 minutes...WTF Protoje could have done a couple more songs but NO instead we got that lecture mentioned above)"
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