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SIngjay-?-? Bobo rasta??

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SIngjay-?-? Bobo rasta??
April 09, 2004 11:30PM
how about a call for Sizzla or ++Buju Banton++more fire Capelton, the newly postioned Anthony B???

how will SNWF match ***Uroy*** running tings on Sat night in 2003. that felt like an island scene.

who shall bring it in 2004?

with physical endurance, mental stability, and spiritual grace we shall win the victory of good over evil--------->

Re: SIngjay-?-? Bobo rasta??
April 10, 2004 03:34AM
I would love to see Anthony B again. Sizzla, bloodclaat...make him clean up him heart b4 you mention him as a Bobo Rasta on the same level as TonyB or Buju.
I'm also feeling this new artist named Natty King.