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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Christopher 
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014 06:37AM
Thank you SNWMF for another amazing year in Boonville! I am going to intentionally leave names out of this post because I know myself well enough to know that I will (In this moment) leave off or space someone's name... But I really wanted to get this "Thank you" note out while my heart is still so full of vibes.

Thank you fellow SNWMF boardies for taking the time to stop me (as I trekked back and forth between the stages) to introduce yourselves and say "Christopher? Hi my name is ______ from the board...." I know I can't find the right words to tell you how much those few words meant to me as I hurried along to get to the next artist.... I get wrapped up in my insecurities so much that I spend most of my time thinking that I am invisible. I can't possibly say to all of you guys (and gals!) enough to let you know what your reaching out meant to me.

Thank you SNWMF "Powers that Be" for inviting me to once again contribute in my own way to this wonderful experience. Thank you for showing me year after year that what small amount I have to give is appreciated. Thank you also for getting rid of the "Diesel Fumes" at the "Village stage" this year! I am sure that whatever was done to eliminate those fumes wasn't cheap, but I can tell you what it was is appreciated by more folks than I can say. Thank you for hearing our (collective) voices and taking our gripes to heart. Really, I for one, was stupid impressed by the absence of those fumes..... Thank You!!!!! I also want to add this last likkle bit to the list and thank you for the amazing artists you brought to us again this year. Truly we are blessed.

Thank you to ALL the SNWMF staff and volunteers that I came in contact with over the weekend... Without exception EVERYONE who I encountered, from gate minders to security, from stage crew to hospitality, from long time staff to first year newbies....Literally EVERYONE I came into contact with was wonderful, pleasant, respectful and treated me and everyone else around them with kindness and vibes. Truly outstanding this year.

Thank you to all "My People" who took me under their wings and showed me love when I needed it. I wish I could repay you all for your assistance in making this such a magical weekend for me... I am ashamed all I have to give you all is my thanks, but honestly I am in your debt.

Thank you to all my stupendous neighbors! You folks fu*$ing ROCK!!! Every year I feel safe and looked out for I feel cared about and appreciated, I feel welcomed and important. It wouldn't be the same without all a you. For real. I am so blessed to be part of our troupe.

Thank you to all the Artists that came through to share their talent, music, vibes and heart with us. Thank you for the interviews, photos, autographs, and reasoning. A big part of this music for me is how much I feel connected to the musicians, how much I feel like I am "A part" of the music... Without your personal touches that feeling could not exist. Thank you for your humility, honesty, openness and availability..... Can't say enough about how much it means when you take the time to pose for us or sign an autograph or drop into the press tent for an interview out of the kindness of your hearts..... Truly special.

Thank you to all my friends and SNWMF family whom I count on every year for this or that or a smile or hug, for a ride or head's up or a wise ear. I seriously don't have the words to explain how much all that "little @#$%&" means to me. So i'll just have to stick with "Thank you".

Thank you fellow SNWMF fans and attendees for being so gracious when I stopped you (or more often than not didn't even ask) for a photograph. Not everyone wants to get their picture taken or be bothered for a quick pose, but EVERYONE I ran into or shot or stopped was gracious and kind in allowing me to take their pictures.

Thank you vendors for all the hard work you all put in! I spent quite a bit of time pondering how much work it is to do what you all do for us.... Every vendor from the biggest to smallest, from the greasiest to the healthiest, from the early morning coffee till the late night snack. This festival would be nothing without all the work you guys put in! I can barely imagine the hours and the labor and the cost you guys exert for us..... VENDORS ROCK!!!

I know I have more "Thank you's" in me but it has been a LONG day and my mind is starting to collapse in upon itself.... I will be sure to re-visit this thread and add more thoughts (and photos!) as I am able to process them. I hope all of you feel free to add your "Thank You's" to this thread as well. We all have so much to be grateful and thankful for. It's more than nice to take the time to share our appreciation of others.

One last "Thank You" I need to be sure to add here (and the ONE exception to my self imposed not-using-names rule) is THANK YOU Katie for your AMAZING "Ginger Tea"!!!! I don't know how many of you boardies and folks out there ran across that hot beverage dispenser that humbly said "Katie's Ginger Tea" but that stuff saved my life at least two nights in a row!!! I am not kidding you, I made more than one extra trip between stages just to get a wee cup of this heavenly goodness.... Whoever you are, keep doing what you are doing, your tea is amazing!

OK folks, that's it for now. As I said I'm sure I will be adding more to this post as I manage to process the weekend... but it's almost midnight on one VERY long day of packing, re-packing and un-packing (I know you all feel me!) So I'm going to end it here for the night.

Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014 02:09PM
Great post, Christopher! It was great seeing the whole SNWMF family. And what a great weekend of music. Checked off my dance card and all my expectations were met (for the most part) and exceeded.
Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014 04:19PM
Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014 04:26PM
Thanks for putting it so wonderfully of the SN experience
Thanks for all your wonderful pix
Thanks for the warm hug
U big
Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014 06:36PM
Large up Boonville town that has made this a wonderful home , the locals who I think for the most part truly enjoy haveing the festival here. The grass on the valley stage Friday was lush and green and wonderfully kept , a small thoughtful thing that all adds up to make the best annual solstice celebration. Thanks to all volunteers and workers and behind the scenes peoples.
Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 06, 2014 07:20PM
Hey Christopher,
We can't add much more to your beautiful words about SNWMF 2014 with the gratitude and personal reflection you expressed. It was indeed a pleasure to have met you and we Give Thanks for this as we do for the whole of this incredibly powerful and positive Festival. You can feel the love in every aspect of the preparation it takes to create this event. The lasting impact is felt in boundless waves of consciousness and endless joy.
SNMWF and what it stands for is a model that the world can follow in many important ways. It is an experience we look forward to every year.
One Love,
Re: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 08, 2014 02:10AM
Always a pleasure my man. Big ups everytime!

~Highest Heightz Every Time~
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