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Personal Faves 2014---

Posted by papa ray 
Personal Faves 2014---
June 25, 2014 05:22PM
We all shall have our best moments...here's mine, in no particular order:

Bitty w/ Sly & Robbie---what a stunning vocalist, exactly what I wished & expected to see.

Josey Wales---killed it then killed it solid on the Village Stage and then aced it with Adrian Sherwood.
I've been an advocate for seeing The Outlaw Josey Wales for well over 10 years on this board, and he didn't disappoint!

Adrian Sherwood---along with Jah Shaka & that stunning set of U Roy/Brigadier/Sister Carol over Studio One riddims in Angels Camp, Sherwood (IMO) trumped any show I watched with Rory/Stone Love & Rodigan. Beautifully intense set from this producer, & the tour-de-force with Josey was totally un-rehearsed.

Taurrus Riley----MONSTER set. Strong strong all along.

U Roy---of any show I've seen him do @ SNWMF, I thought the DJ Grandmaster gave his best yet. Need I say more??

Sean Kuti---doubtless his father would be proud of what a world class performer this man is. Potent Afro-Pop!

Derrick Morgan---DAMMMMN! Sometimes Ska, sometimes rock steady, & sometimes making me think I was in New Orleans listening to a shuffle rhythm & blues band in 1955, he nailed it and made it NICE. Big respect for his L.A. Band, who covered every style spot-on.

Hollie Cook---I like this London sprite of a vocalist. Reminds me of Sade's younger, playful sister.

Raging Fyah---did not hear all their set, but what I heard made me wish to see them again---tight, rehearsed, potent, fresh roots.

Had a fabulous time in what I've come to regard as my Musical Disneyland Of Choice---thanks again, Warren/Gretchen/Jennifer & crew, for a great 3 days. As always, respect is abundantly due.

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Re: Personal Faves 2014---
June 25, 2014 06:40PM
Saw a lot of music this year...village Friday..valley Saturday and village/valley/ back to village on Sunday..

The Delirians blew me away not only as straight up capable of laying studio one rhythms but also played the 'revival' sound to a tee. Carlton Manning and Derrick Morgan were Wicked. Loved seeing Rusty Zinn holding down some backup for the 'Shoes'. That follow up set by the Delirians was damn near the best set of the weekend in my opinion-you guys in LA are really lucky to have them around in your town so don't be no clown. I didn't think the Expanders or the Lions could be surpassed...

Carrol THOMPSON and Black Slate OH LAWD...that wasn't lovers rock ..it was rOOts to me all the way! Compared to fellow brits Misty and Roots a couple of years back..uh Black Slate was the better set by far ..

And Tamlins, Uroy, Bob Andy.. What a triumvirate!!! .....the Tamlins were better than anything I've been able to you- tube as far as live performances go..thoroughly impressed...UROYs set was better than any other of the handful of times I've seen him..just in fine form, and , more importantly, in a rootsier style than say a dubbed out set by mad professor....

..Bob Andy was unbelievable! I was really looking forward to the 'key' solos that have been so prevalent in his recent live performances, particularly with Lloyd Parks ..but that sax man Steppa and the TAXI GANG just took the songs to a different stratosphere.

"Bitty Money" was worth it, incredible...when he launched into Real Thing..I lost it...when Robbie took the mic for that one song -I was pleading with him to give it back to BItty

Michael Rose was the best I've ever seen him turn in at a festy, although his prancing around before the set prompted me to yell 'DIVA' a couple of times

Everybody seemed to catch Tarrus Riley,,deservedly so. A truly cool cat in his prime. This was (this same chime again) better than his prervious set at Sierra.

Only distress was that the attendance looked down a little, especially at the Village this year.

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Re: Personal Faves 2014---
June 25, 2014 07:06PM
Didn't get to see as many shows as I would have liked this year since I catered more to my 6 year old little man. What a blast he and my niece had learning to drum then parading with Loco Bloco! Can't wait to see those pics. smiling smiley Who I did make sure I saw was everybody at the Villiage on Friday and, man o man that Josey was hot like fire! Saturday Bob Andy was touching because, at one point I thought he was about to cry from the joy of being at SNWMF...wowzers, pretty awesome. Shaggy was fun again but, pretty much the same show he put on in SF in November. Switch it up a bit, especially if you're playing in such close range in such close amount of time....please. I was most looking forward to seeing Barrington since I had not seen him before. I was happy to see him, then went and chilled with the kids under the canopy to watch my niece play with her light up hula hoop as Rebelution played in the background. Funniest thing EVER at the festival was, as we were getting our last snacks, munchies and drinks before leaving we sat at one of those picnic tables near India Gourmet we met this man, he was so cool and funny, he got my niece's hula hoop and started dancing with it for us! He had no clue how to hula hoop but he was giving it his all. He had me cracking up. I bet he had more fun entertaining us than we had laughing with him. Nice smiling smiley
Re: Personal Faves 2014---
June 26, 2014 12:17AM
I absolutely love Raging Fyah. Their new cd 'Destiny' is also so amazing! I thought their set was totally awesome at SNWMF even though I have also heard them several times in Jamaica where they are a solid part of the Revival. These young musicians and Kumar Bent are truly great professionals and their future is bright!

Re: Personal Faves 2014---
June 26, 2014 02:34AM
Papaken u r pretty right on with your reviews and it was extra special to reason with you a lot this year. Bless up my brother, c u soon. cool smiley

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