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Anyone attend Dry Diggings? Review?

Posted by Ras Gudka 
Anyone attend Dry Diggings? Review?
September 26, 2015 05:22PM
I missed the first day of Dry Diggings but really want to know what people thought. The reason I'm interested is that I've attended virtually every festival this year and want to see how the smaller ones compare. I was very disappointed with One Love One Heart. For me, I want good sound and organization, and of course good vibes!

I'm torn as I want to go see Supercat at the Bay Area Vibez festival today. Maybe I'll go to Diggings in the morning and go see Supercat in the evening.
Re: Anyone attend Dry Diggings? Review?
September 27, 2015 09:12PM
Went there for both days and did camping!

Overall I was pretty impressed with the festival & would definitely go back next year!

Venue: Loved the venue and set up for the main stage grassy area. I climbed up the hill that surrounded the stage and it was nice to sit up there and get a full view of everything. The small stage wasn't bad however pretty dusty and does not even compare to snwmfs small stage. I liked that there was plenty of shady tree areas to lay down on a blanket by the main stage and avoid the sun and heat!

Camping: Easy set up in the morning with the exception that it was only walk in camping and parking was at the top of a large hill which was tiring after a couple trips in 90 degree weather. No glass allowed whatsoever so alot of people who brought bottled beer or liquor was turned away checking in at camp.

Line-Up/Music: I was happy with every artist that was there! Everyone started exactly on time and put on a great show. The two stages were very close, so no artists were ever overlapping each other so you had a chance to see all the artists play. I only went to dance hall saturday night for a bit but they did serve beer/had a bar area and snacks inside. The sound at all stages were good too!

Vendors: I wasn't too impressed with the food selections they had. About half of them were desserts, smoothies or drinks. There was maybe 6 food vendors? Pizza, Jamaican food, fried fish and veggies, hot dogs/hamburgers, grilled cheese vendor, and bbq. Alot of fried unhealthy food and it made me miss snwmfs wide variety of authentic fresh food.

Probably my biggest complaint was the water situation. You were only allowed to bring in an empty water bottle. They had a free fill station that was a requirement to use. However it was filtered hose water and it was HOT. 94 degrees out and you are only allowed to drink hot water???! The food vendors were separated from music, and you weren't allowed to bring ANY drinks into the music area. So if you decided you wanted to buy a lemonade you had to drink it in the food area. Same for sodas, smoothies, etc. They had a fill station RIGHT next to the check in into the music area, so you'd think you could fill up, walk 5 feet where they check your bags and go in? Wrong, you had to dump it out and use the other free fill station inside the music area on the very opposite side. Why couldn't they have put it right on the other side of check in to fill up? Was not happy about it. It was just too uncomfortable drinking hot water on a hot day.

I think dry diggings had a very successful first year the staff and volunteers kept everything organized and everyone happy.
Re: Anyone attend Dry Diggings? Review?
September 28, 2015 01:03AM
Thank you Christina. Good to know. I agree the water/drink situation isn't fair. I definitely don't like festival where you can only drink in a designated area!!

Oh well, it sounds like you still enjoyed yourself and had a great festival!! Next time you should check out the Bay Area Vibez festival. It was a major success so I'm sure there'll be one next year too.

Re: Anyone attend Dry Diggings? Review?
September 28, 2015 01:49AM
Yes, water was the main disappointment! Just a bummer to be forced to drink hot filtered hose water when you have a 5 gallon jug of ice water at camp! I was really sad that bay area vibez was the same weekend. I hope next year they are seperate! It looked like an amazing line up!
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