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Reggae Stems / Multitracks

Posted by eric v 
Reggae Stems / Multitracks
January 09, 2016 02:19PM
I have set up a small studio in a spare room in my home. Mainly for personal use and to have some fun, using gear I had collected over years and have restored.

My question is, I have many people mention getting 'stems' or multitracks of reggae material (Marley, etc) to play with at home. Does anyone know where to find them?

I am not looking to release anything at all, sell, etc. Just want to play with this vintage equipment and have some fun. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've searched for them online, but just cannot seem to find them, maybe I am not looking the right places. I am willing to purchase if need be.

Many thanks, be well

Eric V
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