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BMC spinning Tunes

Posted by BMC 
BMC spinning Tunes
March 02, 2016 04:26PM

BMC spinning Tunes - Jam For A While - A Modern Roots 45s Session

Now for something completely different. Instead of mixing a set of pre-recorded tunes on the computer, as I did with all my previous mixes, I decided to just spin some tunes and record straight from the line-out of my mixing panel. No fancy riddim-transitions (just some fading in and out), no cutting parts out of tunes for the nicest flow, no effects, just the vibe of the moment: turntables turning, tunes at hand and see where it goes. I always loved the way I made my mixes, but it is very very time-consuming and, as expressed, didn't feel like worth all the effort anymore. This could be a way in which I might still drop some mixes every now and then, since the time it costs is basically the actual recording time and I can still play some tunes I rate for the interested listeners. Might be less appealing to some, others might in fact enjoy the idea. Whatever it is, this is it for now. I did a trial-run with some modern roots 45s (not really a prepared setlist, just randomly picking from the boxes), little over 35 minutes for now and got enough encouragement from the people to go ahead and upload it, so here it is: hear me Jam For A While. If this goes down well, I will over time try to record more in various styles of JA music, but possibly a bit more prepared than this time (still loving the tunes though!!). smiling smiley

Tracks passing by:
Beres Hammond & Jah Youth - Good Old Dancehall Vibes
Richie Stephens & Cocoa Tea - Where Is The Love
Peter Tosh & Buju Banton - Must Get A Beaten
Capleton & Junior Reid - Forgive Them
Yami Bolo & Chuck Fenda - Acting Unruly
Luciano & Joseph Israel - Ruff Times
Anthony B - Lock It Dung
Doniki - Life Of The People
Freddie McGregor - Lock It Down
Glen Washington - Good Vibe
Morgan Heritage & L.M.S. - Saddle Up
Luciano & Buju Banton - We'll Be Alright
Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer
Lloyd Brown - Got To Be Free
Junior Kelly - Jam For A While


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Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 02, 2016 07:52PM
BIG up yuself BMC!!!!!!

FullWatts on your stereo...™
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 03, 2016 03:31PM
Respect, HiGrade1!!
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 03, 2016 05:41PM
Another gem from BMC!
Are you going to make this available for download?
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 05, 2016 12:40PM
Thanks Randys!

No, not doing the download option anymore, gave me too much trouble in the past. Sorry.

Will be making a classic 70s roots set soon too, to accompany this modern one.
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 06, 2016 08:41PM

BMC spinning Tunes - Strickly Rockers - A Classic 70s Roots 45s Session

"Here comes another brand new musical disc called Rockers!" A few days ago I introduced a for me new way of recording a mix: spin tunes and record it live, straight from the line-out of my mixing panel. The first trial set was with some modern roots tunes. Enjoyed it and liked the response of listeners, so wanted to try a next, more serious thing to accompany that one: a one hour set of 70s roots 45s. Picked a heavy selection and gave it a try and this is it! Heavy and wild. Most interesting challenge was the playing of the A and B side of the same 45 and in the transition (flipping the 45) play a soundsample from a next 45. Mostly worked out quite well I think, for a first attempt, so I at least am satisfied and like to share with you. Above all, the music, it's wicked and it's ROOTS!

Play, like, share! Make the people hear the roots!

Strickly Rockers - BMC spinning classic 70s roots 45s - 2016

Big Youth - Strickly Rockers (Negusa Nagast)
Junior Delgado - Armed Robbery (DEB )
Deb Players - Version (DEB )
Albert Malawi - Children Of The Emperor (Uprising)
Brigadier Jerry - Jah Jah Children (Uprising)
Advocates Aggregation - Ethiopia First (Dubplate Mix) (Uprising)
Earl Sixteen & The Heptones - The Children Rise (Satiera)
King Tubby - Rise Dub (Satiera)
The Slickers - Well Dread (Afrik)
Enforcer - Ride On Marcus (Well Charge)
I Roy - Semi Classical Natty Dread (Channel 1)
The Revolutionaries - Version (Well Charge)
Larry Marshall - It Dread In A Rome (Amanda)
Amanda All Star - Dub Out A Rome (Amanda)
Sylford Walker - Jah Golden Pen (Joe Gibbs)
Dean Stone - Youth In The Ghetto (Black & White)
Dillinger - Stumbling Block (Black & White)
King Tubby & Mikey Dread - Ghetto Youth Skank (Black & White)
Freddie McKay - Jah Man (Earthquake)
Sam Bramwell - It A Go Dread Ina Babylon (Revolutionary Sounds)
The Revolutionaries - Dread Ina Dub (Revolutionary Sounds)
Ranking Dread - Africa (Freedom Sounds)
Ranking Dread - Tubys Dub Plate Mix (Freedom Sounds)
Al Campbell - Children Of The Ghetto (Reggae Road)
Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana (Iroko)
Al Campbell - Version (Reggae Road)
Dennis Brown - Whip Them Jah (Hawkeye)
Ossie All Stars - Version (Hawkeye)
Sons Of Brave - Rockers Is Sweet (Crystal)
Sons Of Brave - Rockers (Version Two)


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Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 06, 2016 11:45PM
Thanks BMC
I enjoy every mix you share
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 09, 2016 11:58AM
Thanks Adam, appreciate it! smiling smiley
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 10, 2016 08:40PM
Thanks, great mix and technique. I have been enjoying Posse get Ready Vol 1 for months now.
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 10, 2016 10:19PM
Thanks a lot, SommerKind! Very nice to hear. Nice one.
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 15, 2016 12:41AM
Running 'Strikkly Rockers' right now......well nice.....BOOM!!!!!!
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 15, 2016 05:17PM
Agreed. Great mixes!
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
March 16, 2016 01:41PM
Wow, thanks, strikkly and J_72! Appreciate it.
Re: BMC spinning Tunes
August 13, 2016 04:42PM

Can you identify the Marley riddims used here??? :-) After Jam For A While and Strickly Rockers here's a third mix in my 'new' style: spin some tunes and record straight from the line-out of my mixing panel. No fancy riddim-transitions, no effects, just the vibe of the moment: BMC spinning Tunes! Topic for this one became modern takes of Marley riddims, an idea I got after spinning the opening track: Big Youth's We No Want No War. Limitation was simple: vinyl singles only, so there's quite some obvious ones missing which I don't have on vinyl (and some I've used in mixes before). Instead some less obvious ones included and an overall nice vibe throughout. I continued with the trend of starting with a Big Youth tune, always a pleasure. Enjoy (and sorry for the small mistake in the Lukie D tune, haha)!

Play, like, share! Comments welcome!

Love Jah More - BMC spinning modern takes of Marley riddims - 2016

Big Youth - We No Want No War
Mikey Murka - Peace Pipes
Luciano - Jah Live
Duane Stephenson - August Town
Warrior King - Love Jah More
Richie Stephens - Be A Champion
Capleton - Burn Dem
Sizzla - True God
Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley - Move
Cocoa Tea - Stand Up Straight
Beenie Man - Boogie Down
Admiral Tibett - Stop The Corruption
Buju Banton - Time And Place
Luciano - Terrorist Attack
Lukie D - More Them Want
Prince Malachi - Come Along
Gappy & Nerious - Soul Rebel
Sweetie Irie - Rebel With A Cause
Jah Mason - Traitor
Abijah - Sun Is Shining
Richie Spice & Chuck Fender - Freedom
Jah Cure - Most High Cup Full
Sizzla - I Got To
Turbulence - This Is Their Life
Ras Shiloh - Better Must Come
Turbulence - No Division
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (remix)

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