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Pro Reggae Jazz/Rock Hip-Hop Guitarist:Available...

Posted by dalehauskins 
Pro Reggae Jazz/Rock Hip-Hop Guitarist:Available...
April 14, 2004 02:23AM
Respect to all nice & decent people... Currently available for PRO work: Recording(Tracking)Tours & Gigs... Dale Hauskins:Cel.#(714)444-6951 Email:
reggaejazzguitar@hotmail.com dalehauskins@yahoo.com
Reggae Jazz/Rock Hip-Hop Guitarist.CD/Tour credits:Bamiki Bandula(Massive McGregor);Pato Banton(Tour 2001);Bargain Music("The Magic is Over" Beatville CD 2003);Big Cat("California"w/ The Scientist CD 2004);Einstein Brown(Sapadilla/Pannist;CD/Tours);Dean Butterworth;Phil Chen;Calypso Rose;Martin Campbell(CD/Tour 2001-2002);Santa Davis;Rock Deadrick;Dominators;Mikey Dread;Majek Fashek("Little Patience"CD 2004/Tour 2000-2003);Anna Fisher("Ying Yang"CD 2004);Flame Dream(Swiss progressive rock group,6 CDs Phonogram(Vertigo)Produced by John Acock(Steve Hackett));Fully Fullwood("For All Time"CD 2004/Tours);Russ Henry;Drew Hester;Joe Higgs;Jah Soldiers Band(Tour 2001-2002);Jawge Hughes("Come on Back"CD 2002/Tour 2001);Jesus Wore Dickies("Friends of Jesus"Skunk Records CD 2003);Humble Soul("Jah Love"CD/2001); Peter Hunnigale;Winston Hussey;Mike Hyde;KONTIKI("Stand Tall"CD 2003);Kyng Arthur("Mister Master" CD-2000,"Prisoner of The Flesh" CD 2003);Scientist(Hopeton Brown);Tippa Irie(Tours 1999- 2003);Remi Kabaka;Nick Magnus(Steve Hackett/Enid);Carl McGregor(Bamiki Bandula)Musical Sniper(aka Rappa Robert Tour 2001);Johnny Osbourne(Tour 2001-2002);Steve Reid;Sapadilla(CD 1993);The Specs(CD 1992);Upstream;Dave Wakeling;April Weller;John Wolf-Brennan;Cece Worell; etc.

Dale Hauskins:001.858.401.2973
Professional L.A.reggae jazz/rock hipHop lead-rhythm GUITARIST.
CD/Tour credits: Pato Banton;Martin Campbell;Phil Chen;Fully Fullwood;Majek Fashek;Myka 9;Scientist;Tippa Irie.
(Seeks a Schweizer Frau,Meitsch zum Hürote.)
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