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Puerto Rico Reggae

Posted by Reggae_lover71 
Puerto Rico Reggae
October 10, 2016 08:55PM
Greetings Boardies - getting ready to depart for Puerto Rico for 3 weeks and wondering if any of you have any suggestions for good music, clubs, food in PR? main island and/or culebra/ vieques.....give thanks!
Re: Puerto Rico Reggae
October 10, 2016 11:05PM
My two favorites are Calle 13 and Cultura Profetica



Re: Puerto Rico Reggae
October 11, 2016 11:37AM
There was a reggae shop in old san juan that was pretty decent when I was there in 2005. Could probably point you in the right direction for music. Old San Juan is cool to check out for a day or so, but that's about it. Israel Vibrations happened to be playing in San Juan one of the nights I was there. Culebra is beautiful, the water around it is so much clearer than around the mainland. They have a camp ground that is right on a really beautiful beach. If you make it out there make sure to take a water taxi or kayak over to Culebrita and explore it. I never made it to vieques, but have had friends who spent a lot of time there. They would just camp out on the beach for a week or two at a time with no problem. I don't think you could get away with that on Culebra. Aguadilla on the north west coast is the place to go for surfing. Never got to explore the inland rain forests, but I hear they are pretty amazing.
Re: Puerto Rico Reggae
October 11, 2016 07:12PM
The bioluminescent waters looks super cool!
Re: Puerto Rico Reggae
October 11, 2016 07:24PM
Give thanks everyone for the suggestions, planning on spending a week in Culebra, no real plans other than that so going with the flow and hopefully no more hurricanes......bless
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