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jam rock cruise

Posted by Ras_Adam 
jam rock cruise
October 31, 2016 03:17AM
Re: jam rock cruise
October 31, 2016 03:30AM
Sold out.
Re: jam rock cruise
November 05, 2016 03:36AM
Re: jam rock cruise
November 10, 2016 03:58AM
Ras_Adam, are you going?
Re: jam rock cruise
November 10, 2016 12:02PM
no i spend all my spare money on Haile Selassie artifacts
winking smiley

i didn't realize it was sold out so just wanted to share the lineup
Re: jam rock cruise
November 10, 2016 03:45PM
I leave Sunday. Looking forward to it.. epic line up.
Re: jam rock cruise
November 10, 2016 06:39PM
Hope to see some folks next week.

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Re: jam rock cruise
November 11, 2016 07:06PM
DJ Treez
Hope to see some folks next week.

Yeh man... I will have the white Arsenal FC jersey on during the White party
Re: jam rock cruise
November 19, 2016 09:04PM
Re: jam rock cruise
November 20, 2016 12:01PM
Re: jam rock cruise
November 21, 2016 01:21AM
Re: jam rock cruise
November 21, 2016 11:25PM
Re: jam rock cruise
November 21, 2016 11:36PM
Pretty fun adventure.

Best (in no particular order)
Romain Virgo - hit every note, epic singer and cool guy, he danced next to us during J-Boog
Chronixx - always good.. even though he was sick
Sanchez - He is a machine... amazing voice, got mad when the sound system was messing up and walked off stage, came back to do an encore.
Tarrus Riley - duh
Bounty Killer - He is the main man in JA and the peoples artist... intense performance, loved it
J-Boog - won over a ton of new fans... super cool guy too, Mighty Crown cut a dub on the cruise from him and crushed it in the final round
SOUNDCLASH the highlight for me - watch the video. Mighty Crown also had a Tarrus Riley special made dissing Tony M. and the Fire Links crew... They seriously dominated except for round 1 which Tony M would have won if it was judged.. Tony M pulled out a 50 cent dubplate which was interesting.

Kelissa - does Chronixx have her open for him so he sounds even better?? She lost the crowd so fast and then did not hit one note.. Awful and the third time I have been unfortunate enough to have to sit through whatever it is she does.
Jah Cure - WTF? Sing four words and let the backup singers take over? I would not pay to see him.
Sean Paul - seriously you are a douchebag - you sung over your pre rerecorded tacks.. you get nothing but disrespect from me and most of the people on the cruise.

Good moments were Damian Marley watching me surf the flowrider, gambling with Collie Buds, eating next to Romain Virgo, and between flying, the hotel and the cruise I felt like J-Boog was my friend by the end of it lol, we were everywhere together.

Cruises suck but being near all that talent and seeing artists that can not play in the USA made it worth the while.
Re: jam rock cruise
November 29, 2016 02:46AM
I needed a week to recuperate. This was a truly amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to one and all. One of the main differences was that most of the backing bands were way tighter and better rehearsed than when we see the same artists in California. There seemed to be more pride in the performances overall.

!st Day - Chakka Demus & Pliers were a lot of fun and played a great set, I enjoyed Kelissa's set very much, but it was clear that the majority of folks were not feeling it. Chronixx was amazing despite being a tad under the weather, I really noticed that Zinc Fence was astonishingly on point, those guys are really gelling as a unit, tight segues for days. I should start by saying that I do like Sean Paul and respect his musical contribution. This was the first time I have seen him live and it was pretty disappointing, he was singing over his vocal tracks and not even keeping up with himself. From what I have heard, it was better than the ROTR fiasco a few years back. You had to be a big fan to enjoy the set. I missed Toots.

2nd day - JBoog put on the best set I have seen him play by far. Shinehead was too much fun, showcasing Kingston 12 he had nuff artists pass thru his set including Northern Cali artist Ras Rebel who crushed it with his new tune. Backing band was Black Soil with Dean Fraser. Then it rained hard. Luckily, there was a pretty large theatre inside that they were able to move everything down to. Obviously not ideal, but hey the show still went on. Romain Virgo swooned the ladies with his silky smooth voice. Marcia Griffiths put on a solid set, some of which I heard from my cabin with the door open. Tarrus Riley also put on the best set I have seen from him and seemed to play forever. Mr Vegas ended the night and was great but went on and on with the preaching. Save it for Sunday, I'd rather see artists play music. Turns out he will no longer be releasing reggae or dancehall and has transitioned to Gospel. This night ended really late as the move downstairs took some time.

3rd day - Still raining, Montego Bay looked gorgeous all misted in. Assassin started the night and was the artists that I was really looking forward to. He was having issues with the band and delivered a very low energy set that left me wanting a lot more. Sanchez put on a great set, man he can sing. A little save it for Sunday, but overall a great set. Beenie Man simply crushed it and the Marley's came out for a bit. Bounty Killer was high energy, I understood absolutely nothing of what he said. Jah Cure has a sweet voice, the set was not all that memorable tho. Finally got out for some late night DJ's and danced till the early morn.

4th Day - Ocho Rios shrouded in the mist made Montego Bay look ugly. We went for a walk on the beach and it started raining really hard. Music inside for the third day in a row. Half Pint put on one of the sets that I enjoyed the most. What a cool guy. Collie Buddz put on a set at least twice as good as I have seen him play and his band was hella on point. His Bermudian crew was present in large numbers. Steel Pulse also put on the best show I have seen from them, really connecting with the crowd. Sounclash was really fun. Tony Matterhorn started off as a challenge for Mighty Crown, but by the end there was no question. The diss dubplates were off the hook and creative. Some hella funny @#$%& went down and it was definitely a highlight for me.

5th Day - music back outside starting with Bunji Garlin rocking a soca set that was another of the highlights for me. Kabaka Pyramid def played the best set I have seen from them, the band was tight and he was blowing folks minds with his lyricism. Make sure to catch him on the current tour (preferably at Miner's Foundry on Dec. 14). Junior Reid was fun, I did miss a lot of the set tho, was hoping for a Yung JR sighting, but no such luck. Mavado's vibe didn't really come off for me with the live band, it was just too hard. I was looking forward to his set, other folks seemed to be really enjoying it tho. Stephen Marley put on another sleeper set, dude was on fire this summer here in Tahoe, it was an exception to my earlier comment. Jr Gong closed the cruise up with a worthy set that was on point. I am glad we didn't do late night cuz there were kicking us off the boat at 8:30 in the morning.

The only negative aspects were the fact that it was on a boat (first and last cruise for me) and the food sucked albeit we are very picky about our food. Again, I would absolutely recommend the experience as it was unique and should be on any reggae fans bucket list. I think the next incursion will be Rebel Salute as my BDay is Jan 18 and it is always on that weekend.

Positive Vibrations w/DJ Treez | Tahoe's Reggae Show | Thursday Nights 10pm | 101.5 FM KTKE | truckeetahoeradio.com
Re: jam rock cruise
November 29, 2016 08:29PM
Great review DJ Treez. I was on the cruise and agree almost 100% with you. It was my first time seeing Movado, and IMO his live shows do not stack up against a Busy Signal show. I also got one of your volume 7 CD's you were handing out, really nice mix.
Re: jam rock cruise
November 30, 2016 07:58PM
Hail DJ Trees! give thanks for the thoughtful review for which I also mostly echo and thank you as well for the CD! Agreed that Shinehead and Ras Rebel killed it, as did MC Supernatural after Ras Rebel . . . . those two were a ray of sunshine before the rain and a hearticul surprise that day. Kabaka was also a favorite but I don't think the crowd was really ready for how intellectually deep his lyrics are...surprisingly enough. They seemed shell shocked?

Toots was on fire, much respect every time, he kept saying he was going to play all his classics and he sure did! it was a long and wonderful performance. I was in the back for Sean Paul so could not tell if he was faking it, I loved his energy though, first time I saw him live and I enjoyed it very much (although yours and others take on it is disappointing). Look forward to our paths all crossing again soon....bless
Re: jam rock cruise
December 01, 2016 04:15AM
Blessings and give thanks. Great to meet both of you. And yes, Supernatural was off the charts, check the video on my FB page.

The thing that I failed to mention that was really the most unique part of the entire experience was that this was truly an international crowd. Aside from meeting folks from Cali, Europe and ALL over the Caribbean, I linked with peeps from as far as Tonga and New Zealand. I have never been in such a diverse environment and I am well traveled.

Positive Vibrations w/DJ Treez | Tahoe's Reggae Show | Thursday Nights 10pm | 101.5 FM KTKE | truckeetahoeradio.com

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Re: jam rock cruise
December 01, 2016 06:41PM
Yes, great review Treez!! We had such a great time and the people on the boat were the highlight for us. The love for reggae music shown by people from all over the world was unreal.... I'm pretty good at making friends but this cruz was by far the most people I have ever met in a five day period of time.

The late night music was a big highlight for me. SHINEHEAD just ran tings all week long in the Pyrimid lounge. The first night him going tune for tune with downbeat till like 6am was magical to say the least. I think there were only like 10 people in there and they were selecting tune and speaking to us like a crowd of 500. DJ Supernatural was also in there a few nights later putting on a show for all.

Can't wait for next year.
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