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Max Glazer Chronixx Dates

Posted by Ras_Adam 
Re: Max Glazer Chronixx Dates
April 10, 2017 04:42PM
our reasons no matter how noble they might be are not the actual reasons the tree stands.

i checked attendance rolls, and it looks like you missed that john hagee sermon.
Re: Max Glazer Chronixx Dates
April 10, 2017 04:48PM
I may have.. my dad used to listen to Pastor Hagee.. I remember one time looking at my dad and saying.. "isn't gluttony a sin?" He no longer entertains that small fat man..
Re: Max Glazer Chronixx Dates
April 12, 2017 04:48AM
glad to read the same comments InI posted back when. Thanks Nomo for the reLive moments, allways Great tour to catch
Re: Max Glazer Chronixx Dates
April 23, 2017 05:37PM
ok, I've watched this SF/Mateel performance several times to see if anything grew on me... i even sent it to several 'reggae friends' (mostly older geezers ha ha).... so far, not too many reports of being thrilled by Chronixx.

I'm probably the most picky but I really don't apologize for that --- I'm still loving the video of a Twinkle Brothers show in Poland from a few years back so I don't think it's about having to be there to appreciate a performance. I'm not really trying to compare the Twinkle Brothers to Chronixx but I'm using these two videos to illustrate that video footage can tell a lot about a performance.

Nomotrouble, as usual, your videos are well done and I think they capture and reveal an artist's performance quite actually - in this case, or should I say, my viewpoint, this doesn't do Chronixx too many favors.

Aside from a few moments of the Chronixx Mateel performance, most of the music was bland, meandering to my ears and eyes... several of the songs were almost undistinguishable from one another... the footage of 'Skanking Sweet' and 'Roots and Chalice' sum up a lot of my feelings about Chronixx --- they're not bad songs per se but they aren't anything too exciting either... they just sorta go along too safely as if they are almost R and B type of songs...

And maybe someone will throw up the beating a dead horse image, that's fine.... but maybe I can put up a gif of someone trying to figure out a puzzle - because I'm still trying to figure out the puzzle of why so many people think/say Chronixx is the next Bob Marley or anything like of Reggae...

Many people say the 'drop leaf' riddim started this soft Roots Reggae trend... I think that's a pretty fair statement and I think a fair amount of Chronixx songs are just another falling leaf... I do applaud him for the conscious lyrics but without stronger riddims, it just have the bite that Reggae used to have not that long ago... let's see what time will reveal with this so-called 'revival'...

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