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Thoughts from 2016 reggae

Posted by akee123 
Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 01, 2017 10:03PM
A few random thoughts from the past year in reggae

-Frightnrs album is the best piece of work from this past year. The fact that the band has a sad back story makes is that much more special.

- The reggae audience has set a low bar for self-contained bands from JA

- Luciano continues to "mail it in" on his releases. Too much talent to not produce better material (where are you Xterminator?)

- Mykal Rose's "Sidewalk Steppa" is the most underrated album to come out this year. I salute him for not "mailing it in."

- The complete mess up of the Tosh Estate is an embarrassment to the family and the legacy of Peter. Pawn shops are not an appropriate resting place for awards and guitars.

- Midnight Raver Blog is still the most interesting stop to read about reggae.

- Yet...there is still a gap to be filled for writing about reggae on the internet

- Way too many reggae artists have not figured out how to harness the tools available to connect with fans and push their product

- The thought of another remake of Legend by Stephen Marley and Guests does not get me or anyone else in the reggae world excited. Please...no Aerosmith this time

- Gotta give David Rodigan credit for his weekly radio gig on BBC One. He still keeps it fresh and listeners always learn a few things each week.Still the best radio show around.....and he never plays the misogynist tunes.

- The reggae artists who connect with their fans and form tribes will be the ones to succeed in the future. Yep..it means putting in some extra work to meet with fans, sharing stories on the web, and identifying others to sell the band. Simply putting out an album doesn't cut in anymore.
Re: Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 02, 2017 02:47AM
Sidewalk Steppa is/was more than worthy of a Grammy nomination, if not the whole thing. mho.

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Re: Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 02, 2017 06:47AM

- Luciano continues to "mail it in" on his releases. Too much talent to not produce better material (where are you Xterminator?)

Fattis Burrel died several years ago. Zion that is where God willing.
Re: Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 02, 2017 12:57PM
Agreed on most of those points. Although a few of my own:

- Quality wise, I think Sizzla's "876" was the year's best release. Nice blend of one drop, dancehall and other elements, well put together and not mailed in like a lot of others.

- In general, the "reggae revival" has been a complete bust. It's failed to live up the hype. Not much in the way of sales or work internationally and seen as being an "uptown thing" within Jamaica.

- Love it or hate it, dancehall dominated the year. Most of the releases that did significant things locally in JA or interntionally on Billboard, itunes, etc... were dancehall releases. Not to mention all the Rihannas, Justin Biebers, etc.... using dancehall elements in their songs.

- Lyrically, reggae and dancehall have lost much of their edge. People seem to live in fear of losing their visas or work opportunities, so people stick to "safe" subjects. I was rather surprised how few tunes there were about Trump this year, or even the Jamaican elections. Reggae seems to be stuck in generic praise or sufferation tunes (without calling any names or saying anything that might offend people), and dancehall seems to be stuck in "whine up" and overly sexual lyrics that aren't even clever, just foul.

- Lot of complaints about the grammy's again this year with little understanding within the reggae industry of how the Grammy process works. If people aren't signing up to be voting members and voting of course it will be the same set of people who get nominated and win every time. In general too much complaining in this industry and not enough action.

- It will be very interesting to see how the visa situations change up now that America is officially Trumpistan. If it does make the situation worse than it is now - the upside may be people trying to branch out into other markets more and realizing America is not the end-all-be-all of the world.
Re: Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 02, 2017 03:13PM
Nice thread and great points!

I figured I'd throw a couple more positives in the mix..

-2016 will be remembered as the year that Sizzla returned to US touring! I hope to see him around much more over the next few years. The US reggae scene needs to remember and embrace the Fiya. Fuh real.

-Jah 9, "9".. There was so much hype around this album that by the time it was released I had already lost interest, assuming it wouldn't live up to my hopes. Jah 9 is one of my favorite new artists and New Name was a high bar to raise... A month after the album came out I finally got a copy. I found that my expectations were blown out of the water. Such a strong album with unique and powerful riddims... Kete through the whole album.. Big up Jah 9 holding the roots vibration firm and clear.

- I gotta big up Akae Beka for their works in 2016 as well. The live sound seems to be clicking a lot more with Ras L on bass than it was in the first few shows they played. I have never seen Vaughn smile and laugh on stage as much as at the Akae Beka show I saw this last November. Portals and Livicated are both fantastic albums in my opinion. They may not hold a flame to some of the Midnite classics from back in the day, but to me they sound on par with the more recent Midnite/I grade collab albums.
Re: Thoughts from 2016 reggae
January 03, 2017 09:11PM
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