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RIP Ronnie Davis

Posted by bun n cheese 
RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 04:57PM
Posted to Irie Ites FB page

"Sad News Again !! Ronnie Davis have just passed away...We just got a phone call from Jamaica. He was the lead vocal of The Itals "Ina Dis Ya Time" tune and also lead of The Tennors !! Rest In Power Mi Friend"
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 05:00PM
first heard this side on papa pilgrim's show in slc. the catalyst for me looking for his pre-itals works.
always loved his voice, especially on those night hawk productions.
i consider 'brutal out deh' an inspired manifestation, with ronnie davis issuing the prophetic message.

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Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 05:07PM
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 06:06PM
F*** no!
damn. hope it's not true.

I always wished snwmf would present ronnie davis, solo style.

RIP my good friend in music.


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Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 06:24PM
Huge loss...
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 07:06PM
me too MK, this is saddening. Got to see him once with his own band and it was quite special.
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 07:24PM
yeah, damn... never forget dat one time we did a small show wit Ronnie Davis at The Blue Monk (Nov. 2007)... small turnout, intimate, vibes, a living reggae legend, and just total fun! (was with an outfit called The Pocket Band). RIP friend!

blessid love
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Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 07:31PM
RIP Ronnie. Wish I coulda known ya...
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 08:08PM
Unfortunately sometimes I only get turned on reggae singers once they pass. I really like Ronnie Davis. Very smooth romantic feel
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 09:09PM
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 26, 2017 10:07PM
It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must inform you all of the passing of a great man - Reggae foundation roots singer Jerome Ballin pka Ronnie Davis (formerly of Itals and The Tennors). After suffering a major stroke on Monday January 23rd, 2017, Ronnie closed his eyes and slept peacefully with his family at his bedside on Wednesday, January 25th 2017. We have lost a man who came from humble beginnings, who grew to become a favorite son, a good brother, a music legend, a wonderful husband and father, a much adored grand-father and a best friend to everyone who knew him. Although Ronnie is no longer with us, he has left us a strong legacy of music spanning 50 years that shall live on in the hearts and minds of people the world over. We take comfort in knowing that Ronnie lived to experience a major revival of his career recently, with the release of his latest album “Iyahcoustic”. Through social media, he was able to see how much his many fans worldwide loved his music. He was always in high spirits when the fans spoke and we are sure that he is in a better place and in higher spirits as we celebrate his life and his legacy. Ronnie is survived by his common-law wife Jennifer Ottey, his mother in England, his brothers and sisters, his daughters Shauna, Stacy, @Simone and Jasmine, sons Ryan, Christopher, Jason, grand-children his extended family and his many friends.
Please take time out today to post a positive message for Ronnie through his social media pages:
Henry “Sadiki” Buckley, Jr.
Skinny Bwoy
Tel. 954-353-7781
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 27, 2017 12:20AM
damn.....been listening to shocks of sheba downloads while traveling a lot lately. you played "hungry people" on a recent episode mosquito killer...

great tune. one among many great tunes. time will tell is also a favorite, so much great itals material....

great artist
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
January 27, 2017 06:23PM
IT was so great seeing Ronnie in 2009 here at Sierra with the reunited ITALs ..Killer vibes that morning-can't believe it was eight years ago. I was fortunate to get some really cool photos of Keith and Ronnie that day-nice memories

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Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
February 01, 2017 08:25PM
I was blessed to know him well s a youth at 25 he came into my lifein Wash DC in 93' as my band members called JahKuumba backed him and The Itals ( Keith Porter aand David Isaacs) for 4 years or more in usa / europe He influenced I with his humility very mellow and upfull he was my favorite Ital. RITruth True Souljah
Re: RIP Ronnie Davis
February 03, 2017 11:29PM
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