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Rising Tide by Members of Groundatiion

Posted by jahidren 
Rising Tide by Members of Groundatiion
March 20, 2017 04:17PM
I already mentionned this new band. Rising Tide is a side project made by the creators of Groundation without Harrison Stafford. But, with three jamaicans songstresses on lead vocal --> It's not only Reggae ; but, also Jazz/Soul and so on ... They are only four musicians on stage (plus the singers). As I said, it's "beyond Reggae" .. Imagine them with an horn section etc. If you like Groundation, I guess that you are going to like Rising Tide too .. I missed Harrison Stafford and his charisma on stage. But, I feel that finally with Groundation, "Professor was the main reggae aspect" . Now, there are the Jamaicans womens on lead vocal, but the "vibe is different" ; they are playing Reggae as well, but I find their music is somehow "upgraded/limitless" .. I mean, when you listen to their new song (The Race) : It's almost afrobeat, or something like that ...

I enjoyed the concerts more than the album which is for me "too perfect sometimes" !! Live music hits you directly. I love Harrrison Stafford too ... But I wish that he could come back with this kind of project very soon. I mean, it's nice to see him play roots reggae music with his solo album etc. But, it's totally different from the past. And, I find that "Fusion/Reggae Music" suits him so well !!
Big Up Paul Spina on drums and Ryan Newman on bass + Marcus Urani and everyone else ! They blew my mind (as always) !! They have never played outside Europe so far ! Rising Tide almost starts from scratch again (Small rooms etc). I wish you to see them soon in your area very soon ! !

[pdvod.new.livestream.com] --> Here you can find the 1080p video of Rising Tide's concert in Marseille (France) from last week .. :-)

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