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Fundraiser for Akin Palmer (Uprising Roots Band) & Gaama Simms

Posted by Ras Danny 
Fundraiser for Akin Palmer (Uprising Roots Band) & Gaama Simms
August 13, 2017 08:30PM
a close friend started this Fundraiser for Akinsanya Palmer & Gaama Gloria Simms (story below)

What I'm raising money for: My friends Gaama Gloria Simms (Mama G) and Akin have lost everything and desperately need help from the global community. A few years ago their house burned down, and despite their efforts they had to live in a burned house until recently when they were no longer allowed to live there. As if this wasn't enough, Mama G's daughter recently passed away unexpectedly from a lung infection, leaving behind three beautiful girls for Gloria and Akin to raise. They desperately need help to build a home, to provide books, clothing, and food for their grandchildren, and to have a better life. There are so many things I could tell you about Mama G, but the most importantly she is a loving grandmother, a dear and genuine friend, and a beautiful human being who is in need. Among her accomplishments Mama G founded the Maroon Indigenous Women's Circle in Jamaica, received the Ubuntu Award which recognizes "unsung heroes," represented Jamaica's Maroon community as a delegate at the UN-sponsored Caribbean Indigenous Women's Conference in Belize, and acted as Queen Nanny in a documentary about the Maroons. In 2014 Mama G was bestowed with the highest honor; she was installed as Gaama (Paramount Queen) by the Okansi Maroons in Suriname.

How the money will be used:
Building supplies for a home. Books, food, and clothing for the children so they can attend school and have a better life.

Why this is important to me:
My friend has lost her home and her daughter, leaving behind three children for her to care for. I believe that crowd funding makes it possible to help even with the largest problems. I care so much about this family and wish to help them more than anything. I believe it takes a global village to make a difference, and that it is completely possible if everyone joins hands and does this together. I believe in miracles, prayer, and love. I know we can help them, let's do this! ~Shauna
Fundraiser Page

Akin Palmer: from Trelawny, St Ann, Jamaica, is a Dub Poet and former keyboardist/vocalist with The Uprising Roots Band (the bands studio and a hard drive with new recorded music was destroyed in the above mentioned fire).

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