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US artist ripped off by scammer "promoters" in TX... #ALERT

Posted by Ras Danny 
US artist ripped off by scammer "promoters" in TX... #ALERT
August 22, 2017 03:30AM
Rusty Zinn wrote on facebook...

Attention to all of my friends and fans in the Reggae world! I need to let all of you here on Facebook know about these pieces of trash that have been trying to scam me for nearly a week now! I was led to believe that I would be performing at the One Love Reggae Festival in the U.K. on September 1-3 as a replacement to somebody who had taken ill and had cancelled out of the lineup. Please read the article I have attached and share it far and wide along with my post here. We started to notice some obvious red flags when we were asked to do things that we've never been asked before in my 30 years of performing music worldwide. The two key names of the perpetrators of this scam are Andre de Quadros, who was the one that initially contacted my wife via email and made the offer. The other piece of trash was introduced to us through email as Mrs. Kelly Bruce, although her name appears in the article as Bruce Kelly. Please read this and protect yourself and others!

RippoffReport.com posting 8.5.17

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Re: US artist ripped off by scammer "promoters" in TX... #ALERT
August 22, 2017 03:42PM
Re: US artist ripped off by scammer "promoters" in TX... #ALERT
August 29, 2017 06:14AM
Thank Jah it was only $435 bucks. It could have been so much worse. That $$$ won't get them too far. I spent more on a festival ticket to Oregon Eclipse two weeks ago.

Thanks for the heads up!!! We got their names now. smiling smiley
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