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Groundation version 2018 (the return) ?? :-)

Posted by jahidren 
Groundation version 2018 (the return) ?? :-)
November 17, 2017 09:20PM
Good evening,

I translated my article from French to English from this website : www.groundation.fr

"Everything that has a beginning has an end, but each end is the beginning of a fresh start."
"The article's title quoting the wise words from Serge Zeller ... It prefigures an announcement that I could have done without". Indeed, it is with a touch of sadness. And, some interrogations that we've just learned a news confirmed by Harrison Stafford, and Marcus Urani themselves : Groundation will come back in 2018 ... BUT, it will be alas, without the original members and founders of the band : (Ryan Newman - bass) + Marcus Urani (keyboards) ... A page has been turned. .. After nearly twenty years of music together: (1998-2015).

Harrison wants to keep the name of Groundation, persevering with the concept around the music. Nevertheless, if a new album comes out, We hope to see some well known musicians : Like why not, other members of Groundation) ... Although, for the moment this remains uncertain. We have indeed no informatopns about the composition of the new group that will be formed around the singer yet ... One thing is certain, without Marcus, Ryan and all the others: The atmosphere around Groundation will change (as well as the sound) ... Many of us might think that it will never be the same again ...

Be that as it may : While we might regret (or not) Harrison Stafford's decision to continue with the original name of the group; And, apparently without his former companions ... That does not prevent to wish him the best for the days to come ... "We hope in the interests of the common good that, this new project will be equal to the task"! Of course, we have have a thought for Harrison Ryan, Marcus and the others !! Good luck everyone for the future! On a personal basis, I would like to thank Groundation : Thanks to all the musicians of the group (current or former members), the fans of the whole staff ... Thank you for the good memories, the sharing of the teachings, the message, the love ... And, of course; all the albums, the concerts, the music music and much more "...



"Hello everyone,
First I want to thank you all for the amazing amount of love and support that you have given us over the years. You have really been there for us and it means so much to the band. I know I am not usually on social media and always have my head buried in the studio, writing, or arranging but seeing this made me realize someone needs to let you guys know the truth. I am so sorry to say that Groundation will not be coming back in 2018. Harrison is hiring a whole new group of musicians and is going to call it Groundation. I have to agree with Watermelon Amadeus Man that Harrison should be honest about the new music he is creating and let people know the conditions of this new project. In fact, this project should be called "Professor", just under his name, or a new name since it will be a new group. We as Groundation were together for 17 years and we created our own sound, even if we changed some members through out the years Harrison, Ryan, and myself were always there at the core shaping the music. Having written, arranged and produced a large portion of our music as Groundation I am sad that we are not together anymore. I miss performing our songs and sharing positive vibes with all of you. Maybe one day it will be possible for us to come back together, but its not going to be in 2018. This new group needs a new name as it will not be Groundation anymore but a new project which I'm sure will be great....but it won't be our band, the sound will be different and it seems like false advertising or something like that. I am not going to make a bunch of announcements that this new project will not be Groundation, so I leave it you guys to spread the word and let people know the truth. Hopefully Harrison realizes himself that it is not right to use our name with a new group of people. Many of us are still playing together and look forward to seeing you guys in one form or another. We love you all and will always be creating new music as a soundtrack for these wild times we are all living in. Thank you again for the positive energy that you have given us through out the years, we look forward to many more moments together!
Marcus Urani


December 2017

Harrison Stafford & The Professor Crew
Reel Fish - Sonoma, CA
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Harrison Stafford & The Professor Crew
Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz, CA

Today, I asked this to Harrison Stafford on Instagram : "Nice, @harrisonstaffordmusic what will be the repertoire for those concerts ?? Will it be the early stages of the Groundation's new version --> (With some new songs). Or, a medley of all your diffrent projects ? As usual, I think that it will be a little bit of both" .. !! ;-)
harrisonstaffordmusic@plheidinger yes my brother you are on to something. Balance in the music!

I discovered Groundation thanks to the live bootlegs from the early 2000. So, if someone has planned to go to those Californian shows, please do something for taping/recording it ... In fact, it might be very interesting to see these shows ... Because, it seems that we will have many responses concerning the future of Groundation, including I guess/hope some new songs and some new band members ... "Will it be always Groundation ? Well, I guess not like before". But, I can't wait to hear something new : "I would like to know, if as a big fan ; I will have some big regrets, and think about the past, or on the contrary, enjoy the music like in the good old days" !! But, apparently, that being said, if there is a new album under the name of Groundation : Harrison said, that it would be more at the end of next year (apparently) .. !! ;-)

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