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indi ticket outlets

Posted by alisha 
indi ticket outlets
April 02, 2005 05:55PM
anyone have info on the independent ticket outlets
Re: indi ticket outlets
April 03, 2005 04:40PM
The Independent uses ticketweb.com. You can go to www.ticketweb.com, or stop by the Independent Box Office located at 628 Divisidero in SF. Respect, MK
Re: indi ticket outlets
April 03, 2005 04:47PM
hmmm...checked that-nada....i think i meant to inquire if any info in known on the location of the independent tickets outlets mentioned on this web page...says they'll be posted by april 1...i'm impatient
Re: indi ticket outlets
April 03, 2005 04:57PM
That was a typo on my part, and should have read 'after April 1st'. Here are the list of ticket outlets from last year, but using a credit card is the only reason why anyone would want to pay service charges, etc. to buy their tickets from any indy, when u can get them directly from the festival with no extra charges other than a .37 stamp.

We are hoping to have the tickets printed and mailed out in the next week or so, and should have tickets at outlets within a week thereafter....

Re: indi ticket outlets
April 03, 2005 05:04PM
thanx daniel...ya i'm all about plastic this time a year-as long as there's a place in LA i'm good....PEACE
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