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The Pope died today.....

Posted by forwardzion 
The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 12:36AM
It's done, but never over, let's see who they pick next, keep a watchful eye brethren and sistren.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 12:57AM
'The world is trouble u got to beleive it*" -Dennis Brown
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 04:42AM
why should I keep a watchful eye. Don't care about the last Pope or the next one.

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 07:56AM
Why are you always the nay-sayer Chimino?

That guy Chimino is negitive
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 08:48AM
I prefer to think of myself as a realist.
Anyway, I want to know why there are a half-dozen different threads about the Pope, why so many supposed non-Catholics are obsessing about papal-ism.

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 01:15PM
Because he was a holy man. He did a lot of good acts all around the word and he deserves our respect no matter waht religion you are. I am not a Rastafarian but I still have much love and respect for Selliase. You may be a realist, but remeber good things are real also. Try to focus on those, if always look for the silver lining it will be there but if you just focus on the negitive it will pass you by.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 05:30PM
selassie never wished to invade upon a country that wasn't his...
why do countries(italy/mussolinni), insist on trying to take over..

that is close to godly like to not bother what is not yours, and to know the difference.

I do know however a modern day country(usa) that does act somewhat like italy and mussolinni did.....
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 07:17PM
There is no such thing as "positive" and "negative", only reality.

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 03, 2005 08:34PM
I for one am glad the pope is forwarding.. not to zion
i pray he comes back as a poor man in the ghetto being held down by a over ruling govenment taht dont care abuot no body their own selfish sevles..
blesssed love
best luck to "the pope" on his journey

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 12:12AM
what is really said is that the pope dies people have things to say prophet gad dies no-one even knows who he is!!
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 01:42AM

NO ONE has the job of judging another being, that's the most highs

job, and anyway, this pope was about forgiveness, helping the

suffering, and poor. Undoubtably there is corruption in all organized

religion, as it has been shown time and time again in history, but

how useless it is to make ignorant statements about someone who

many in the world consider a very humble and noble pope.

He even asked the holocaust survivors and any people who had

suffered at the hands of Catholicism, for forgiveness, never has any

pope done that. he also has done many other works in regard to

helping humanity, should it be his responsibilty alone to guide humanity?

I feel it is all our responsibilty to guide and help in a humble service

kind of way, giving and doing service is the true reward.

We all have our own raspective opinions, but I would never go as

far as to dis a person which very few have educated ourselves

enough, or ever got the priviledge to meet someone like the pope.

I hear alot of bold statements and down-talking, really learn about

the person, don't just listen to Sizzla albums and think he's even talking

about this pope, or that he even knows enough about the man and

his works. It's easy to generalize, when you see corruption in the

church, there is alot of wolves disguising themselves as sheep.

We will all be judged, and I am sure we would not want harsh

judgement against us, especially when the people judging don't

know enough about us. Anyway, Raspect !!
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 02:15AM
judgement time !

i can't say the pope will go to hell, because that what they want you to believe (in a heaven & hell) .. but i'm sure he will get his judgement in some way or another.

funny thing, this morning my housemate incorreclty told me "sean paul died" .. to me that was more concerning than the pope! oh no, not sean paul !
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 02:38PM
Empress, Im sure his next life or re-encarnation most likly wont be one as a poor man in the ghetto being held down by a over ruling govenment that dont care about nobody but their own selfish sevles....
He did good things and im sure learned a valuble lesson (over all) in this lifetime., if not many a lessons. Im learning life lessons every day my self. and that was one old holy man.

-={Truth to All}=-
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 02:40PM
yonatan, HAHAHA LOL Oh man thats good
la mano negra
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 06:28PM
rasmosis,....i think you have a good point,....i cannot judge anyone,.for god will judge me,..i will forgive them,..for god will forgive me......and that to me is jah love!
however i don't praise the pope,..i praise the lord. the pope is us and we are the pope,,.sometimes i wish we were all dressed in white,.traveled all over the world,..making guest appearances,.having a nice shelter,.good food and nice clothes..that would be nice. i 'm sure there are a lot black popes out there,..who will never get a chance to shine!,.....however this man became an icon and a saviour to many. i just thought many people...saw this man as god,..and even cared more about him than god himself.
big ups to all the popes inna south africa, asia, latin america ..who are in the ghettos inna da corners,.....you may not be white and wear a nice little outfit ,..with a nice little cap,..in the pope movile,. but jah knows your intentions and jah jah never fails,...for he will bless you to.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 07:14PM

Exactly!!!~ You, whoever you are got the message, there are many

Tibetan monks as well as others in India and in many other countries

who are like the pope. In Africa, there is a very well-

known Nigerian Bishop who I think would be a great black pope.

It is a waste of words and energy to put-down and disraspect

any person who preached peace and not war. Anyone or anything

that a person reveres more than god, is missing the whole message

of what these people are trying to show in the best possible example.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 07:20PM
In Chimino's defense (not that he needs defendin):

This is the reality of His "holiness:
He apologized for the catholic church's apathy during WW II, But to my knowledge has never apologized for The European rape of idigenous nations with the church's blessing.
nor has he apologized for the church's turning a blind eye to slavery.

And is it realistic to believe that the pope had absoloutely no knowledge of what Catholic priests were doing to young boys over his 27 years as pope?

He may have done good in the world, but i have a hard time getting past the above to see that.


Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 07:41PM
Ras E ... selassie was in no way perfect either ... he was a politician ... and as much a i tend to question things i read(in general) and also pertaining to his rule ... they can't all be false ... and he did have a pretty lengthy struggle with eritrea to obtain a seaport ... he was also linked with the US and Israel for support ... he even disregarded a UN resolution ... he had support from the CIA ... now i do applaud him for his good works and for keeping ethiopia as the only african nation not to be colonialised ... and for putting up resistance to mussolini ... and for all the various other things he did for his people ... and for the hope he has given millions (directly or indirectly) ... but he still wasn't perfect ... no body is ... i'm sure he had regrets ...

rasmosis wrote a very good post ... i know basically nothing about this pope ... i'm fairly indifferent to his passing ... i won't be happy nor sad ... hopefully those who are happy or relieved he is gone have good reason and good information for feeling and thinking that way ...
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 09:21PM
"Pope" just another puppet.. Check the bigger picture.."Luciferic plan"..
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 09:29PM
Friend of mine had a shirt he got in France that read

"The Pope Smokes Dope"
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 09:45PM
yeah.. thats cool
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 10:13PM
Watch your tounge Empress for with the same measure you judge this man you will be judged. Listen to yourselves. The first trhead here about this matter was posted by the Bun asking for reasoing on this matter from Rasta who "know" the Papacy/Vatican is the earthly manifestation of the anti-christ. This is a Rasta TRUTH. if you are not Rasta or from some sort of anti catholic american rural group then why do you speak this way?? What can be said ill of the Pope that cannot be said of Malcom X or Martin King?? Gandhi?? Think before you speak, don't blame the wickedness that men do on anything other than screwface. If it were John Paul fault, then is the trouble over??? I think not
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 10:32PM
No one is judging the MAN ( Iam sure he believed in what he did whole heartedly)... try the institution! He is treated like an idol god... prostituting religion on the basis of fear... and I wasnt dissing him.... much raspect for his life... the point was more about the fact no-one seems to know (and I do mean here on this site not the general world) of prophet gad (which they should here of all places) and the give props to the pope.... I agree it is not my place to judge but I have to observe and that one bothers me a bit.... Oh well !
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 10:46PM
Agreed, RAS. The man ceased being just a man when he assumed the position of papalry. Catholicism is idolatry, despite idolatry being one of the major no-no's of the Judeo/Christian religions. That is why I carry more respect for the Eastern faiths such as Buddhism...they're much less self-deprecating.

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 11:39PM

The idolatry comes from the individual seeing the pope or any other

being as a god, this pope never claimed to be god or closer to .

It's all about perception, comes from each individual.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 11:47PM
True, but I'm thinking all the other stuff....praying to crucifixes and pictures of Mary, for example.

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 04, 2005 11:50PM
>Just like the Lord is gonnah come from the sky & mek every1 feel alrite!
nuff Lie's*
no matter how much u seek salvation on creating a good name for a man who is no longer with us cant deny his title. if he said a good prayer here & dar so B it. JaH hav mercy! but his image for political gain all over the world & special interests(more string pulling a gwan than meets eye & who said the mob is dead?). i* nah care if he not from italy or he refused to accept persecution of priests for sex crime's it all rubish. i* only compare him to what he stands for & dat is'nt much of a better position of pupptering than the prezident of the united snakes of amerikkka or dat bloodclot tony blair. JaH Rasta Far i*! everytime*
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 12:03AM

Yes, but who are we to judge? and again who are they to judge as

well. Everyone has got there own perception. It's all about raspect

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 12:28AM
Impress This pope did come from humble beginings and was forced into labor by the nazis, after the invasion of Poland.He has already been through what you wished for him.Try again.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 12:42AM
>Just nah about dis Rome rally @ all. time to pull the curtain now. it's nah about judgement but rather to stay conscious about the reality of iNi surroundings. which no matter how many choosen seekers gets to C' dis guy deliver a speech innah corn feild or behind a bullet proff glass, doesnt change much @ALL. did bob marley play concerts behind a sheild? come on now lets be reasonible ,Ras want nothing to do with dis folly repersentation of Christ. giv the rasta the right to smoke his herb alter boy den iNi will talk seen, just 4starterz! further more onah Top of the highest peak i*seh Jah name Emperor Haile Selassie I, dis mon is the 1 who should have gotten dis attention in 1975 but dem said nothing & gave him award well after he was tortured n' abandoned to chill. what else-> a front page on Time Magazine. c'JaH now keep talking about the pope, u dope seen >overz*
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 01:03AM
If we were to look at the man and not the religious organization - I feel you have to give respect . Traveling to One hundred and seventy something countries and getting shot and dealing with communism in his native Poland . Not too many Popes get the oppurtunity to use the knowledge of 14 different languages .

I understand how organized religion has let us down over the years. I cringe when I think of what ALL men have done in through the ages in the name of God .

But I think the world lost some one special this week .
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 01:03AM
"Drastically resistant to Rome"
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 01:11AM
calireggae, big tune!

and agreed...
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 03:00AM
Greetings Massive-
I have been watching the news and I am wondering why they have to parade around a dead body in the open- I don't overstand this at all! When I know within the Catholic Religon the casket is always closed!and futher more why would a human being want to be remembered as such!
With no life!
No movement!
Just my vibes - It just seems so weird!
No Dis
JAH is a living God!

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 05:00AM
"within the Catholic Religon the casket"
this is in ALL case's nah true. but most with flags R'more leaning in dat general*
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 05:09PM
The same thing happened with Robert Nesta marley. So what? they pay homage to a man who was not an istitution. He was not the history of the catholic church. And by the way there was a comment about him working wtih the Nazis to produce cyanide to kill jews. I hope you noticed the reality that was stated how thae man was forced like many other Poles living under occupation to live a life of living hell which included forced labor so think before you speak.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 05:23PM
Buzz going around--Africans think it is time for pope from their continent

Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria is among those mentioned most often around the Vatican as potential successors to John Paul II
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 06:55PM

It's all about perception, comes from each individual.

Man Perception is everything. I had a superbly deep conversation with my father the otherday alothough we still never touched base with eachother.
The human mind. Thought creates reality or better said Belief creates reality.
Prayig to a crusifix or pictures of mary has nothing to do with anything other than those peoples perception or views of thier beliefs.
Thats why they say All you have to do is believe., really believe!
True belief creates reality.
those who truely believe in Heaven and all the tales they've been tought, it really exsists. in the counter reality--our thoughts and how we percieve what information our brians pick up. Our minds make our realitys.

And to pray to a higher power gives the prayer all the more sence of being connected or impowering of ones self. as compared to meditation, its basically praying to yourself. becuse thouse who meditate like I and my friends, realize that we are the connected ones. and the pool of spirit and the feeling of love is the over all god that people like to pray too

Thank you
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 07:13PM
Further more in comparison to the Cathlic religion "I Believe" Each one of us human beings, Conscious beings with our life views and points of perceptions creating everything that we know and think we don't, (Reality's).-- We are the gods, each one of us inhabitates of this planet which is a member of our galaxy which is a member of our Universe witch very well could be a member of something bigger and ect. overall we are trying to grasp these ideals of god and religion when its out side of our minds compasity to really understand things.
Why we all ask the question why are we here. really the best question is no question. in time all the questions we ever had in our lives., Non of them matter really. Once Enlightenment is reached, all the many old questions that where once so present are replaced with fewer ones and on our spiritual path as we grow everyday further xpands and we begin to understand more and more about us and our realitys.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 09:33PM
Psalsms 82:6 states this clearly
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 09:50PM
my family was massacred in poland.
as well as many other families
he may have ome from humble beginnings but look at the hypocracy he took part in, in later years
when you seel out to the devil, you give up your soul to him and therefore become a pawn in his game.
i dont feel bad for the pope

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 10:04PM
Which hypocrisy is this? I am a reasonable person perhaps if you pointed out specific instances, even one (I am sure there are many) in which the Pope John Paul II said one thing and did another.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 10:10PM
Psalsms 82:6 states this clearly

What is this?
Whats it state?
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 10:12PM
by the way sorry my last 2 posts were a tad off topic
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 10:15PM
Ye are Gods.....

You got the internet Mr. Wolf that was just a signpost, go check it out
jb welda
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 10:58PM
you live in america empress. you presumably pay taxes in the usa. those taxes fund what we do here and abroad.

think about that in the context of what you say about the pope.

one love
jah bill
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 11:14PM
implications.........yes I Jah Bill this thought is thorough(sp). Paying taxes is a choice.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 11:19PM
i try my hardest to not pay taxes

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 11:33PM
If you live here and earn money, you should be paying taxes. I don't agree with the amount taken and, in some cases, destination of my tax money, but I believe in the tax system. And sitting back and not paying taxes because you don't approve of the government will neither change anything for the better, nor win you the respect of everyone else who are paying taxes for the services that we all use. And I have rarely heard of a person who lives completely untouched by the programs and services taxes pay for. Sorry to come down on you so hard EmpressLove, but the attitude of "I don't like it, so I won't participate" irks me to no end.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 11:34PM
you gotta drive on the road to get to the festival right??? Somene's gotta pay
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 05, 2005 11:47PM
The pope mobile was cool though. I really felt that
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 12:44AM
well. ofcourse there are some things i cannot help.. but for the most part i volunteer a lot.. for all kinds of different organizations. i feel that i do my part..
more than my part for the amount of money that they take out of my check. i would rather get my full amount and be able to choose where my money goes. I have no problem paying for roads and schools and ting like dat, but hen it comes to war and oppressing the poor..
blessed love

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 02:23AM

WE need to move on as the pope has, someone always something

to say. It's easy to be a critic of another, how about looking within

ourselves, and how we treat each other, our actions.

Who thinks there was any human being in this that never made one

mistake, name him? besides Jesus Christ.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 08:35AM
taxes suck and everyone knows it.. especially when the system is integrated with scumbags that use war to make money, so they can rebuild nations, to benefit us..Hali burton, bush administration...as far as the pope he'll face his judgment and nothin we say can change it ,make it better ,or worst.....let the dead worship the dead ,and the living live...one love,
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 09:31AM
Is it just a couple of little mistakes that the pope has made?
Of course nobody is perfect, but there are plenty who would like to have seen the pope indicted for crimes against humanity (eg the respected Monbiot: [www.monbiot.com])
this is no small sin that can be forgiven. Others have already pointed out further disgraces.
And to talk of someone helping the poor and oppressed - the guy lived surrounded by gold. Come off it. All that institution does to the poor and oppressed is to oppress them further, mentally.
I come from Poland - the Polish people got rid of communism, not the ****kin pope.

Fire pon rome.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 02:36PM
Ninja, (You got the internet Mr. Wolf that was just a signpost, go check it out)

Im confused by your post.
Honestly everything I wrote above are conclusions "I" came too.
Im sure im not the first but, honestly... What are Psalsms.
And where can I check it out??
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 03:07PM
blessed love arty
fire pon rome
i pray for all the idren who are under the impression that the pope has done more good than bad...
maybe we can stretch our beliefs to say that bush is a reasonable person. just because these downpressors havent come into YOUR living room and raped and pillaged your family... they have done it to someone else.
blessed love
empress lindsay love

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
What do you want Acacia?
April 06, 2005 03:34PM
A hearty slap on the back for an act so bold as not stepping out of line with what you believe the majority is already resolved to face (exorbitant tax)??!!!

Sorry, but don't come in here and start preaching your , 'Oh the government's sooo gooooodd, however baseless and oppressive taxation becomes, I'll faithfully muse like a little slave how the Gov't is always out for our best interests and shame on you who aren't loving the prospect of Arnie for Prez..etc. .'

"If you live here and earn money, you should be paying taxes. I don't agree with the amount taken and, in some cases, destination of my tax money, but I believe in the tax system. "--- Acacia, I hope this was an attempt at sarcasmic.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 03:35PM
Psalms is a book in the Bible. It is a book of Song Lyrics dedicated and inspired by the Most High. Sorry I thought you knew that. I wasn't suggesting you copied it I was sayin that yur thought wears the heavy burden of being true
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 03:40PM
Yes I Papaken!!!
burn down the opressive establishments

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 04:19PM
read in the BIble what it says about paying your taxes.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 04:38PM
I believe in paying taxes. Because if you live in the system, which most of us do, you have to play by the rules. It's a game, just like any sport, and you must play by the rules or the officials will blow their whistles.....

Yet, I also feel that the rich shouldn't get the large tax breaks while the poor are barely getting by paying rent and bills....

Let the ones who have alot, pay more and the ones who have little pay less, not vice a versa....
Re: What do you want Acacia?
April 06, 2005 05:02PM
"Sorry, but don't come in here and start preaching your , 'Oh the government's sooo gooooodd, however baseless and oppressive taxation becomes, I'll faithfully muse like a little slave how the Gov't is always out for our best interests and shame on you who aren't loving the prospect of Arnie for Prez..etc. ."

I would never say a thing like that.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 05:33PM
I could see an arguement against paying excessive taxes, but why do you think the are able to have Redwood State Park, or any state pak for that matter. Taxes buy more than just guns and Bombs they fund schoos and infrastucture that we all use. If you are going to not pay taxes please use the money you save to fund tax reform.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 05:45PM
I don't recall him having an argument to make.

Papaken, if you want to keep talking, tell me this: What do YOU want?
Re: What do you want Acacia?
April 06, 2005 06:17PM
Ok ninja. I've never read the bible.
Ive never really read more that a page of any highly followed religous doc in history.
"My thought wears the heavy burdon of being true."
I'll take that as a compliment.
and thank you ninja for being responsive to my "off subject post's"
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 09:17PM
yes it was a compliment. There is way more mysticism in the Bible than dogma, yet you can't control people who have liquid thoughts, ya know
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 09:39PM

It's easy to blame someone for crimes against humanity, even though

this pope spoke out against crimes against humanity. Where is the

basis of hating on john paul 2 , his physical being is gone, which person

can honestly claim that they know who's really done mor harm than

good on this earth ? People can't even look at themselves honestly,

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 06, 2005 11:02PM
Negativity in any form makes "Them" stronger... (especially thoughts)
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 07, 2005 02:06PM
ras-HIGH, haha.. Seriously.

-Ninja, Yes I know.
Cant wait to meet ya face to face. how old are ya ninja?
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 07, 2005 03:26PM
Prince, Prince, Prince.....see the face of the Ninja? Perhaps eye to eye would be more realistic.

PS the Ninja has no age he is like a specter in the night
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 07, 2005 09:46PM
I copied this from a thread on tribe
thought it might shed some light on the shituation

blessed love

> Friends, This is a really long read, but I felt it was
> worth sending on to you. It puts into exact words
> what so many prophets and other wise ones have been
> saying for years>
> This is not to make you sad, or in any way inhibit
> your "joy", but just a piece of information that may
> tie many strings together for many of you.

> --- La Voz de Aztlan <contact@Aztlan.Net> wrote:
> > From: La Voz de Aztlan<contact@Aztlan.Net>
> > To: metaporter@yahoo.com
> > Subject: The next Pope may be the last
> > Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 21:30:53 -0800
> >
> >
> > The next Pope may be the last
> >
> > by
> > Hector Carreon
> > La Voz de Aztlan
> >
> > * * *
> > "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a
> > woman
> > clothed with the sun, with the moon under feet, and
> > on
> > her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with
> > child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give
> > birth. ... And she bore a male Child who was to rule
> > all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was
> > caught up to God and to His throne."
> >
> > Description of "La Virgen de Guadalupe (Queen of
> > Mexico and Empress of the Americas)"
> > in Revelation 12:1
> >
> > * * *
> >
> > 4 Ahau 3 Kankin
> > December 21, 2012
> > (
> >
> > End of the Great Cycle (Fin de los Tiempos) in the
> > Mayan Long Calendar and the Popol Vuh
> > * * *
> >
> > Los Angeles, Alta California - April 4, 2005 - (ACN)
> > The coming Vatican Conclave to select the next
> > "Vicar
> > of Christ" may be the last according to religious
> > sources knowledgeable in Biblical Prophecy, in Roman
> > Catholic Church history and in the Indigenous
> > traditions of the Americas. Information synthesised
> > from Revelation and the Gospels in the New
> > Testament,
> > from Daniel in the Old Testament and from the Mayan
> > Popol Vuh points to a coming cataclysmic event and
> > the
> > beginning of a totally new Era for mankind. This
> > cataclysmic event (Fin de los Tiempos) will
> > occur, according to the Mayan Long Calendar, on
> > December 21, 2012 when the Earth and Sun align with
> > the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
> >
> > Biblical prophets as well as Catholic and other
> > Christians scholars have for a long time written
> > about
> > the "End Times" and the second coming of Jesus
> > Christ
> > to establish the New Jerusalem. What is not
> > generally
> > known is that many of the Old and New Testament
> > Biblical prophecies of the "End Times" correlate
> > amazingly with the religious beliefs of the Mayas
> > and
> > other Indigenous civilizations of the Western
> > Hemisphere. These similarities are more apparent
> > when
> > one analyses the "End Times" account of St. John in
> > the last chapter of the Bible called Revelation and
> > the account of the "Fin de los Tiempos" in the Popol
> > Vuh which is considered to be the Mayan (as well as
> > the Mexica/Aztec) Bible.
> >
> > One of the best known Catholic prophets to predict
> > that the Pope after John Paul II would be the last
> > was
> > Irishman Maelmhaedhoc O'Morgair who is better known
> > as
> > simply St. Malachy. According to the prophecies of
> > St.
> > Malachy, who was born in 1094, the line of Pontiffs
> > has come to an end. St. Malachy, canonized by by
> > Pope
> > Clement III on July 6, 1199, undertook to list in
> > advance the proper succession of Roman pontiffs from
> > Celestine II to "the end of the world". St. Malachy
> > prophesied that there would be 112 Popes after
> > Celestine II. John Paul II, who just died, is number
> > 110. Pope number 111 would be the "False Prophet"
> > mentioned in St. John's Revelation and who will
> > deliver the Roman Catholic Church to Satan. Number
> > 112
> > will NOT be a legitimate Pope. It will but the
> > "Grand
> > Anti-Pope" or the Anti-Christ who is also known as
> > the
> > "Abomination that Causes Desolation" mentioned in
> > Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11 and Matthew 24:15 and Mark
> > 13:14. The Prophecies of St. Malachy conclude
> > thusly:
> > "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church
> > there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his
> > flock among many tribulations; after which the seven
> > hilled city (Rome) will be destroyed and the
> > dreadful
> > Judge will judge the people".
> >
> > Among other Catholic prophets and scholars that have
> > written on the end of the Roman Catholic Church and
> > its Popes are Jesuit priests Malachi Martin and
> > Pierre
> > Teilhard de Chardin. Another scholar is Fr. John F.
> > O'Connor. Fr. O'Connor has articulated a series of
> > speeches, very much worth listening to as the
> > College
> > of Cardinals elect the next pope, that perfectly
> > outlines the final onslaught on the Roman Catholic
> > Church by "Judeo-Masonic Conspirators" that
> > culminates
> > in the "end of this world" as prophesied in the
> > Bible.
> > Among the most enlightening of Fr. John F.
> > O'Connor's
> > speeches on the subject is one tilted "Reign of the
> > False Prophet" that refers to the next Pope.
> >
> > Fr. Malachi Martin was an eminent theologian and
> > expert in the Catholic Church who wrote that the
> > apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church is a
> > precondition for the end of time, as we presently
> > know
> > it, and for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Fr.
> > Malachi Martin served in the Vatican from 1958 to
> > 1964
> > where he was a close associate of Pope John XXIII.
> > In
> > 1990, Fr, Martin wrote, "The cultic acts of Satanic
> > pedophilia in the Catholic Church are considered by
> > professionals to be the culmination of the rites of
> > 'The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer'
> > in
> > the Vatican". Fr. Martin believed that the Vatican
> > had
> > finally been, after centuries long efforts,
> > infiltrated, at the highest levels, by Satanists in
> > league with Zionists and what he called the
> > "Universal
> > Assembly" that consists of a Masonic group of
> > Western
> > plutocrats and the Illuminati.
> >
> > Fr. Malachi Martin wrote six years before the
> > shameful
> > pedophilia and homosexual scandal among the Catholic
> > Clergy became widely known, "Suddenly it became
> > unarguable that now during this papacy (1996), the
> > Roman Catholic organization carried a permanent
> > presence of clerics who worshipped Satan and liked
> > it;
> > of bishops and priests who sodomized boys and each
> > other; of nuns who performed the "Black Rites" of
> > Wicca, and who lived in lesbian relationships . . .
> > every day, including Sundays and Holy Days, acts of
> > heresy and blasphemy and outrage and indifference
> > were
> > committed and permitted at holy Altars by men who
> > had
> > been called to be priests. Sacrilegious actions and
> > rites were not only performed on Christ's Altars,
> > but
> > had the connivance or at least the tacit permission
> > of
> > certain Cardinals, archbishops, and bishops. . . ".
> >
> > Satanism, pedophilia and homosexuality now permeates
> > every Catholic Parish and especially in the USA.
> > Many
> > a Bishop and Cardinal has either joined or has
> > protected the "Luciferians" in their midst. The USA
> > Catholic Church has now paid out billions of dollars
> > to legally settle court cases involving child sexual
> > abuse by sodomite priests. Tens of thousands of
> > children have been raped at the altars and inside
> > "confessional rooms". In the Boston Archdiocese
> > alone
> > 65 parishes had to close in order to raise the money
> > necessary to pay court settlements resulting from
> > the
> > homosexual abuse of children by scores of perverted
> > "Luciferian" sodomite Catholic priests. One case
> > alone
> > involved more than 500 child victims and a mandated
> > court settlement of over $85 million dollars.
> >
> > Just before his death, that occurred under very
> > suspicious circumstances, Fr. Martin said that soon
> > after the installation of Pope Paul VI in 1963,
> > Vatican Satanists clandestinely installed "Lucifer"
> > in
> > a secret ceremony called "The Enthronement of the
> > Fallen Archangel Lucifer". The ceremony was
> > conducted
> > at the St. Paul's Chapel located within the Vatican.
> > Pope Paul VI later wrote that 'the smoke of Satan
> > has
> > entered the Sanctuary". As the red robed Cardinals
> > arrive in Rome to elect Pope John Paul II's
> > successor,
> > one can only wonder how many of these are
> > Luciferians
> > and who among them they will choose to be "The False
> > Prophet" who will deceive and deliver many in the
> > "Catholic flock" into the jaws of "The Beast".
> >
> > Fr. John F. O'Connor is another of the few within
> > the
> > Catholic clergy that has spoken out against the
> > Luciferian Judeo-Masonic conspiracy to destroy the
> > Roman Catholic Church from within. Still alive, he
> > often speaks on the Last Days, The False Prophet and
> > on the Anti-Christ. Fr. O'Connor speaks principally
> > on
> > Lucifer and how he has waged war against the
> > "Kingdom
> > of God" and the Catholic Church for 2,000 years and
> > how his disciples through membership in Masonry,
> > Freemasonry and the Illuminati devised a plan called
> > "Alta Vendetta" that is designed to take control of
> > the Papacy.
> >
> > Fr. O'Connor also spoke (prophesied?) about how
> > these
> > Luciferians would send missiles to destroy the U.S.
> > (911) in the coming Third World War and about the
> > Federal Reserve Bank and has questioned where the
> > money goes that is paid for the interest on the USA
> > national debt. He has also spoken extensively on how
> > "The False Prophet" ( the next Pope) will deceive
> > Catholics into worshiping the Anti-Christ. Fr.
> > O'Connor says that Lucifer will even double-cross
> > and
> > fool nations and his own agents, dupes, stooges and
> > lackeys. He has outlined the many things that
> > Lucifer
> > has already in place including the control of many
> > Catholic seminaries and how he gives greater power
> > to
> > those who commit greater sins.
> >
> > Fr. John F. O'Connor says that every day the news
> > media carries stories of homosexuals and lesbians
> > attempting to change America through indoctrination,
> > legislation, infiltration and intimidation. Fr.
> > O'Connor begins his speeches by telling us that the
> > signs that will precede the second coming of Christ
> > will be identified by unprecedented war, revolution,
> > drought, famine, pestilence, plagues of the most
> > hideous kinds, earthquakes, tsunamis, violence,
> > death
> > and especially crime and sin unparalleled in human
> > history, and that Christ warned us that in those
> > days
> > sin and evil will abound in the world and that the
> > love of truth will grow cold. In the mid-fifties,
> > Pope
> > Pius XII said that there was more sin being
> > committed
> > then than at any other time in human history, even
> > before the Great Flood. This statement was made
> > before
> > today's rampant homosexuality and child abuse.
> >
> > This second coming of Christ is at the end of the
> > world after the reign of the Anti-Christ, and if the
> > end of the world is near, the reign of the
> > Anti-Christ
> > is even nearer ( not long after the election of this
> > next Pope). Scripture tells us that the Anti-Christ
> > will be accepted by the Talmudic Jews as their
> > Messiah.
> > The Talmudic Jews (mostly Kazhars) are "Lucifer's
> > Chosen People" as opposed to the Torah Jews who are
> > the ancient Hebrews and followers of Moses.
> > According
> > to St. John, author of Revelation, there is to be a
> > final battle with Lucifer in a confrontation with a
> > "Woman Clothed with the Sun and with the Moon under
> > Feet" that perfectly fits the description of the
> > "Santisima Virgen de Guadalupe, La Reina de Mexico y
> > Emperatriz de las Americas" as she appeared to Juan
> > Diego at Tepeyac.
> >
> > [IMAGE]
> >
> > As we witness the election of the next Pope by the
> > College of Cardinals in Rome, we should contemplate
> > who the Luciferian Judeo-Masonic infiltrators may
> > be.
> > There is no doubt among enlighten people in the
> > world
> > and in the USA that there is a certain malignant
> > force
> > controlling the U.S. and that is casting its shadow
> > across the world. La Voz de Aztlan proposes that
> > this
> > same sinister force or power is the same one
> > responsible for the Crucifixion of the "True
> > Messiah"
> > Jesus Christ. It is the same force that emanated
> > from
> > the Pharisees over 200 years ago. If Jesus Christ
> > was
> > ministering today, no doubt he would be crucified
> > again!
> >
> > Who are these modern day Pharisees? They are of
> > course
> > the haters of God, haters of what is good and moral
> > and most of all they are the haters of truth. They
> > are
> > the followers of the "Great Deceiver" and the
> > greatest
> > lier of them all . . . Lucifer. You can spot them
> > easily by their actions which most of the time have
> > no
> > correlation to what they preach. They are those in
> > high places who justify murderous international wars
> > for profit with lies and deception. They are the
> > international money lenders that "suck the life" of
> > poor nations. They are those who profit from
> > pornography on the Internet and sale of useless and
> > many times dangerous and addictive drugs and
> > pharmaceuticals. Today these modern day Pharisees
> > are
> > organized in groups like the Illuminati and Skull
> > and
> > Bones. The Illuminati and Freemasons were funded by
> > the Jewish Rothschild Banking Dynasty for the sole
> > purpose of undermining Christianity.
> >
> > Jesus Christ himself reviled the Pharisees as
> > "hypocrites" and a "generation of vipers." Jesus
> > accused the Pharisees of worshipping the devil. He
> > said to the Pharisees "Ye are of your father the
> > devil,
> > and the lusts of your father ye will do." (John
> > 8:44).
> > This is the reason why today the Talmudic Jews
> > promote
> > the sodomite agenda, lesbianism and the removal of
> > God
> > from the Pledge of Allegiance. Their master plan to
> > take over the world and install Lucifer as their
> > King
> > is outlined in a diabolical document known as "The
> > Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and which
> > was
> > explained by the great USA automobile industrialist
> > Henry Ford in his book titled, "The International
> > Jew".
> >
> > Christians must be careful not to condemn all Jews
> > for
> > certain sinister activities that have brought so
> > much
> > suffering and misery to the world. There are
> > essentially two types of Jews, "those who follow the
> > Torah" and "those who follow the Luciferian Talmud".
> > Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism is paganism,
> > pantheistic atheism, and a conglomeration of all the
> > forms of idolatry concocted through the centuries.
> > It
> > is essentially pure Satanism. The Talmud is
> > characterized by obscenity. It sets sets laws for
> > the
> > purpose of inventing circumventions and evasions and
> > delights in sadistic cruelty. In reality it reverses
> > most Biblical (Mosaic) moral teachings on theft,
> > murder, sodomy, perjury, treatment of children,
> > parents and teaches a hatred of Christ, Christians
> > and
> > every aspect of Christianity. Phariseeism is based
> > on
> > the Luciferian Talmud, which consists of the
> > interpretations of so called sages during the
> > Babylonian exile of the Jews that occurred between
> > 586
> > BC to 1040 AD. Generally, the Talmudists contradict
> > the spirit of Moses and take precedence over the
> > Torah
> > and is one of the causes of antisemitism. The
> > Talmudic
> > Jews worship the god Mammon. Mammon is the god of
> > "money", greed" and "usury" and one of the many
> > manifestation of Lucifer. Lucifer was enthroned
> > through a Black Mass inside the Vatican in 1963 by
> > modern day Pharisees or Judeo-Masonic infiltrators
> > according to Jesuit Priest Malachi Martin. Lucifer
> > today waits in the defiled halls and chambers of the
> > Vatican to preside over the Final Conclave that will
> > elect the "False Prophet" who in turn will prepare
> > the
> > ground for the Anti-Christ.
> >
> > There are parallels to the above scenario in the
> > Mayan
> > Popol Vuh and in certain Indigenous religious
> > beliefs.
> > It seems that the "Fin de los Tiempos" as outlined
> > in
> > the Mayan Long Calendar and the "End Times" outlined
> > in Revelation of the Bible are converging on a
> > certain
> > date. This date is December 21, 2012 when, according
> > to the Mayas, time as we know it ends and mankind
> > enters into a totally different Era of elevated
> > consciousness. Will enlightened human beings enter
> > the
> > "New Jerusalem" on December 21, 2012 as promised in
> > the New Testament? Current world events, the state
> > of
> > moral decadence and decay in the world and
> > especially
> > in the USA, increasing earthquakes and tempestuous
> > weather changes as well as horrific pestilences such
> > as AIDS and Mad Cow Disease certainly qualify as the
> > preconditions that the New Testament sets for the
> > end
> > to occur. The year 2012 is less than 7 years away.
> > Seven years is a reasonable time for the "False
> > Prophet" in the Vatican to prepare the ground for
> > the
> > Anti-Christ.
> >
> > The Mayas were a mysterious and much advanced people
> > who were superb mathematicians and astronomers. They
> > devised one of the most accurate calendars known to
> > man, far more accurate than the Gregorian calendar.
> > Their calendar was created through extremely
> > accurate
> > observations of the sun, the planets, the stars and
> > our own Milky Way galaxy. They knew, through unknown
> > methods, the exact location of the center of the
> > Milky
> > Way and attached great significance to the birth and
> > death of stars at this center. They also possessed
> > extensive knowledge concerning the Precession of the
> > Equinoxes and their periodicity which was necessary
> > to
> > create an accurate calendar and other time keeping
> > devices. The Mayas viewed time differently than
> > western man. Their magnificent pyramids were
> > perfectly
> > aligned to the sun and were constructed in such a
> > way
> > that during the equinoxes, the setting sun casts a
> > shadow of a serpent (Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl)
> > descending
> > on the northern steps of the pyramid. This effect
> > could only be obtained by precise architectural and
> > astronomical measurements and is most evident at the
> > pyramid in Chichenitza.
> >
> > The Maya's astronomical knowledge was inherited from
> > even an older and more mysterious civilization at
> > Teotihuacan which contains the famous Pyramid of the
> > Sun and of the Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is
> > perfectly aligned with the star cluster called the
> > Pleiades which the Egyptians also took into account
> > in
> > building their pyramids at Giza. There is a
> > connection
> > between the ancient religious beliefs of the
> > Sumerians,
> > the Egyptians and the Mayas, especially as they
> > relate
> > to the creation of the universe, of the human race
> > and
> > of the future.
> >
> > The Mayas approached "prophecy" by deeply studying
> > the periodicity of cycles, especially astronomical
> > ones. They were also deeply spiritual and very aware
> > of the role that human consciousness plays in
> > extracting information from nature. They knew that
> > ingesting certain plants, religiously and with
> > reverence, would open the doors of perception and
> > lift
> > the veil that keeps mankind from seeing certain
> > realities and communicating with God. This knowledge
> > must explain how they were able to ascertain what
> > will
> > happen on October 21, 2012. Incredibly, they knew,
> > over a thousand years ago, that on this date there
> > will be an astronomical alignment of our sun and the
> > center of the Milky Way. This impending alignment of
> > the sun at that very point, according to Mayan
> > calculations, culminates at the winter solstice of
> > December 21, 2012. Just recently astronomers have
> > discovered that at this precise point there exists
> > an
> > immense "Black Hole" that is radiating high-energy
> > gamma rays. The Journal of Astronomy and
> > Astrophysics
> > states that the observations were carried out using
> > the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) which
> > is an array of four telescopes, in Namibia, Africa.
> > "The Galactic Centre harbours a number of potential
> > gamma-ray sources, including a supermassive black
> > hole,
> > remnants of supernova explosions and possibly an
> > accumulation of exotic 'dark matter' particles" the
> > journal states.
> >
> > The Mayas had a glyph that represented a "black
> > hole"
> > in the center of our galaxy. How they were able to
> > know this, no one knows. The Mayas tied their
> > philosophy entirely on what they observed in the
> > heavens. They thought that the center of our galaxy
> > was a "Cosmic Mother Womb" and that it gave birth to
> > our world. They believed that our world went through
> > cycles of birth, death and rebirth. October 21, 2012
> > will end the cycle and our world will end by fire
> > but
> > will be reborn in a new, different and more evolved
> > form, possibly in the form of a "New Jerusalem" that
> > is described in Revelation. This will be the
> > beginning
> > of a new sun or the "Sixth Sun" according to the
> > Mexicas (Aztecs).
> >
> > Pope John Paul II will be buried on Friday. Soon
> > after
> > the burial, the College of Cardinals will convene in
> > what is believed to be the "Last Conclave". Which
> > Cardinal will become the "False Prophet" that will
> > usher in the Anti-Christ? We will know in about 20
> > days or less after which we will be in for a
> > tumultuous seven years!
> >
> > ----------------------------------------------------
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> > Pedophilia and Satanism in the Vatican
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> >
> > * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
> > La Voz de Aztlan
> > www.aztlan.net/the_last_pope.htm

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&quot;It takes a whole village to raise a child&quot; African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 07, 2005 10:47PM
EmpressLove I got a question for you. (thanks for the reading)

When the KING says "No man no the minute nor the hour" what does that mean to you? Further. Does the Most High not discount this reading throught this statement?

Who sat upon a throne of "Gold" while the masses of Black Africa lived in squalor?
(In response to the comment about the Vatican being of immense wealth while the people sufferwhich is true by the way.)

Cannot the same claims be made against any modern religous establishment?

What do you suppose the funeral of Solomon was like? Do you think they "Big Upped" him and gave him the 5 star treatment?

Is it consistent to use "pagan" religons to Forward your arguement? Does this not defeat the whole point?

Is it the man or the Position of Pope that you beleive is the Anti-Christ?

that is all for now. I really do like your posts. I think a lot of people don't tlak about this reasonably, so I think that this is a good thing. Peace
right on..
April 08, 2005 09:12AM
Excellent questions raised on what seem to be tired criticisms.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 03:27PM
I think Cardinal Law (Boston bishop who resigned in disgrace after continuing to commend priests accused of molestation in Boston) residing over the funeral mass today speaks volumes as to the kind of institution this is. Disgraced in the US, awarded a beautiful apartment in Rome and a top ranking position.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 03:40PM
The institution's history speaks for itself, but does the man John Paul 2 bear the burden of the history of over a Billion People? I do not quite understand. Surely white America does not want to carry the burdens of little babies being thrown overboard of the slave ships. Cardinal Law will aswer to the Most High one day for what if anything he has done. This is as sure as anything.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:00PM
Yes and Ken lay had nothing to do with the accounting department at enron and Bush bears no responsibility for the intelligence agency's 'mistakes' regarding iraq's weapons capability's.... World leaders thrive on attitudes like yours.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:15PM
I don't watch much TV but even I can't help but notice all the coverage about the pope and I'm tiiiiired. The man turned his back on the people of El Salvador in the 80's and dismantled the churches that were helping with the liberation efforts, he preached against the use of condoms in the face of overwhelming evidence that they help stop the spread of HIV, the church's stance on abortion is one I've never understood....his "culture of life" is not one that I ever respected. Bush and his croonies now are attempting to identify with the pope....makes me sick. all of it....rise up people!
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:29PM
slow down Bufo you are reading a stagnant statement. What I was talking about was seperating a person from an instituion. Bush, Kenny Boy and their cronies are quite hypocritical. I don't think the John Paul 2 was a hypocrite. He may have been DEAD wrong, but at least you knew the nature of the beast (pardon the expression). I just don't expect anything out of these "world leaders" they are men like you and I. People who hype them as anything more, well that is their choice. What I am saying is that people like GW and JP 2 could do nothing without Millions upon millions of followers. In the case of GW it is the American people. GW won the election hands down. I did not vote for him, but he won which means that more people than not want him to be our president. While this is troubling we can't act like he is the only one who thinks like that. He is a representation of most of America. Too Bad and all of that, but you can't put it all on him. Millions saw the Invasion in Iraq and the falsetto claims of WMD's and they just don't care. They want Money in their pockets. No one in this world is GOOD with a capital G and no one is EVIL with a capital E. If this were so then EVIL would die with the man, yet it goes on so we know it is greater than any one person. If you wish to talk about people who are levels of good and evil the discussion would be lively. I have no hate agianst any one person because to do so would make the Devil happy. The devil wants you to hate the pope. Hate is fuel for the Prince of the Air. The only answer is Love. This is not soft, this is the words of the Living One. To hate the Pope is not the same thing as hating wickedness. It is judgeing one man and NO ONE can know anyone's heart only the Most High. Please Bufo respond I would like to discuss this further.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:36PM
"Bush, Kenny Boy and their cronies are quite hypocritical. "

Did ya'll read about the row with the Colombians?

Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:53PM
Fishy business, this is what I mean by hypocrites. Why should other countries respect the US brand of Justice when it only aplies to others and not to our own?
Hypocrites are worse than the wicked, they know what the right thing is and they do the opposite. They have sight and yet walk like the blind.
Pale Ryder
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 04:58PM
What do you think about the catholic church being the anti-christ?
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 05:20PM
Sorry Ninj, I believe you are wrong, the vatican is an evil, corrupt, secretive, murderous (historically) shady, women hating, molester protecting, mafiosa like organization that has milked vast fortunes from it's gullible followers for centuries, you simply cannot sit at the head of that and be shielded from any responsibilty for it's actions and attitudes, that's just too naive. We are all dead wrong from time to time, true, but when you are dead wrong about condom use in countries where vast percentages of the population are suffering from aids and you are a very influential voice in those countries then you must harbor responsibility for your actions. This is not about hate, I wouldn't waste energy hating someone like the Pope, I just pity the poor souls that waste their lives looking up to these people in worthless idolatry.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 05:24PM
I think a much stronger case can be made against the position of Pope as being Anti Christ. No one is good. These are the words of the King og Kings. If people elevat the Pope to some other status the they are mistaken. This is what the Book says. I overstand why people have no love for the system. Just don't mistake the pawns for the Kings. The Pope in all of this is a pawn. He is a symbol of the Vatican and the Catholic Church so I overstand why he catches the brunt of both the glory and the criticism. He is the Quarterback. What I am saying is don't get caught u-p with this one man because the real problem lies in the institution. If you want a Pope to gt pissed at as a man look at Pope Pious. (SP) I believe he was the regining Pope during Hitler's Rise. CBS 60 Minutes and The History Channel both have really good episodes on this man's weakness and his passive acceptance of Hitler's murderous Reign.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 06:11PM
i dont know if i want to add my personal beliefs to this thread anymore.
pale you overstand..

too loaded

&quot;It takes a whole village to raise a child&quot; African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 06:27PM
Your logic gives all the leaders of these evil institutions a get out jail free card. if no one is responsible for history then it's all good really, because this conversation will be history tomorrow. Nothing matters. It's the corporate system of the avoidance of individual responsibility applied to everything. You won't find the answers in that 'book' either, these characters wrote it. You wont find it on CBS or the history channel either, his 'passive acceptance' was without doubt full blown knowledge of the irradication of Jews which was completely acceptable to the vatican, why do think the vatican was left untouched when the Nazi's controlled Italy, while Hitler is known to views catholics in general the same as Jews ?
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 06:37PM
i am a jew

&quot;It takes a whole village to raise a child&quot; African Proverb
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 08:12PM
Huh, and all this time I thought you were a shikse.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 08:37PM
Perhaps I can clear something up. Earlier I was speaking in a religous context. That is where the discussion began. Since Empress is moving on so shall I. I think everyone has to answer for what they do. Aids in Africa were given free reign under the Vatican's policy of no use of contraception. The same thing in Haiti. Millions will and have been infected because of this rediculous adherence to dogma. It is exactly what Christ opposed. People are responsible for what they do, what I was saying is that most people act in ignorance not out of some sort of evil will. That is what makes them dangerous. Bush is perfectly acceptable to the masses of American's because he is just like them. He makes simpleton conclusions from complex situations. He accused John Kerry of Flip flopping for changing his mind when facts change. Yet this is how logic works. The outcome changes when the premises change. Most people like "them" end up being killed or jailed. In America they are rewarded and considered "successfull." Ken Lay, how long would he last in Liberia pulling those stunts? I condemn the action and work to abolish them from the earth not the human that carries it out. the world has a way of taking care of them and Jah is the Judge beyond that. It is the same reason why the death penalty is illogical. How can you rid the world of Murder if you sanction it under certain circumstances? Killing under this "plan" will always be around as a means of problem solving. It is about ideas, not the flesh.
Re: The Pope died today.....
April 08, 2005 09:04PM
i'm butting in, uh oh...

if white america enjoys the fruits that have sprung from its racist legacy, then why not the burden as well? just because i wasn't there doesn't assuage me of certain resposibilities; take monopoly--just because i wasn't there when my big brother was kicking butt because he was allowed to start the game with every property, except the first cheapo purple one just to the left of "GO", doesn't mean my success with all the houses and hotels on these properties that have been inherited by me isn't a direct result of said shituation at the beginning of "the game"...


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